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It seems that our society is constantly in a competition for who can be the most busy, and lately, I’ve been struggling to find balance.

Last night was the most overwhelmed I’ve felt in ages. It was a crazy day. I was on the run since 9am collecting donations for my recent clothing drive campaign, and then I had two back-to-back marketing meetings for Inspiration Indulgence. On my drive home, I stopped at my mom’s, and we briefly talked about wedding planning, and I was reminded how I need to check in with my cake lady, work on my guest list, pick out the tuxes, and narrow my floral budget. The wedding planning was not what I wanted to think about at the moment, because my mind was still spinning from the details of my PR meetings. Once I got home, I did 4 loads of laundry and checked my school email (big mistake) where I was reminded that classes & my internship starts in two weeks, and I still have to buy my textbooks. Ugh.

I was talking to my mom last night that if I can get through these next 4 months of my life, I can survive anything. The next 4 months will literally be the busiest four months of my life. I’m nearing the end of my Master’s program, and will be facing the toughest semester yet, balancing a full load of credits with a 20-hour a week unpaid internship. While finishing school, I’m running a side business with my blog, which entails so much more work than people understand; responding to sometimes over 50 emails a day, marketing/PR meetings & conference calls, styling shoots, writing posts, budgeting, record keeping, and of course, social media management. Let’s not forget that I’m also in the thick of wedding planning, a maid of honor for my friend’s wedding, AND we are getting a puppy in two weeks. (I know, I’m crazy).

First of all, I want to point out that although it may seem like it, I totally am not complaining, because I am responsible for bringing this chaos on. I chose this life.

So the question is, how do you balance it all? How do you take control of the chaos, so the chaos does not control you? If you’re struggling finding balance lately, I wrote down some of the tips that have helped me manage my stress levels.


1.) Breathe

Every time I feel my anxiety coming on, I tell myself to take a deep belly breath. In and out. I close my eyes, hold my breath in for 5 seconds, and release. It really does help in the moment.

2.) Remember the light at the end of the tunnel 

There are days where I am so tempted to drop my Master’s program, and trust me, I’ve been close. There are days where I want to quit blogging. But then I remind myself why I am doing this; because I love both blogging and counseling. Because I want to be educated. Because I love being an entrepreneur. There is a quote that my team used to say when I played softball in high school, “Don’t trade the reward for what’s easy in the moment.” Hard work reaps rewards. Don’t forget there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

3.) Don’t multitask

I’ve been finding that if I try to accomplish wedding planning, blogging, and school work all in the same day, my productivity is low. So I dedicated certain days for certain tasks. For example, this Sunday I completely dedicated my day to wedding planning. I didn’t touch my blog, or even check my Instagram. It was hard, but I knew that if I tried doing both at once, I would get stressed. Yesterday, although I really wanted to work on wedding planning stuff, I dedicated the day solely for blogging. Some people are great at multitasking, but for me, it makes me feel unbalanced, unorganized, and rushed. It might be best to dedicate your time to solely one task at a time, but then again, you have to find what works for you.

4.) Self Care

Seriously, give yourself a break. Because I felt so overwhelmed last night, I called quits on all things by 8pm and turned on Grey’s Anatomy. Even though my friend was messaging me about her bridesmaid dress, I put my phone in my room and snuggled next to my fiancé on the couch. People can wait. Take care of yourself when you really need it. Life goes on.

5.) Prioritize

It’s SO important to make time for what’s most important. When our families and friends found out I was getting a puppy, I’m pretty sure they thought I was nuts. How are you going to balance all that? I tried to explain that even though I know adding a dog to the mix won’t be easy, we will make it work. It’s just like having children. The world doesn’t stop when you decide to have kids. You just make it work. So when you find yourself stressing out, do the things that are most important on the to-do list. Remind yourself what’s most important.


Finding balance isn’t easy, and I definitely am not a master at it, but I hope these tips help. Amidst the chaos, remember to be grateful. Although 2017 will be the busiest year of my life, it will bring so many blessings. Celebrating our marriage, finally being done with school, starting my career, watching my friends get married, bringing home a new member of our family. I encourage you all to find gratitude even in the darkest moments of stress and chaos.

Now it’s your turn- how do you find balance?

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  • Life can become overwhelming at times- especially amidst the holiday season. Great advice for keeping cool, calm and collected!

    • Thank you for stopping by! XO

  • Leslie Soto

    Self care is such an important one to remember. It’s hard during times like these to justify taking time for yourself but it’s so necessary. Sometimes it helps me to sit down and break down my goals, too and focus on the smaller ones first. Good luck with everything coming your way! You can handle it because you are amazing!

    • That is such a great point, to break up bigger goals into tiny ones. I love that!

