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Hiiiii friends!

Welcome to the first volume of my #WeddingWednesday series. As my wedding is quickly approaching (122 days to go!), I teamed up with WeddingWire to start this series to share monthly planning updates, advice, and posts related to my wedding as it approaches!

I thought that today’s post would just be a general update of where I’m at with the planning, since I haven’t really update y’all with any details yet.

The details //

Our wedding is October 7, 2017! We will be getting married at a Catholic church followed by a reception held at a banquet hall in the heart of Green Bay next to Lambeau Field (home of the Green Bay Packers!)

I’m sure this bit won’t surprise those of you who have followed my blog from the wee beginning days. Because Trevor and I both love to travel together, we are planning a wanderlust/travel themed wedding. I am seriously SO excited about my color scheme and the overall vision, but I don’t want to give away too much detail, so I’m going to stop right here! TBH… I wrote a huge long paragraph about my vision but then decided to delete it so I can keep it a surprise. I’m so bad at keeping my own secrets! 😉 I can’t wait to share my vision with you in photos after the big day!

What I have accomplished //

Since this August marks two years being engaged, it’s safe to say I have accomplished a lot so far, but as the time line is narrowing, now it is time to get detail-oriented!

  • We have selected 9 attendants to stand up on each side. I know that might seem like a bit much, but I can’t imagine our party without these special people! Because of our large wedding party, we have chosen not to have a flower girl or ring bearer.
  • I have two sisters and couldn’t decide on who should be the MOH, so I’m having two MOH’s! Hey, it’s my wedding…I do what I want! 😉
  • I have selected the color scheme.
  • I have selected the bridesmaids dresses, and all of my girls have picked up their dresses! (YAS!)
  • I have sent out our save the dates.
  • I bought my dress last summer! Whoop whoop! It’s stunning!
  • We have selected all of our vendors, including our reception venue, photographer, florist, cake lady, DJ service, and party bus.
  • We have met with our cake lady and have decided on what our cake will be.
  • We finished our pre-marital counseling with our priest last night. It’s getting real now!
  • I ordered calligraphed canvases and prints for the tablescape. (Check out my friend Addie’s Etsy shop, she’s amazing!)
  • We selected our wedding bands.
  • We booked a block of hotel rooms for our guests. (This was a huge stressor from the beginning because we were terrified of having local hotel rooms priced at over $600 a night due to a Packer game landing on the weekend of our wedding, but thankfully, there is an away game scheduled!! Green Bay is the smallest city to own an NFL team so space is VERY limited around here when there are home games.)

What I still need to do //

Now that the vendors are all booked and I have my overall vision of what I want the wedding to look like, it’s time to to start getting organized!

  • I need to follow up with our florist to narrow our budget (I went a wee bit crazy at our initial meeting, LOL.)
  • I need to plan the rehearsal dinner.
  • I need to select my bridal shoes.
  • I need to pick a hair style and get a trial. **Random fact: I think more than anything, I’m obsessing the most about how I will wear my hair. I’m kind of a diva when it comes to my hair! I can’t decide how I want to wear it….I keep going back and forth in between styles!
  • I need to decide on party favors.
  • I need to order the invites.
  • I need to order bridesmaid gifts.
  • I need to get alterations.
  • I need to finish the slideshow for dinner.
  • I need to pick up more items for the tablescape decor.
  • I need to finish planning the ceremony and make the programs.
  • I need to pick up more items for decor.
  • We need to start thinking of what we want to do for a honeymoon…we have decided to not have our honeymoon immediately following our wedding because I graduate in December. We are thinking of going somewhere tropical sometime in between January-March. Any suggestions y’all have….hit me up!
  • I need to meet with all of our vendors to finalize details.


Fun fact: It’s the year of weddings for us! This summer, two of my closest friends are getting married. Then, the week before my wedding I’m standing up as MOH for my bestie’s wedding! It doesn’t end there… Two weeks after my wedding, Trevor and I are standing up in our best friends’ wedding! I can’t wait. It will be the time of my life!

Tools & resources I’ve been using lately //

Need help getting organized? Here are a few tools from WeddingWire that have helped me!

  • Advice & Etiquette Ideas– this hub is such a great place to go to when you need to kill time!
  • The Hashtag Generator– I had wayyyy too much for for this. The best one the generator came up with is #OnKloudKorpi but I think I might stay with what my friend came up with, #KeepingUpWithTheKorpis – LOL
  • Snapchat Geofilter Tool– Omg guys! WAY too fun. You can select, customize and activate your own Snapchat Geofilter for your bachelorette party, shower, wedding day or just because! I had fun playing around with it. I’m excited to use it for my bridal shower and bachelorette party in August!

I’m really excited that y’all are following along in my wedding planning journey. Your support means the world to me!

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Thanks for reading!

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  • Ashley Stephenson

    We had 9 on each side as well and trust me you’ll be thankful the day of to have that many girls helping you!! Seems like wedding planning is going great!

    • Oh yay! I love hearing that you had 9 as well! Everyone else makes me feel like I’m going crazy lol

    Hahaha I love that you’re just doing your own thing – two MOHs is perfect. I’ve seen other brides do that too for the same reason, and it always works out perfectly!

