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2018, you came in like a hurricane. There are so many different aspects of myself that I wish to improve this year, but I am specifically staying away from the word “goal” because it tends to add unnecessary anxiety to my life. ūüėČ It was so therapeutic to write this post, and I am hoping this blog¬†will keep me accountable as I navigate through the unknown waters of 2018!

Health //

1.) Cook/ bake more

I’ve been saying that I want to cook and bake more¬†for the past two years but this time I REALLY MEAN IT. I used to love being in the kitchen. When I was in college, my roommates and I would cook/bake almost every single night together. When Trevor and I first started dating, I would experiment with all of these fun recipes on Pinterest. Somehow throughout the years, I lost that drive. I began to look at cooking as something that was a pain in the butt. I am looking forward¬†to rediscovering my love for¬†cooking, and to enjoy¬†the process of creating healthy, nutritious meals.

2.) Exercise 3-5 times a week

I basically stopped exercising when I landed my job back in August because I “didn’t have time.” Excuses…..excuses!!! I love being in the gym, and that’s another part of myself that I felt I lost touch with. I was excited to get back into a fitness routine¬†upon the start of the new year, and that’s when I broke my ankle. I have just been DYING to get back into working out- and working out INTENSELY. I have been taking my health for granted, and I won’t do it again!

Life //

3.) Get the house organized & decluttered

There is so much with our home that I want to declutter and organize, especially within our¬†closets and the kitchen cupboards. I seriously want to throw away and/or donate so much stuff.¬†We plan on building a house within the next couple of years, and I want to start prepping for the process as early as possible to make the moving process more enjoyable (if that’s even a thing- LOL.)

4.) Build my savings & pay off my debt

This is my #1 focus¬†for 2018. ¬†I have hefty student debt¬†that I am NOT looking forward¬†to paying off! Oh, adulting. ūüėČ If anyone has any tips for budgeting, saving money, and paying off debt, I’d love to hear them!

5.) Maintain a healthier work/life balance 

I’m planning on writing a blog post soon on how I plan to accomplish this feat, but it’s no secret that I’ve always struggled with work/life balance. I want my time at home to be more intentional with my husband, instead of thinking about work¬†the whole time! I am challenging myself to stop checking my email at night and only working from home after hours when it is absolutely necessary. I struggle with sticking to¬†these boundaries, and am challenging myself to work through my discomfort of feeling like I’m not “doing enough” at my job.

Mentally/ Spiritually  

6.) Read 3 times a week

So far, I have been so great at doing this! I recently went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a few novels including The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** (which is LIFE CHANGING, btw). I’m open to suggestions, so leave me your thoughts in the comment section below!

7.) Get outside

I really regret the amount of time I spend indoors.¬†The past few¬†summers I spent so much time indoors working, and I want to get outside as much as humanely possible this year. Now that I have summers off (the perks of being an educator!) I am excited to do more things I love with my family. We love to¬†go for walks with the dog, kayaking, camping, hiking, and swimming, just to name a few. It’s one thing to hussle your a** off at work, but you can’t get those moments back from the office when you could be out enjoying and living your life.

8.) Focus on my marriage

I have an amazing husband who is a blessing in my life. I’m incredibly independent and sometimes I forget that I am no longer just living for myself. I want to continuously work to improve my marriage and show my husband unconditional love, honor, and respect.

9.) Be more firm   

I am striving to work on being more firm. I feel like sometimes my “nice” personality is a giveaway for people to walk all over me. I’m done dealing with other peoples’ BS, and I’m doing my best to stay firm…. at work, at home, and overall, in life!

10.) Stop the negativity  

Fun fact: I have to actively work hard to be positive.¬†I’m naturally a¬†negative person at heart! I’m very¬†aware of this aspect of myself and am constantly working on improving this. I am working on¬†complaining less and feeding my soul with more positive vibes by participating in more self-care.


This is what I am working on for 2018. Now I’d love to hear from you. How are you working to better yourself¬†this year? Leave me a comment below!