  • Yes, these help so much! I like to turn my phone off, take a nice relaxing bubble bath, watch some tv and go to sleep. When I wake up I feel a lot more recharged, and less stressed out. Sometimes we just need a break!

  • Wow, you are a busy lady! I have always wondered how bloggers manage full time jobs, their blogs, and kids. You are in a similar boat with finishing a Masters and helping to plan a wedding! After reading this, it makes me want to accomplish a lot more today! I agree with having self-care. I make sure to get in workouts throughout the week to stay sane. I also found that prioritizing my day really helps me stay focused.

    • Good for you. I’ve been struggling getting those workouts in, but they are necessary for my sanity!

  • Sophia

    Self care is so important if you forget about yourself you will always feel stressed out

    • So true!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Amber Marie Werner

    I loved this post. That’s exactly how I was feeling yesterday trying to balance my full time job and blog. I love these tips, especially not multitasking. I’m terrible at it! and I love the“Don’t trade the reward for what’s easy in the moment” quote.

    Xoxo Amber

    • Thanks for stopping by, Amber! It definitely is not an easy gig but the rewards are SO worth it. Keep chugging along, I’ve got your back!

  • Jolina

    I agree with not multi-tasking though I don’t really take my own advice! I find the more I multi-task the more I stress myself out it’s horrible. I really just try to be more present. And yes, breathe!

    • It’s so hard not to multitask. I feel like I’m always doing it!

  • Twin Pickle

    Self-care is definitely needed over here! I always try to do too much and need to break the habit!

    • Girl, you gotta take care of yourself!

  • I read your title and I’m like YEP, CLICKING. I feel like I didn’t catch much of a breather at the start of the New Year! I do my best not to complain either because I’ve agreed to the madness and I love everything I’m involved in. I’m exhausted even more reading through the details of YOUR life! But I really admire the fact that you’re earning your master’s. My best friend is working on hers and it takes such diligence, drive and determination!

    • Aw thank you love! Its definitely not easy but it will be so worth it!

  • Love your post and tips dear!





  • “Don’t multiask” haha so true! I am all about getting organized this year and staying focused on only one thing at a time and prioritizing self care. You are totally going to rock juggling it all this year!

    • I hope so! God, I hope so. lol

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    Such great tips! Girl, I remember being in that exact same place a few years ago. You will feel so much lighter when it is all over with. Self-care is so important. Keep on swimming, you’re almost there!!

    • Hey Jess!! I was hoping you would stop by, as I know you’ve definitely been in the spot! In fact, if you don’t mind, I’d love to reach out to you and ask how you balance your blog + being a school counselor.

      • Jessica Bradshaw

        I just emailed you. :)

  • What awesome tips. I love that you turned on Grey’s Anatomy as a de-stressor, in fact, I think that show is the ULTIMATE de-stressor. And remembering that there are good things ahead of the bad things is great leverage to get us through hectic times. Xoxo

    • Haha I’m Grey’s OBSESSED. I MEAN, OBSESSED. lol

  • Melissa Chee

    I love your message! So inspiring

  • Zana Djakovic

    I am def not in that competition lol. But i know what you’re talking about (been there).
    Meditation is something what works for me and that moment that only belongs to me is priceless.
    Your life is pretty busy these days but I am sure you will find that balance you need. Maybe you should try with meditation too. But i love your tips too.
    Thanks for sharing babe. ❤

    • You know what, I’ve been slowly getting into mediation, and it’s awesome. I think I also need to remember to be physically active, because that’s always the one thing I tend to neglect first!

  • I love this post. First off, YOU CAN DO THIS. Second, A PUPPY?!?! Third, girl I feel you so hard. That was my last six months, and if I can do it, so can you. Fourth, you’re totally right – people don’t get it. But keep doin’ yo’ thaaaaang – you’re rocking life babe!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Girl. Get on my snapchat now! Lots of cute puppy snaps! haha. Thanks love. <3

  • Brandi Matthews

    Love this Post babe! So excited you’re getting a puppy! They’re the best! Do you know what kind yet???

    Xx Brandi

    • He’s a golden retriever :) I’ll have pics to come soon when we get him!! xo

  • Aww sending you tight hugs and lots of positive vibes love! You really seem to be living on the edge with so much going on, I am sure these 4 months will go by quickly and you will be able to (hopefully) relax! Yes, self care is so important, hope you get sometime to R&R for a bit everyday. This is going to be a kickass year for you, and I am sure you will enjoy every minute of it!

    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

    • You too babe!!!! I am so incredibly excited for you, I can’t even contain it!! XOXO

  • Love this post! It’s nice to take a moment to reflect like you have here, even when you’re busy. Sounds like you have lots of great things going on :)

    • Things are exciting :) Thank you so much!