    Coming Up Roses

    • YASSSSSSS!!! Thanks Erica. I wasn’t sure if that was weird as first, but I really don’t care what people think! lol

  • So exciting! I am impressed with how organized you are. Congrats on your upcoming wedding

    • omg, such a compliment! I don’t feel organized at all! Lol

  • Kristen Rodriguez

    Yay! It’s coming up so quickly! Your wedding is going to be amazing. I had two MOH’s and I couldn’t have imagined it being any other way.

    • That is so awesome! I love hearing that you had two MOH’s!! So did you have two best men? lol

  • Its approaching so fast! you are checking so much off your list! so excited for you!

  • Oh my goodness it’s so soon!!! How has it been two years since I read you (awesome) proposal story?

    Travel themed = perfection! I’m picturing tables named after states with your state sign pictures framed on each one

    • Aw sweet Laura! I am so grateful for you! Omg, it has gone fast! I was just telling my friend that I can’t believe it is almost here! <3

  • I miss wedding planning so I look forward to your wedding updates. I can’t wait to hear more about the wedding and see your theme after the big day.

    • Aw thank you, Jenny! At first the planning was stressful but now that it’s actually approaching soon, it’s getting to be a lot more fun!

  • So exciting! Finding the dress was the hardest part for me, so that’s awesome that you already have yours. I’m so excited to keep following along on your journey!

    • Thanks so much, Shann Eva, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and support!

  • So excited for you girl!! Your wedding is so close!! I’m in the process of planning my wedding. I’ll be planning it mostly by myself (I have my family helping a little as well). I can’t wait to see your photos with your vision!! I know it’s going to be beautiful!

    • AW I can’t wait to see your wedding photos as well! Cheers to us, girlfriend!

  • Lauren Jane

    This is pretty AWESPME! I’m in a wedding on September 30th and I don’t know what we even have done! I can tell you our HP themed bridal shower is far into planning though…and I have my maid of honor dress!

    OH AND I had two maid of honors too! <3

    • SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! A Harry Potter themed bridal shower?! Can I come!! LOL. and yay so I’m not being weird by having 2 MOHs!! lol

      • Lauren Jane

        Hahah yes sure! It should be a blast honestly, I am SO excited!

      • Yay! I need to see pictures after this happens !

  • I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see photos! You’ve really piqued my interest by teasing about your theme and vision.

    • LOL!!! Not my intention! I almost gave away too many details but I figured I better wait for the grand reveal! Haha.

  • Soph Oh

    haaaaaaaa so exciting!!! I am getting married in a month so it was great to compare our to do lists to see if I haven’t forgotten anything haha. I am so happy for you and wish you the best!

    • Hahaha well I’m glad it helps, girl! How exciting! Best of luck!! :)

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Wow! You have done so much! I stressed about my hair too. My suggestion is to do a trail of all the different styles. Leave the style up for several hours and if you have a veil wear that too. Do a little dancing and see how the hair style holds. You will also be able to tell if the hair style will get on your nerves. I did an updo because I knew that if I had even half my hair down it would drive me crazy and I would sweat to death. My husband and I got married outside in Florida at the end of August. It was so hot!

    • That is such a good idea. Originally I wanted my hair down but now I’m thinking of doing an updo!

  • I am SO excited for you! It will be the happiest day ever. It will go by fast so soak it ALL in even the tedious planning. The best advice I received was…during the reception, you and Trevor at some point of the night (separately), stop and go stand back and see how much fun your guests are having because of YOU TWO! I still remember seeing everyone dancing with the band and the people congregating laughing.

    • aw omg! I’ve never heard that advice before and I love it!!

  • Jordyn Upchurch

    How exciting! I cannot wait to see how your Wanderlust theme comes through-that sounds so enchanting! I hope that you’ll let me feature you on my #WeddingWednesday collaboration once you’ve had your wedding, you sound like the perfect bride for it :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

    • aw! I would totally be honored!!!!

  • Amanda

    I had 2 MOH’s too! Split up tasks a bit – one got to stand closest to me and the other got to sign the marriage license. Then they did the toast together.

    To save money on flowers we stuck to hydrangeas (they take up a lot of visual space) and roses, we also did all of our own arrangements for the table vases. Ordered stems from a florist and picked them up morning of. A bit more stress and takes some time, but if you have a lot of people helping (bridesmaids, moms, etc), it can be done and saved me a good chunk. I also was freaking out about budget at the end.

    For a honeymoon idea, consider a cruise! We didn’t go on our honeymoon until about 5 months after, but I was still sooo sick of planning things that I loved it. A cruise is basically planned for you – you just show up and everything is there :)

    • That is such a good idea!!! Aw I loved hearing about how you split up your MOH duties! Thanks for sharing! And about the cruise…love the idea but I don’t know if I would get sea sick??

      • Amanda

        I was worried about that too as I get motion sickness often. But I got the Transderm Scop patch prescribed by my doctor and was totally fine. Brought SeaBands too just in case.

      • Never heard of SeaBands! Will have to look into it!