Fall outfit | InspirationIndulgence.com
Ruana: Walmart (believe it or not!!) | Skinnies: Charlotte Russe | Boots: Charlotte Russe | 

Happy Sunday, friends!

I hope you all had a fantastic week. Things are * finally * starting to settle down over here, but I don’t even want to finish that thought, because it always seems that there is never a dull moment in this household!

TBH, I haven’t been on top of my game for posting cute outfits to my blog or Instagram. This is mostly due to the fact that I leave for work when the sun rises, and come home after dark! So, I don’t have a great variety of “on-the-go”outfits to roundup today, but I thought I’d also throw in a life lately update, as it’s been since….uh, MAY?!!!! that I posted one!

Fall outfit | InspirationIndulgence.com
Dress: Unknown (literally have had forevs) | Boots: Charlotte Russe | Purse: Target

If we were to grab a cup of coffee together, I’d share with you…

  • How excited I am to get our wedding photos back! We should be getting a sneak peak any day now, and the full set in two weeks! Gah! (Stay tuned for a blog post!)
  • How weird it is that I have a new last name. I’m still totally not used to it! The other day I was signing paperwork, and I accidentally used my old last name. Oops!
  • How exhausted I have been as of lately. I’ll admit, it feels amazing right now to be snuggled on my couch next to my pup with a cup of coffee, blogging. I haven’t been able to do this lately!
  • How happy I am for my friends who recently tied the knot. I was in a wedding last weekend. It is so beautiful to be able to witness two people you love commit to one another for life!
  • How much I’m loving my new school counseling job. It’s challenging work, but I’m so grateful for the opportunity!
  • Apparently, Shadow, my 11 month old Golden Retriever, is getting fat. LOL. He recently had a vet appointment and we were told that he is “developing a few rolls.” This is mostly my fault because I’ve been letting him steal some table scraps. I just can’t say no to those big brown puppy eyes! I promise I’ll include him on the blog soon, he is way too cute not to share.
  • How excited I am to be finished with my Master’s program THIS DECEMBER!!!

Cozy fall outfit | InspirationIndulgence.com
Sweater: Apricot Lane | Jeans: Pacsun (this wash is my FAVORITE)

Here are some of my recent goals…

  • Get back into eating healthy and working out. Since the wedding, I’ve totally been embracing the “I-dont-have-to-fit-in-a-wedding-dress-anymore” lifestyle. 😀
  • Get regular sleep each night. 6 hours is not cutting it!
  • Go for a walk every single day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes! This is not a physical goal for staying in shape, but a goal to get more fresh air!
  • Find my love for cooking again. Yesterday, I made maple glazed sausage pigs-in-a-blanket for my sister-in-law’s Halloween party, and they were delicious! I forgot how much I enjoy the creative process of trying new recipes on Pinterest! (Here is the recipe for the sausages, by the way!)
  • Get back into blogging regularly – but I’m not going to break my back to meet this goal, if my week is too busy with school and work.

Fall outfit | InspirationIndulgence.com
Dress: JC Penney’s | Shoes: Charlotte Russe | Sunnies: Ray-Ban

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Sweater: TJ Maxx | Jeans: PacSun

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading, friends! Have a wonderful week!


  • I love that orange sweater! And I can’t wait to see some of your wedding photos, too! I’m sure they will be gorgeous!

    • Thank you so much, Emily! I love this rusty orange color :) You are the best, Em!

  • So many cute outfits! Can’t believe you scored that ruana at Walmart! So pretty!

    • Thank you so much, Cara sweetie! and RIGHT. I feel like Walmart can be a hit or miss!

  • These outfits are amaaaaaazing! I especially love the dress that came from somewhere unknown, haha!

    • Hahahha I’ve had it forever!! Lol

  • The black dress and then the blanket scarf looks are my two favs! I didn’t know they were called “ruanas” though!

    • Yes! So fun! Thanks for your comment, girl!

  • It sounds like you’ve been busy lately but all for good reason. Congratulations on finishing your master’s soon. I’m sure that you are so loved at your job, I know it can’t be easy but it’s such a needed profession. I’m sure you change lives so much.

    I love all the outfits, too. That green dress is so pretty on you!

    • You are the best. Thanks for your kindness, Leslie! I hope you are doing well!!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I love the outfit you are in while holding the pumpkin! So Fall and those pants are perfect. Also, I’m coming to your house and you are going to cook for me! 😉

    • I would LOVE to have you over, girl!!!

  • You have such beautiful photos and such a fun sense of style! just followed you!

    • Aw thanks love! That means so much to me! xoxo

  • That sweater looks heavenly – the same with those ripped jeans! So pumped for you to finish your Master’s!!

    • It’s my favorite…I love olive green! I could totally see you wearing it!

  • Loving all of your outfits – especially the last one! Hooray for being on the homestretch of your master’s program!

    • Thanks Rachel! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am !

  • Corey Wheeland

    I love that scarf in the first one. My kind of outfit!!

  • So many cute outfits, girl! I totally did the same after my wedding. I ate all the things and was not mad about it at all haha.

    • Hahaha it’s such a relieving feeling!! Thank you SO MUCH girl!!