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10 Qualities of a Sexy Woman

Sure, one can classify a woman as sexy by the shape of their body or their appearance. But today, that’s not what I’m focusing on. I compiled my own list of ten of the sexiest internal traits I find in women, in no particular order. Of course, there are a million ways that woman can […] Read more…


50 Ways to Jumpstart Your Day

Happy Monday, everybody! I thought I would start off your week with a fun post that hopefully helps you start your day off on the right note. For me, I can usually tell how my day is going to go by how productive and peaceful my mornings are! Early mornings are my favorite time of the day; […] Read more…

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6 Ways to Practice Self-Love

In a world that is constantly telling us to be different than who we are, I think the bravest thing that we can do is be ourselves and know our worth. Self-love is valuing your worth as a person and being gentle with yourself. Sometimes, it can be hard to love ourselves. Society is always pulling […] Read more…

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5 Ways to Improve Communication With Your Partner

Communication is the backbone of relationships. Without effective communication, there are unanswered questions, frustration, and a void between you and your significant other. Just like other skills, improving your communication skills takes practice. Even if you do not think of yourself as a strong communicator, there is always room to improve. Here are 5 ways […] Read more…


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