  • I loved this post, it was very motivational. I’d love to share some of my experiences with you which hopefully can motivate you into your new 2018 conquerable challenges!
    1. someone once told me that cleaning your house is letting the universe know you’re ready for a new opportunity in your life. I started to view my cleaning as me telling the universe that I want something new (even if it’s small) in my life, rather than making cleaning a burden.
    2. working out has been something I’ve loved for a long time, it’s helped me A LOT with my confidence, specially since after a really difficult breakup in my life. I’ve learned that I needed someone to motivate me and help me, I didn’t get a coach, but I started cross-fitness, and OMG it’s been a lot more beneficial than the gym, and it’s a lot more fun than being on a machine! time literally flies! and it’s helped me with my daily activities and whole body movement rather than focusing on a single body part!
    3. I highly recommend the subtle art of not giving a f*ck, as this is my second time listening to it (it’s an audio book) and also you don’t have to like me. honestly, I have a section in my site which recommends self-help books (if you’re into that.) you should check it out!
    4. remember that changing a habit begins with changing the way you think, if you really want to change the way your negative thinking works, begin by focusing on everything that’s good in your life, even if there’s something you feel like it’s annoying, start by stopping yourself from saying things like that. thing’s are only what you say they are, your perspective is only what you see, what’s difficult for me, might not be difficult for you and vise-versa, I’m always mindful of what I am thinking, it’s very helpful in my positive lifestyle.

    I hope this is helpful in your journey.


    • Okay, you are SO Sweet and I SOOOOO appreciate your thoughtful comment! For whatever reason, it’s not showing up on my Disqus feed (and not my blog post either.) But WOW- your comment about cleaning the house….I was literally just thinking how maybe I am obsessed with a clean home because I need a new challenge, or a new purpose, in life! So interesting that you brought this point up. Secondly, I had my second workout today since my accident, and I already just FEEL so empowered!! gah. Thirdly, yes, that book is amazing!! I will DEF check out your blog to see which others you recommend! I can’t wait to take a peek at your blog! Eeek! Lastly, thank you so much for the sweet encouragement. I so, very much appreciate it! I’m going to hold onto your words and use them when I am having a rough day. I totally agree with you on your perspective about how we think- I use this cognitive psychology approach in my counseling style, as well! Maybe I just need to take my own advice…..

  • I’m with you on stopping the negativity. Sometimes for me that just means not getting on Facebook and/or reading comments on news articles…the news, man, it’s depressing.

    For me, cooking at home is less of a challenge when I know I can count on 4-5 good easy recipes that can be whipped up quickly. When I know something’s going to take a long time or have a lot of steps, I will sometimes put it off until it’s too late and we end up ordering take-out. One of our go-to meals is stir fry with rice or udon noodles tossed with a teriyaki-ginger sauce. We just make sure we pick up at least one onion, zucchini, and bell pepper (sometimes other things) every time we go to the store and we know we can count on that meal every week. I’d be happy to send it to you if you’d like to try it!

    • I agree. Reading other peoples’ comments on news articles just kills me sometimes! That’s when you have to remove yourself from the negativity.

      And omg that sounds amazing!! I love stir fry. I haven’t made it in a long time….I’d love the recipe!!

  • Ashley Stephenson

    I am trying to do a lot of these too! Decluttering YES and exercising a lot more!

  • this is so great and def need to declutter too!

  • Kyla Matton Osborne

    I had to laugh when I read the title of the book you’re reading. My father-in-law absolutely embodied that philosophy! It kept him happy, and I’ve found in my life it’s been the times when I just stopped caring what anybody else thinks, that I’ve been my happiest :)

    • AW so cool!! Has he read the book?! I bet he’d love it ūüėČ

      • Kyla Matton Osborne

        No, he hasn’t. Sadly, he died a few years back. I believe the book came out after he passed.

      • Aw I am very sorry to hear that.

  • My Veteran Woman Life

    That book is amazing! You really do have to take that approach for life to be more enjoyable! I need to to work on most of what you have listed but my thing this year is stepping out of my comfort zone by taking some risks in my business.

    • Good for you!! That is an awesome goal to have!

  • Melissa Yvonne

    your goal list is so similar to how i want to better myself as well! especially my home. i feel like we have so many things in our home and not enough space for it all! reading as well, i’ve started to listen to audiobooks while i clean and it makes me clean faster!

    • I never tried listening to an audio book!! I think I would get too distracted! haha