Pink & Green Combo |

Helloooooo peeps! Happy Monday! You have officially survived the first week of the year!

Have you ever styled an outfit and can’t decide if you love or hate it? That is my current debacle with pink + green.

Pink & Green Combo |

TBH, this outfit shares a striking resemblance to a sweater I used to wear very often in middle school.

Exhibit A

LOLOLOLOLOL. Who remembers the glory days?

Anywho, I decided to post the outfit anyways. Love/hate/judge/do what you want with it.

Pink & Green Combo |
Photos by Shaunae Teske // Top: Target // Jeans: Charlotte Russe // Boots: Charlotte Russe // Satchel (find a similar one here): Charlotte Russe // Sunnies: Ray-Ban // Beanie: Calvin Klein  

I am all for winter fashion, but it’s been brutally cold here! When we came back from our honeymoon, it was a chilly -10 degrees. OMG, why do I live where the air hurts my face?!!!
I love the blush color of the jeans, I wear them all the time! The Calvin Klein beanie is an absolute must-have and is 30% off right now!

Keeping it short and sweet today. I’m home all day (again) due to ankle surgery recovery and BORED OUT OF MY MIND so I’d love if we could connect! Check out my Insta where I love chatting about all sorts of things or leave a me a comment on my last blog post on what your New year’s resolution is! Hope you are all have an amazing week!


  • I love that outfit, and yes, I am pretty sure that I had the same exact sweater as well! :)

    • It’s so fun! Thanks girl!

  • I love these colors together, I would have never thought about pairing them. You look fabulous!

  • This outfit is seriously so cute! I love this color combo, and I feel like it could still work in winter while we’re transitioning to spring!

  • I love this outfit. The pink and green combo is one of my faves! I think you look stunning, as always!

  • Well it is an unusual combo but I think in this outfit, it works! Because the shades are both pastel. They’re actually really cute colors. Hope you get well soon, ankle surgery doesn’t sound like fun :/

    -Lily |

  • That sweater…OMG I definitely had one just like it haha! I love this combo – I really think it works well for spring! I like that the colors are more muted tones!

  • Yes! When I hear “pink and green” I always think of sweaters like that! This look is great though, because the colors compliment and are softer. I love the beanie too!

  • Samantha Brooke

    Love those high-waisted pants! You rock that fit!

    <3 Sam

  • This is one of my favorite color combos! So pretty on you – I love this whole look!

  • Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    Hahaha that sweater- I so remember those days. I think you pull it off perfectly!

  • This outfit is so cute. I had a similar sweater back in the day too.

  • What a fun color combo together – would’ve never thought of them together!

  • Loving the outfit Chelsea! Excited to feature it on your DLM profile:

    Can’t wait for more like this :)

    • Yay!! Thank you so much! I’ll be in touch! xo