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Happy New Year loves!

Wow, I just cannot believe that it’s 2017. It’s becoming that point of my life where time just keeps speeding up and I feel like I need to somehow slow it down! As I ponder on my life this past year, I can’t help but feel sentimental. 2016 had some highs and lows. Unfortunately, there was death; my grandma passed, and so did one of my classmates. Losing my grandma was really hard, and in some ways, I still can’t believe that she is gone. For the sake of looking forward, I am going to focus on the highlights of my 2016! I am so excited for what 2017 brings; graduating from my MSE program, job searching, and starting our life together as a married couple!

My 2016 Highlights //

-I finished traveling the lower 48 states with my love
-I bought my wedding dress!
-I had an awesome internship
-Many of my close friends got engaged (& I was asked to be MOH in one!)
-I officially branded myself as a fashion blogger and started working with more sought-out  brands
-I met some of my blog readers, in real life!
-I saw Guns N’ Roses in concert! (P.S. We have tickets to see them again in 2017, can you say obsessed?!)
-I was featured in Charlotte Russe & Wedding Wire
-I was published in Huffington Post
-I became a part of the Rising Tide Society (much love!!)
-The Inspiration Indulgence community immensely grew, especially on Instagram!

My 2017 Goals //  – It’s going to be a year for the books! So much change and exciting things coming soon.

-Expand our family (Spoiler alert: We may or may not be taking home a cute little furry nugget very soon!)
-Remember that our wedding is about our marriage, and not about the other superficial details
-Learn and grow in my next internship
-Graduate from my counseling grad program on a strong note
-Land my first big girl job (!!!)
-To get back into fitness and eating healthy (I said this last year, but this year I mean it!)
-And with that goal, get back into the habit of cooking more!
-To let go of past bitterness, and things I cannot control
-Be on my personal social media less, and just use social media for my blog
-Continue to grow the Inspiration Indulgence community (you can sign up on my sidebar for email updates, like me on Facebook OR even follow me on Snap!)
-Continue to build my fashion platform with high quality posts and photos
-Take more risks with my style and try more crazy things
-Land some awesome brand partnerships
-Continue to honor my fiancé and grow in our love

My 3 Words //

I really like the concept of choosing a word to guide my year. However, since I can’t choose just one, I’m choosing three!

  • Fearless //

In 2017, I hope to take more risks. To do what of what I love, be with who I love, and be done with the fluff. I hope to not be afraid to try new things, and to be confident in doing so. I hope to stand up for myself more and remember my worth in moments when I feel weak. I hope that I am fearless in all of my pursuits, and to look at each obstacle as an opportunity rather than a challenge.

  • Patience //

I am probably the most impatient person you will ever meet. I hope to practice patience by being content with what I do not have, and to find patience in the waiting. For me, patience means accepting where I am currently at in life; even if I don’t have my dream home, children, or job stability. To be content with not having everything I want, and to find joy in the waiting.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Jean-Jacques Rosseau 

  • Passion //

I hope that in 2017, I live by my passion. I have found purpose in my path as a counselor and as a digital influencer, and hope to apply meaning to it in my own life on the days when I lose motivation. I hope my passion always carries me throughout my life, and that I surround myself with only those who support me and my goals.

Sparkly evening look |
Photos by my awesome sis-in-law McKenzie Korpi

Before I take off, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for being a part of my 2016 journey. Your support means the world to me. I am so grateful to have my Inspiration Indulgence community and am SO excited to see where 2017 takes us. Love you all so much!

Now it’s your turn- what are YOUR personal goals for 2017? What are your three words? Leave me a comment below!


  • Great post girl! Happy new year!!

    • Happy new year, Jill!! xo

  • Ruthie Ridley

    Happy New Year! Great goals and accomplishments!! I cant believe you did the 48 states! Incredible!!

    • My fiancé deserves all the credit, he’s a travel planning machine!

  • Happy New Year babe. You look beautiful in this dress.

    Love your goals and your 3 words. I would have to say my words for this year would be: patience, motivation and confidence!

    • Thanks Jasmine. Love the confidence word as well!! xoxo

  • Kara Ziegler

    This is incredibly inspiring. Love your three words and you look beautiful in that dress, you must have been freezing ? All worth it for the gorgeous pic though. Happy New Year! I hope that 2017 is full of far more highs than lows.

    • It actually wasn’t that cold! I think when you live in WI, 30 degrees seems warm in winter. haha. Thank you lady. Cheers to 2017 babe!

