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OMG, friends. I feel slightly guilty because I’ve been slacking a little bit with my blogging game lately. I’ve been suffering from severe blogger’s block and with all the craziness of grad school, I’ve been a little out of touch with my creativity. Fortunately, that all changed this morning!

As I was putting away my fall decor, I decided to listen to McKenna Bleu’s latest podcast interview. McKenna is my favorite blogger and listening to her interview totally helped me re-connect with my creativity. On a whim, I decided to round up my favorite blogs to share with you, because who doesn’t love finding a great blog to snuggle up with on a cozy Sunday night?! I’ve broken them up into several categories so there is bound to be a blog that will inspire you on this list.


McKenna Bleu ||
Gypsy Lovin Light ||
Audrie Storme ||
Style Miss Molly ||
Chronicles of Frivolity ||
Hustle + Halcyon ||
Make Today a Holly Day ||
With Love Lily Rose ||
Life by Lee ||
Happily Grey ||
The Blonde Salad ||
The Sweetest Thing ||
Atlantic // Pacific ||
Blush & Camo ||
Song of Style ||
Twenties Girl Style ||
Style Lullaby ||


Tuula Vintage ||
McKenna Bleu || (putting McKenna twice bc I just can’t get enough of her)
World of Wanderlust ||
Love to Travel Girl ||


It’s Simply Lindsay ||
Very Erin ||
Coffee with Summer ||
Brittany L. Bergman ||
Sobremesa Stories ||
Coming Up Roses ||
Blissful Gal ||
Hey There Chelsie ||
The Soul of a Poet ||
A Blissful Haven ||
Simply Sagi || – Sidenote: This is my counseling professor’s blog- she’s AWESOME.


Jaclyn Hill ||
Jasmine Maria ||
Bring Your Own Beauty ||


The Wellness Rookie ||
****Don’t mind the short list in this category…you can tell where my priorities lay, ha.****

Believe it or not, I found the majority of these blogs via Instagram. I’d love it for y’all to follow me on the ‘Gram and come say hi! Or if you’d rather, find me on Snapchat!

Now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear.. what are some of YOUR favorite blogs?


  • Thank you so much Chels. You also inspire me. ❤️
    I need to check out these other blogs. I love finding new blogs to follow.

    • Of course, lady! So thankful for our friendship! <3

  • Zana Djakovic

    Babe, thank you so so much! To see the name of my blog on this list makes me so happy! I feel so honored! I will check these other blogs too! P.s. this post is inspiration for me and I will probably do the same. If so, I will link this post. ❤

  • Thanks for the list, I am always on the look out for new blogs to read. I think we all suffer from bloggers block from time to time. I’ve just come back after a hiatus of six months! I’ve pinned this so I can spend some time having a good look at these sites.

    • Yay! Thanks for pinning, love!

  • NaominDoll

    Thanks for this list. I am always looking for new blogs to follow and read. I see some that I know but more new ones than ever.

  • MrWriteMedia

    That’s a great idea. Do you have relationships with these blogs? Do you do any guests posts with them?

    • I know many of these blogger personally! I’m not really into guest posting, but I speak with some of the people behind the blogs on a regular basis!

  • This was a great idea for a blog post. It’s always nice to have a list of great blogs to turn to for inspiration!

  • So many great bloggers out there putting out inspirational content! Lots of familiar faces on the list, mixed in with a few new ones to me. Can’t wait to check them out. :)

  • This is exactly what I needed! I love finding new blogs to read, so I’ll definitely be checking out every one of these. Thanks for the recommendations!

    • You’ll love them, depending on what kinds of blogs you like to read!

  • Crystal Marie

    Love the list. Always look for new people to follow.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Crystal!

  • I love finding new blogs to follow so roundups like these are so much fun!

    • Yay!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Lauren Norton

    This is great! I have been struggling with Glitter & Grandeur too. I am in my final month of grad school and have had to put all of my focus on that. If a post doesn’t come to me easily, I tend to not publish anything that week — which is bad. I already follow many of these blogs but I can’t wait to check out some new ones and get inspired! Best of luck with grad school and blogging! It is a lot to balance but you can do it!

    xoxo Lauren I Glitter & Grandeur

    • I’ve been doing the same, Lauren! I’ve only been publishing one post a week….oops.

  • Amanda K

    I love following travel blogs! I also love following &

    Amanda ||

    • Thanks for leaving those! I’m always up for finding new blogs!

  • So many awesome bloggers here! I currently read a lot of these girls blogs and I love them!

  • Rachel Dhupar

    Great list…i always look for new blogs. Will check them out.

  • Such a great list! I follow almost all the ones on your lifestyle list. Coming Up Roses is one of my favorites Erica is so sweet and relatable! I’ll have to check out the others on here. I love finding new blogs to read.

    • Erica is awesome. I feel like she and I are very alike!

  • These are some of my favorite. Thank you so much! You always inspire me and push me to put my best foot forward. And you inspired me to get out there and take some fashion pics which I am loving! <3

    • You are the sweetest! I’m so glad you are loving it! xo

  • This is such a great list of blogs! I like that you separate it by categories, making it easier to browse around :)) Thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah! I know different people are interested in different things :)

  • Such a good list! I love McKenna and Erica too! I have been on the blogger’s block bandwagon too, but it’s because I am moving my site over to wordpress so I am just feeling all out of whack with that lol Hope the end of the semester treats you well!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    • That’s so awesome! I love wordpress. Thanks lady! You’re the best!

  • I love checking out other blogs! Food blogs are my favorite, but I could use some travel inspiration too.

    • Now that I think about it…I didn’t even include any food blogs!

  • SO HONORED to be featured here, Chels. You’re hands down one of my personal faves, as well!!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Of course!!! xo

    • erica how in the world did you tag your website like that? i need to know haha

      • It’s an HTML code…if you Google search the code – like “code for linking to website” – it should pop right up. SUPER helpful!!

      • I found it. u rock lady thanks!

  • very nice, i recognize a lot of those and definitely agree on those! So many great bloggers out there! As always, love your blog and style and photos and etc! Take care.

    Here is mine, if you want more health inspiration :)

    • Thanks so much for leaving yours! xo

  • Dylan

    Love how you share the love for other bloggers! I was hoping for more in the health and wellness section as I am always looking for blogs similar to mine but not to worry, maybe these will up my style game 😉

    • Right! Haha you can tell where my priorities are! xo

  • Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for you and LOVE your blog in return! Thanks for the feature girl!

    Keep smiling!
    Molly |

  • I love this list! I’ve been looking for some new bloggers to read for inspiration, so this is perfect for me! Thank you for sharing this :)

    Jasmine /

    • Of course, Jasmine! So happy you enjoyed it! xo