Hey guys!

I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Sam from Life & Messy Hair, to do a roundup of some of my current faves. What I really appreciated about Sam’s post is the randomness of her post…my God, she even included her favorite coffee creamer in her roundup! That’s when I officially knew we could be besties. 😉

That being said, just for fun, I wanted to link/list/share a bunch of my current faves of as lately, from my dog, to Netflix, to books, to current events….you name it. I am going to try and do this as a monthly segment on my blog. Hopefully I don’t forget about it. I tend to get spacey at times with my blog scheduling. Hang tight!

1.) My Dog

Coat: Charlotte Russe (out of stock) // Boots: Hunter’s // Sunnies: Ray-Ban // Necklace: SUGARFIX // Sweater: Nordstrom  // Beanie: Calvin Klein 

Can I just take a moment and tell you how much I love my dog? I mean, I really, REALLY love my dog. I have a whole new appreciation for Shadow since I broke my ankle. It’s crazy how dogs just have this weird 6th sense. Since I came home from the hospital, he has been so gentle and snuggly. He definitely knows I’m hurt and can sense it. Every night, he lays by my side and sometimes when I wake up, his little chin is pressed against my cheek. I can FEEL the love! If any of you are considering getting a dog, golden retrievers are the BEST!!!

2.) The Office

What I’m currently binging on Netflix. After I finished Grey’s, I really needed a new show. I now see why everyone and their mother is obsessed with this show. It’s HILARIOUS. I’m on season 8 and I expect to finish the whole series sooner than later, lol.

3.) Perks of Being a Wallflower

I read Stephen Chbosky’s Perks of Being a Wallflower within one day on our honeymoon and seriously fell in love. The book chronicles 15-year old Charlie’s experience with his first year of high school and the drama that comes with it. The catch is that Charlie struggles with past childhood trauma and depression, and the entire book is written through a mental health lens. As a high school counselor, you can see why this book is right up my alley.

4.) Fashionable Baseball Hats


I’m a huge hat gal. Mainly bc I fail at washing my hair and love just throwing on a hat to hide the mess. I have been a fan of Buckle’s blinged out baseball caps for years now. Also, my hair is getting so long and impossible to manage, thus, sometimes throwing on a hat is my ONLY option * flips hair dramatically * .

5.) @TwentiesGirlStyle Instagram


I am seriously in love with Ashley’s cozy Instagram. In addition, she’s also a fellow educator, so she gets bonus points in my book!

6.) Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick


I’m literally obsessed with anything Urban Decay, and I wear this shade to work all of the time!

7.) Wide Awake Keurig Cups

Have you ever tried Wide Awake Coffee? It’s so yummy and fresh! You guys will love it!

8.) The #MeToo Movement


I don’t like to get political on this blog, but I have to share that I have been loving the recent #MeToomovement that highlights zero tolerance for sexual assault. As a counselor, I am a huge advocate for using our collective voices to bring awareness to important human rights issues. I was happy to see that the 75th annual Golden Globes focused on this movement, and the recent leadership shifts in media/political scope that have focused on this issue. (Sidenote, I still can’t believe Matt Laurer got fired!) I am happy that women are gaining a voice and that this movement has prompted national recognition. (But here’s some food for thought- WHY is this a movement? Shouldn’t we already be respecting women and have zero tolerance for this crap? rolls eyes). Anyways, just my thoughts.


What are your current faves for the month of January? What are you binging on Netflix? Have you read any good books lately? Let’s chat!!


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  • How can you not love that sweet face! Shadow is such a cutie and I totally feel you about them having a 6th sense!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    • aw isn’t he sweet! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Your pup is so gorgeous! I wish I had a god! Definitely going to check that Instagram account out- cozy is what I’m all about!

    • Thanks for visiting, Carrie!

  • I’m with you in loving the #MeToo movement, but I hate that it has to even be a thing. Also, LOVED Perks of Being a Wallflower! Have you seen the movie? You have to now, if you haven’t already. It’s fantastic.

    • Yes, I watched the movie the day after I finished the book! SOOOO good. I love Emma Watson.

  • i only ever watched Perks of Being a Wallfower, never read it. It was definitely a thought provoking movie. Also love the awareness the #MeToo movement is bringing. I just finished the newest season of Fuller House on Netflix!

    • Ahhhhh I was a huge fan of Full House but I’m not sure how I feel on Fuller House! I thought the first episode was cool, though!

  • The Perks Of Being A Wallflower was the last book I read all the way through (I’m not a reader) haha. I loved it. I love stories like that – raw and moving. The movie made me sob, as well.

    • It’s soooo good! So happy to hear you liked it!!

  • Ashley’s instagram is SO cute. I love it too. My pup is always a monthly favorite haha.

    • Hahaha thanks for stopping by, girl!!

  • I recently discovered the magic of baseball caps too! I have a cute floral one that I love

    • It’s such a quick, cute way to dress up!

  • Samantha Brooke

    You are too sweet Chelsea. Love your picks and thank you for noticing and appreciating my randomness haha! Sometimes I just have too many things to share and know I’ll forget them all if I spread them out over mulitple posts :)

  • Loved reading your favorites! I agree that the Me Too Movement is very important and it’s great you’re talking about your appreciation for it! And I completely agree dogs are wonderful! My fiancé and I will be getting our golden retriever puppy in March and we are counting down the weeks. P.S. The Office is an amazing show and had one of the BEST series finale to any show I’ve seen. So beautiful ❤️😂

    • OMG OMG OMG I am soooooo excited for your family growing!! You will absolutely fall in love!! and that’s what everyone keeps telling me about the season finale!

  • LOOOOOVVED the Golden Globes this year! Also, YES The Office, YES Grey’s Anatomy, and YES Vice Liquid Lipstick! I wear it all the time! I like the non liquid formula too!

    • Oh, but I’d have to go with Labrador Retrievers, personally. Of the chocolate variety 😉

  • Kristen Jones

    Okay we totally have a lot of the same favs this month because my hubby and I just finished The Office for the millionth time and Vice lippies are my FAV ever. Baseball caps have also been a staple for me–and floppy hats, too. I’m just too lazy to fix my hair some days lol!

    • Yasssss….are we the same person?!

  • You hadn’t seen The Office before? Man–that is such a good show. Probably creates some of the most memorable and hilarious characters of all time…Michael Scott is practically a cultural icon, haha!

  • That coffee is something I need ASAP lol.

  • Your dog and the outfit you had on is so cute! The Office is great, so is The Perks of Being a Wallflower! I love this post!

    • Thanks for reading, lady!

  • 100% with ya on Vice – they’re SO DANG GOOD. I think I have 6 colors??!?!

  • I’ve been obsessed with the UD liquid lipsticks, too. It’s become like Pokemon for me, “gotta have ’em all!”

    AND YES to dogs being the best! Mina’s always so attentive, even if I just have a headache. She’ll wake up mid-snore if I cough or sneeze. The other day she was drinking water and I sighed. She poked her head around the corner to look at me and went back to drinking water when she was satisfied I was okay. They are the best!

    • Hahahah yessss! Gimme all the colors!!!!

      Awwwww so sweet. What kind of dog is she?!

  • I loved the movie the “perks of being a wallflower”. I want to read the book.

    • Thanks for reading, lady! The book is sooooo good.