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Hello friends!

I am SO excited for this post! I have been meaning to blog my favorite products forever but just haven’t gotten around to it. Let me start off by first saying that I was never all about makeup; TBH until about a year ago, I never even used a brush to apply my foundation-  I used my fingers LOL. But throughout this past year I’ve really practiced, asked a few experts, annnnd watched a heck of a lot of Jaclyn Hill videos!! 😉 I’m by no means an expert but I’m learning which products are my favorites, and I’m sharing those today!

Let me also share with y’all that I’m a broke college grad student. AKA, I don’t have loads of money to splurge on makeup. A few of these products I’m sharing with you are higher end, but most you can find right at the drugstore, like Walmart or Target!


Let’s start off with a primer. I use Neutrogena healthy skin primer. It’s equipped with SPF 15 sunscreen. FYI: I never used to wear sunscreen but the older I get, the more freckles I score from being in the sun due to sun damage. I love that this primer has sunscreen built right in, it blends super smoothly and provides great coverage.

Concealing Products

First of all, I use Smashbox Color Correcting Stick in both orange and green colors to target my discoloration. I use the orange to cover the dark circles under my eyes (I get them HORRIBLY bad during allergy season) and I use the green to cover the birthmark below my lip. Think of the color wheel; green targets redness and orange targets darkness. If you’re looking for an inexpensive color corrector, Hard Candy Color Correct Expert Palette is not bad!

After color-correcting, I use Covergirl Read Set Gorgeous concealer, dab it on the troubling spots, and blend with my Beauty Blender. I absolutely love my Beauty Blender; run it under cold water, let it expand, pat the troubled spots gently until it blends.


Okay guys. This is the BEST drugstore foundation you will ever find. I recently discovered it a few months ago and I’m so in love. I use Covergirl Tru Blend liquid foundation (there are SO many differing shades; you’re bound to find something that matches your skin) and I pair it with Covergirl Tru Pressed Powder foundation. Together, the two are like magic! They blend super well together (hence Tru Blend) and the coverage is fantastic. It even covers that pesky birthmark on my face that I’ve been trying to hide for years.


I use Elf brushes and I love them. I use the Angled Foundation Brush for my liquid foundation, Powder Brush for my blush, and the Ultimate Blending Brush for my concealer. For eyeshadow, I use the Professional Eyeshadow Brush, the Eye Crease Brush, and the Blending Eye Brush. I like these brushes because they clearly dictate right on the brush what its purpose is, which is really nice for those of you peeps (like me!) who are still pretty new with makeup and experimenting with it.


I’ve been using Sephora MircroSmooth Baked Luminizer and I love it.


I use two separate eyeliners, both of which I have been wearing for years, and I love them. I use Covergirl Perfect Point Plus for my bottom liner, and I use Almay liquid liner in black for the top. It has a sharp point and is perfect for getting the winged eyeliner.


Urban Decay Naked palatte, all the way. Can’t say enough good things about this bad boy!


I was once sent the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara in a blogger goodybag, and it CHANGED MY STINKIN LIFE!!!!!!!! Best mascara I’ve ever tried, hands down. The lengthening was so superior, it made me look like I had fake lashes. For drugstore, Covergirl SuperSizer Fibers works pretty great too (but nothing compares to the Superhero).


I tend to wear lipstick all the time rather than gloss or mattes. For drugstore, I love L’oreal Colour Riche lipsticks. Otherwise, my favorite lipsticks are by Urban Decay Vice lipsticks; Rock Steady Cream and Violate Cream and my go-to’s. For lip mattes, I tried Ciate London Liquid Velvet lip matte from Sephora and it’s currently my favorite; it looks sun kissed with a pop of blush.


I still feel like I’m searching for that perfect blush so if any of y’all have any recommendations, please send them to me. For now, I use L’oreal True Match in Neutral.


My Favorite Makeup Products |

Am I missing anything? Which products are your favorite? Leave me a comment below! P.S. You can shop all of my favorite products right within this post!

P.P.S., None of these brands sponsored my post, I just love them so I felt the need to share!


  • Ashley Stephenson

    I use the Elf brushes as well and I absolutely love them! And they are so affordable!

    • Right! Can’t go wrong with that!!

  • That Naked palette is my jam. Best investment ever!

  • Thanks for the great recommendations! I’ll have to check out some of these products!

  • Isn’t there just something about Jaclyn Hill that makes you find your inner makeup artist? She has that affect on everyone. 😉 Also ELF brushes were what I started with too! I still use many of them even though Ive invested in some nicer ones. You should try real techniques brushes next!

    • YAS omg!! She is my inner spirit animal! LOL

  • Thank you for sharing realistically affordable makeup options! I am not a huge makeup person myself, but I do wear a “full face” of foundation, bronzer, mascara/eyeliner/eyeshadow on the regular, even if those are just the basics without the detailed touches. I need to pick up some of the Elf brushes.

    • YAS girl! I don’t want to call myself cheap but I definitely pride myself in providing affordable options for my readers!

  • Suzanne Spiegoski-Decamps

    I’m obsessed with the Elf brushes too! Lovely shares, babe, thanks! xo, Suzanne

    • I love Elf products in general!!

  • I have not used a lot of these products but I will have to check them out!! I am a huge makeup lover. The original UD Naked palette is one of my favorites!

    • Ugh I just love Naked!!!!

  • Adriana

    I haven’t heard of so many of these! I have to try them, I love your makeup brush picks!

  • Marijanna Vukovic

    I love the it cosmetics mascara!!! Thanks for sharing the other products :)

  • Looks like there’s a lot of new beauty products for me to test out! I haven’t used hardly any of these.

    • Thanks for stopping by, girl!