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Wedding Wednesday Vol. 2: The Bride-To-Be Beauty Regimen |

Hello friends!

I’m so excited for Vol. 2 in my #WeddingWednesday series! Today’s post is all about bridal beauty. Achieving that flawless look doesn’t come overnight, ladies! Which is why we need to be proactive and prep months ahead so we feel confident on our big day.  As I always say, beauty is pain! LOL. I’m here to share with you what I have been personally doing to prep for the big day. These are routines that I personally have been trying my best to stick by, so they become habitual! I’m also sharing with you my secret teeth-whitening weapon, Tom’s of Maine Luminous White Toothpaste!

Routine #1: First thing’s first: Treat your body right! Eat healthy, and find a physical activity that you enjoy!

My greatest fear is that the morning I wake up on October 7th, 2017, I won’t feel confident in my body. But I know for a fact that if I am eating healthy and working out prior to the big day, I WILL wake up and feel ready to conquer the day! And by the way, I am definitely not condoning you to work out 3 times a day and live on protein shakes and lettuce. That is NOT my style. (But hey, if it is, I don’t judge.) Beauty is about CONFIDENCE, not PERFECTION. However, I am assuring you that when you take care of your body weeks, even months leading up to your big day, you will feel great as well.

Perhaps commit to giving up guilty pleasure, such as sweets, weeks before your big day! And of course, working out helps as well. Find a physical activity that you enjoy doing, so that it’s not a chore! For me, I love to go on walks after dinner. Something as simple as walking helps me feel confident and in control of my health.

Routine #2: Whiten your teeth!

Beautiful teeth DEFINITELY doesn’t happen overnight. Make sure you are brushing frequently after meals and flossing, and invest in a whitening toothpaste. My go-to is Tom’s of Maine Luminous White Toothpaste! This stuff is GOLD. It can help you whiten your teeth in two weeks by removing surface stains using only 100% naturally derived ingredients. The reason why I love this stuff is because Tom’s is safe on enamel and safe for everyday use.   I’m all for the all-natural stuff. It contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and no animal testing. Plus, it’s gluten free.

Wedding Wednesday Vol. 2: The Bride-To-Be Beauty Regimen |

Routine #3: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

It is so important to keep your body hydrated. Not only is it great for your skin, but it flushes those toxins out of your system, promotes a healthy immune system, and helps with weight loss. Aim to drink half your body weight in fluid ounces. If you’re like me, this is a HUGE struggle. I participated in a drinking water challenge a few weeks ago, and the first few days were rough (um, talk about having to pee every 5 minutes!!), but then drinking more water became a habit!

Routine #4: Wash your face and moisturize!

I used to be so bad at washing my face at night, and my mom always told me how disgusting it was that I wasn’t. I totally get it now. Prevent those blackheads and zits, girl! Wash up! And don’t forget to moisturize! I have naturally very dry skin, so moisturizing is essential for me.

Wedding Wednesday Vol. 2: The Bride-To-Be Beauty Regimen |

Routine #5: Find a great self-tanner!

I definitely don’t condone fake baking because that is comparable to sticking a needle of cancer into your body. I’ve been using a self-tanner and trying to get as much natural sun as possible, all while wearing sunscreen, of course. I LOVE self-tanners. Thankfully, my wedding is in October so hopefully I still have a base summer tan. If not, I would suggest a spray tan instead of fake baking (but make sure you test it out BEFORE your big day so you don’t look orange!!) Remember, we’re aiming for a healthy glow, not to look like a burnt piece of toast.

Routine #6: Take your vitamins.

I’m a big vitamins girl, probs because I love those yummy gummy vitamins LOL. I am not a health expert by any means, but I would suggest on taking only what you need. Personally, I take Vitamin C to prevent bruises because I unfortunately bruise really easy, and I also take Biotin for my hair growth. Works like a charm!

Thanks so much for reading! What other beauty tips would you add to my list? Leave me a comment below! P.S. I highly encourage you to try my secret weapon, Tom’s of Maine Luminous White Toothpaste, ASAP! You can actually find it right here on Amazon!

Wedding Wednesday Vol. 2: The Bride-To-Be Beauty Regimen |

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  • As a beach girl, I always prefer getting a natural tan over anything else, but I would love to know what tanners you recommend because I lose my tan (more like my freckles, lol) really quick in the fall!
    These are great tips, BTW!

    • I love the Jergens self-tanner! It’s AWESOME

  • These are awesome tips, Chelsea! I LOVE Tom’s of Maine toothpaste so much – it really works. Definitely a must-use before your wedding!

    • Yay! So happy you love! xo

  • Such great tips girl! I know that since I got engaged I have been so much more committed to keeping my teeth ultra white and staying hydrated. Everything matters heading up to the wedding.

    • Totally! It’s a combination of baby steps leading up to the big day! Thanks for reading!

  • Zana Djakovic

    I love your #WeddingWednesday series babe. Those are great tips for everyone in general. I can’t wait to see you as a bride, my beautiful girl. :)

    • Aw yay! I am so glad you love my series ! I have lots of fun things coming up planned :) XOXO

  • All these things are so true! i mean, even if you’re not getting married you should definitely be doing all these things to take care of yourself!

    • Right! Thanks for stopping by, beautiful!

  • These are great tips, Chels! So many women wait until just a few weeks before the big day to think about these details but it’s important to plan ahead!

    • It’s important to plan ahead. I appreciate you stopping by! xo

  • Neely

    Great bride to be tips! I did a ton of teeth whitening pre wedding. I really should again!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, love!

  • Wife Sense

    Always listen to Mom – and wash that face before bed! ? What exciting days leading up to a wedding. Congratulations to you and best wishes for a lifetime of love.

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

  • I definitely worked out, ate right, and whitened my teeth prior to my wedding. I wanted to look and feel my best for sure.

    • It’s all about confidence!

  • Carly Ned

    These are all great tips for just daily living too! Congrats on your engagement!

  • I’ve never heard of Tom’s toothpaste.
    I completely agree with all the tips especially the hydrate, you don’t want to be dehydrated on your big day.

    • You will love it, Jasmine! xo

  • Rachel Ritlop

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but it definitely seems like a great toothpaste!

    • It really is! You have to try it, Rach!

  • Adriana

    I haven’t heard of this brand! It sounds amazing, I have to try it!

    • It’s awesome! I never heard of it until recently, and they are the BOMB!

  • I have only heard good things about Tom’s. I gotta try them out!

    • Thanks so much for reading! Yes, Tom’s is amazing!!