  • Sounds like you had an awesome year! Happy New Year!

  • Congratulations on all the amazing accomplishments this year! I saw your features on FB last week and am so happy for you! Cheers to an even better 2017, Chels!

    • Aw thank you Cara. You are the sweetest and I appreciate your support SO much! xo

  • Tiffany Austin

    I adore that dress! What a perfect amount of sparkle!

    • Hehehe it’s actually a sequin strapless evening out dress and I actually paired it on top of a crop top lol!!

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    Yay!!! You have so much to look forward to in 2017. I am so happy I found your blog and get to watch you accomplish all of these goals. You are such an inspiration and your positive attitude is contagious.

    • Aw thank you, Jessica. I am so thankful I have you in my corner, especially as an almost-school counselor!!

  • Neely

    I love your goals for the year. They are really well rounded! Also the words are fantastic!

    • Thanks Neely!! I am hoping they are achievable!

  • Sami Mast

    Love hearing about your year in review and your goals for the next year! Also that dress is so fun!


    • Thanks Sami! You’re the sweetest!

  • I love your goals! 2016 was such an exciting year and I know that 2017 will bring bigger and better things. I’m so excited to see where your fashion posts go this year. BTW so jealous you are seeing GNR again!

    • Oh you will see it on snap, not to worry!! lol!

  • I love that you chose three words for 2017, Chelsea. I think all three are great, especially patience. Looking back at last year, I definitely think patience was what God was trying to teach me haha. It’s not easy! Excited to see you bloom this year!

    • Patience is SO hard!! I know you understand, we are SO alike! Love you, girl!

  • I love the three words you chose, they’re so perfect! Best of luck to you in the new year!


    Lee Anne

  • love the fun print on this dress!

  • I love Fearless and Passion as words for the new year! Mine is visibility :) I can’t wait to see what you do this year :)

    • That is such a great word!

  • Vivian Tang

    Awesome dress and 3 words for the new year! I also need to land my first “big girl” job!! 😉 Happy ’17!

  • First of all: that dress is SUPER cute! Second, those are three great words for the year. I hope you can accomplish all your goals! Happy new year :)

    • Thanks Val! I am so thankful to have you in my corner! XO

  • Way to go on getting those features and partnerships in 2016! So many great things to look forward to in 2017 as well.

  • I’m sorry to hear about your grandma and your classmate. I wish you all the luck, success and happiness for 2017 and the many more coming years, Chelsea. :) Also, you look super cute in this dress. :)

    • Aw thank you, beauty. You are so sweet. <3

  • I love love love your words!! They are what I try to live by too! So cool how much you accomplished last year! I am also a huge fan of the RTS community! excited to see all the blessings in store for you this year!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    • Thanks Rachel! I’m excited to see where your blog takes you! Love it so much and appreciate you so much!! xoxo

  • Love that you’ve created words of the year – I think i’m gonna steal “Fearless”!! So sorry to hear about the lows this year, but in many ways the lows just make you appreciate the highs so much more. No doubt you’ll smash 2017 :) Best of luck gal!

    Alicia xx

    • Thanks Alicia. I think it’s going to be the best year yet :)

  • Gorg shot in the snow! You look stunningly beautiful! You accomplished so much in 2016, love your intentional words for 2017, those are great ones for all us to concentrate on!

    • Thanks Jessica! So thankful for you!!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Love your goals! I really like that they are focused on positive growth and moving forward. I know a lot of goals end up being that way but really love that you included your fiancé in that! Also, love your words for the new year. Really great post!

    • Yeah, I want our relationship to always grow forward in love! xoxo

  • OurMiniFamily

    Happy New Year!!! You have a great idea what you want your 2017 to look like–I know you can achieve any goal you put your mind to! xo

    • Aw thank you, you are the sweetest!

  • Happy New Years, love the look.

  • Really love your blog,
    Thanks for all the inspiration**

    • I’m so happy to hear. Thank you!

  • YAAAAS girlfriend. This is your year! You are slaying and I cannot wait to just keep watching you blossom!

    Coming Up Roses

  • I love that you’ve chosen 3 words to guide your year ahead – such a good idea!
    All the best for the year ahead love!

    Eilidh ||

    • Thanks love! You’re so sweet!

  • Brandi Matthews

    You’re awesome babe! Love this post so much! You inspire me and you should be super proud of yourself! Cheers Darling!!!!

    • Aw thanks love! You’re the best!