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Rocker boho outfit | InspirationIndulgence

Hello lovebugs!

Today’s blog post is all about a topic that I am passionate about advocating for; originality.

Let me ask you a question, and please answer it honestly! Have you ever bought a pair of shoes maybe because all of your friends had the same pair? I’m willing to bet that at some point in your life, you have conformed to what everyone else around you was doing. That question may have sounded incredibly childish, but even in adulthood, there is temptation to conform to all sorts of societal ideals, ideas, personal beliefs, and actions.

I see it on a daily basis, especially in the fashion blog-opshere. I remember for a brief period of time when all I saw on my Instagram feed were Hunter boots. I have nothing against Hunter boots…. I actually think they are super adorable, but I remember thinking, really? Are we all just wearing this product because everyone else is? I felt like I was re-living my traumatic middle school youth again.

The problem is that we all too often find ourselves yearning to be more like others rather than just trying to be ourselves. Sometimes, without even realizing it, we find ourselves conforming to society’s pressures. We try to dress like the others, act like the others, and think like the others. And just like our kindergarten teachers used to preach to us, it’s no fun when everyone is the same.

We need to have courage to be different in a society that is constantly trying to assimilate us.

Rocker boho outfit | InspirationIndulgenceRocker boho outfit | InspirationIndulgence

When we conform, we lose touch with our originality, and our creativity is sniffled in the process.

Just be you.

Rocker boho outfit | InspirationIndulgenceRocker boho outfit | InspirationIndulgenceRocker boho outfit | InspirationIndulgence

I believe that conformity is highly connected to comparison. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others, which we partly can thank our media-saturated generation for.  We compare ourselves to others at work, at school, on Facebook, you name it.

Comparison does not serve us, and has no space in our lives, yet we continue to let it take control of us.

Throughout the years of my life, I have found myself conforming mostly to make others happy. I never stopped and questioned why I was making the decisions I was. I didn’t want to rock the boat or stir up controversy. I think back to all the times in life when I could have stood up for a cause close to my heart, and I did not, for the fear of what others would think, do, or say. During moments like these I have to check myself:

Is this really who I am?

Am I cheating myself?

Am I squandering the beautiful parts of what makes whole?

Rocker boho outfit | InspirationIndulgence

Today I want to gently remind you that there is only one YOU in the world, and your thoughts and ideas matter.

This might sound cliche, but there is no one quite like you. You are beautifully and intricately created. In this 7 billion populated world, there is not ONE other person who thinks the same way as you, looks the same way as you, and acts the same way as you.

Embrace it!

Dare to be different.

Rocker boho outfit | InspirationIndulgenceRocker boho outfit | InspirationIndulgence

Be who you are. Go your own path.

Get weird.

Bring fresh ideas to the table.

Ask different questions.

Challenge the status quo.

Dress differently.

Take a stand.

We need more creativity in this world, and less conformity.

Rocker boho outfit | InspirationIndulgence

I’d love for you to ponder these questions for today: What are your strengths? What differentiates you from others? What makes you unique?

As for me, I love that I take risks and do things how I see best fit. I love that I can always see see many sides from different angles. Even though I have a stubborn side and can easily get fired up (or as I like to call it, get passionate 😉 ) I am a strong, capable, level-headed person. I am a sweet girl, but am willing to take a stand when it is needed.

“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.” 


Outfit details //
Camo jacket // MM Vintage
Jeans // Charlotte Russe
T-Shirt // unknown…I’ve had for a while!
Boots // Buckle
Purse // Charlotte Russe

Beanie // Tribe Kelley

Now that you’ve thought about it, I’d love for you to share! Please leave me a comment in the section below!

Photos by Shaunae Teske


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