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Wedding Wire
Vera Bradley
Apricot Lane
Payless Shoe Source
Dainty Hooligan

Albion Fit

Tribe Kelley
Adore Me
Jord Wood Watches
Alyce Paris

Daniel Wellington
Almost Famous Clothing
THML Clothing
Azazie Clothing
Headbands of Hope
Basic Invite
Gloria Ferrer Wine

& more!

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  • Karen Amenson

    Another great blog Chels…actually my favorite…’ Lessons I
    Will teach my children ‘ I will always know that you came from
    A family where your parents had to struggle at times but number
    One they always found a way to give you and your sisters what
    You needed…not always just what you wanted…In my eyes that
    Was the best lesson of all…I can see the person it has made you
    And I am very proud of the parents they became and I know in my
    Heart that you have inside of you something so special that any
    child that will be lucky enough to call you ‘ Mom’ will be taught
    From baby on all the wonderful things that will make them into
    Extra special people that you will be so very proud of. Then some
    Day as a Grandparent you will see what I now have In my life…
    Grandchildren like you Chels that totally amaze me, when I read
    Your words I am so greatfull that you are understanding what
    Really is important in life…there just is way too much energy put into what means nothing in the end…for you to really get what we are put on this wonderful earth for makes my heart so full of love for a child that came from my amazing child…..and Chels she is a wonderful role model for you and never gives herself enough credit, her respect for people, her loving and caring way about her
    Is why she has people always saying how special she is …wow…my special amazing child and the man she chose to be your father ( and I don’t know too many Dad’s that love his girls
    Like he does) they have given me a wonderful gift of amazing and caring Grandchildren to be so very proud of !!!!!
    Sorry this got so long but I am so happy that you are that person that stands out….not a follower …I knew you wouldn’t sit back and
    Wait for something to happen …. YOU make it happen….all my love sweetie xxxxooooo

    • Aw you’re so kind grandma! And I love hearing your feedback. I love you so much!! Xoxo

  • Hey Chelsea,
    I was looking for the follow button on your blog. Will you direct me to it?

    • Thanks for your interest :) I just switched to a self-hosting site and I’m not sure if there is a follow button in my reader anymore? You may need to subscribe on my sidebar. Thanks so much :)

    • When she comments on your page, you can click “follow” on your stats page or right by the comment. That’s how I did it.