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I’m a northern girl. I reside in a small town in northeast Wisconsin, just 20 miles shy of the so-called “Frozen Tundra” where crazy shirtless people grill brats and eat cheese curds in sub-zero temps. We may be thick-skinned, but some of us do struggle with the so-called “winter blues.”

Seasonal affective disorder is very real, and something I have always struggled with. When February/March hits, we’ve already had about 4-5 months of winter, and I start to feel drained. I yearn for the warm sunshine to grace my face, not to hide behind thick scarves because the air literally pierces my dry skin. Sometimes it can be hard to stay positive during this time of the year. It’s after the holiday season, and quite frankly, I always feel that there is not a whole lot to look forward to. The summer holidays are still a few months away, and I feel exhausted and bored. What keeps me holding out is for spring, but until then, l have to survive the winter months.

I decided to write a post on tips for surviving this tough season. This blog is for anyone else who struggles during this time of the year!

1.) Get outside

I’ve found myself super fidgety and yearning to get out of the house. Sometimes the only way to beat cabin fever is to embrace the outdoors, even if it’s cold as s***. I still am not able to fully get around like I used to with my ankle injury, as I’m still stuck in a boot. I wish that I had the opportunity to participate in some outdoor activities such as skiing (although I probably would break my other ankle, knowing me- lolz). The key takeaway is- the more time you lay around in bed, the more you likely are feeding your seasonal depression. It’s good to get out the the house, even for just a little while. There is something about being outdoors that feeds the soul.

2.) Get moving

This tip can be paired with #1, but during this time of the year, you need all the endorphins you can get. Exercising releases endorphins, which affects your mood and energy levels. Don’t let the weather stop you from achieving your fitness goals. You are just making excuses! There are plenty of in-home workouts that you can do (YouTube is FREE!!), or you could join a gym. I personally am a gym person- I need an atmosphere to keep me motivated. However, I follow Emily Skye, as she is my favorite fitness blogger, and she keeps me motivated! Find what works for you, and be sure that you are taking care of yourself.

3.) Use the downtime to be productive

My goal for this winter is to purge my house of all clutter- I recently filled up about 6-7 large boxes to donate to Goodwill. Spring cleaning makes me so much better, like winter is almost over, and I am preparing for the spring! Maybe use the time to work on a project that you know you won’t necessarily have time to do when it’s warmer outside. Spring/summer can be a crazy busy time with graduations, weddings, etc. Use the winter months to get ahead on your projects.

4.) Try a new skill

My mother-in-law recently attended a woodworking class, and I thought that was super cool. The winter months can be a great time to try a new skill. Maybe take a photography class, or attend a painting workshop. Do something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do!

5.) Surround yourself with others

I’m an old-soul. And a home body. When winter comes, my natural instincts are to hide away from others curled up with a good book or with Netflix, and be a hermit. Although this isn’t necessarily always a bad thing, sometimes I struggle to get out the house because I just don’t have the energy to go anywhere. If you are similar to me, it might be good to force yourself to be social (#IntrovertProbs.) You may not always WANT to go somewhere/do something right away, but I guarantee that you will feel better after you do so. Try to surrounding yourself with others, and GET OUT of the house! Maybe host a wine night with a few girlfriends, or meet an old friend for coffee. Maybe commit to walking every morning with a friend. Find what works for you!


That’s all for now. I hope this post inspired you to cheer up a little. Just know that winter is a season, and it won’t last forever! Sometimes I like to remember that if we didn’t have tough times in life, we wouldn’t fully appreciate the good times. :)

What sorts of activities do you like to participate in during the winter season? Leave me a comment below!

P.S. Sorry for the crappy iPhone quality of the pic, I haven’t been able to shoot for the blog because of my injury!


  • Getting out and meeting with friends is a must when I start to feel “down” in the winter months.

    • It’s so helpful! Even if you don’t feel like it at first….#IntrovertProbs

  • Great tips! I’ve never had the winter blues until this year and it was awful there for about a week. Getting outside and being around other people definitely helped me feel better!

    • It gets tough! Cabin fever is SO real. Being around others definitely helps!

  • Brandi Matthews

    I definitely have the Winter Blues!!!! Thanks for sharing babe! XO

    Xx Brandi

    • Thanks for stopping by, girl!

  • Defined Sight

    Oh sweet! We live in the frozen tundra too! And yes, I find it hard to stay happier/motivated in the winter! Such a great point about getting out…even though I hate it when my eyelashes freeze shut and it feels like I’m going to get pneumonia!

    I realize that I need people once in a while too…OK – a lot more than I realized! I joined Toastmasters this winter as a way to keep up my social/professional/public speaking skills, but also found it the best way to kick these winter blues! There are some awesome professionals in the group that keep me career and personally motivated too!

    I will have to try a few more on your list you recommend!

    • Are you from Green Bay?! How awesome is that!!! And I hope your winter gets better. Getting out and about, especially connecting with others, makes all the difference!! xoxo

    • Defined Sight

      Thanks! Hope you stay warm too! We are not quite from Green Bay, but we do have some very proud friends & relatives that are from there that accurately fit the description of being shirtless, grilling brats and eating cheese curds…that made me laugh so much! I’ll watch from a window and be happy sipping hot chocolate in my sweater socks inside. :)