Repeat these 25 affirmations to yourself out loud each morning to remind yourself of how worthy you are.

Sometimes we all need to remind ourselves how how incredibly worthy and loved we are. Repeat these 25 affirmations aloud daily, preferably in the morning as you are starting your day. Never underestimate the power of positive self-talk, friends!

1.) I am worthy of love and belonging. 

2.) I am enough.

3.) I am loved by someone.

4.) I am confident and fierce.

5.) I cannot control others, but I CAN control my reactions.

6.) I deserve respect.

7.) I am driven and hardworking.

8.) I am intelligent. 

9.) I deserve a space in this world. 

10.) Others’ thoughts and opinions do not influence my own.

11.) I am brave and courageous. 

12.) I choose to use failure as a learning opportunity. 

13.) I am proud of the person who I am.

14.) I am able to forgive myself of my past mistakes and am able to forgive others who have wronged me. 

15.) I choose to acknowledge my emotions because I deserve to feel how I feel.

16.) I am strong enough to handle anything life throws at me.

17.) I deserve to be happy.

18.) I am not defined by my past.

19.) I choose to speak positively rather than negatively.

20.) I have a right to use my voice.

21.) I am powerful and self-disciplined.

22.) I choose to give others a chance before I judge. 

23.) I am capable of adapting to change. 

24.) I will nourish and treat my body with respect. 

25.) I love myself exactly as I am.

What affirmation(s) do you feel are particularly most important for you to remember? Would you add any affirmations to this list? Leave me a comment below.


  • “I love myself exactly as I am.” This is the one I need to start telling myself every day. I’ve been working out and trying to eat better, and I’ve seen great results, but I still find myself unhappy with how I look. I’m slowly learning to love the way I look regardless of how I think I “should” look. =)

    • That is so awesome, Jaime. I think we all struggle with insecurities…I truly believe that in order to be happy, be have to learn to love ourselves inside and out. <3

  • Stephanie Parrell

    Beautiful affirmations! I would like to pick one for one week. I bet I would feel amazing after 25 weeks!

    • That is such a great idea! Focus on one affirmation per week!

  • I love this post. Number 5 and 14 were the strongest hitters for me as I manage adults and have been working on continuing to have positive responses. I would also add “I am going to make the best out of this day.”

    • That is a GREAT addition to the list.

  • Brittany

    I am most definitely not a morning person. Truthfully, I’m cranky, rude and just a little mean. So when I saw these, well I just can’t see them happening in the AM. However, I think that for me, these would be wonderful to say in the evening before bed. I’m going to try!

    • I hope it helps, Brittany! XO

  • Amber Marie Werner

    I love this! Literally just read all of these out loud and it helped a lot! Printing this off :)
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    • I’m happy to hear that you are printing them off, and I really hope that this list helps!

  • Ahh I needed this today! ow did you know? Love these.

    • I’m so happy to hear. <3 You are SO loved and worthy!

  • Love affirmations! Such a great way to start and end the day!

    Rachel |

    • Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Awesome affirmations. Your picture is as much mindful. Love this post!

  • I am trying to get more into positive thinking and affirmations. “I will be ok no matter what” is one I got from a book recently.

    • I love that. Because truly, we WILL be okay, no matter WHAT!

  • Great list! Will definitely be adding some of these to my cubicle’s wall of quotes and ideas.

    • I am so overjoyed to hear that! So happy this made an impact on you.

  • Julie McLelland

    I absolutely love this. Affirmations are so important and life changing. Thank you for making a list, very helpful!! I am a good and patient mom, is always on repeat for me!

    • Aw Julie, that is an awesome one. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love to say affirmations to myself while I walk in the morning, right after I go over everything that I am grateful for. It puts me in a great mood every time!

    • That is so cool. Just typing this list put me in a really good mood!

  • Love this! I think I might have to print this and put it on my fridge! Thank you!

    • Yay! This makes my heart so happy! <3

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    I love all of them, but number 15 sticks out to me the most right now! I am going to print out and distribute to my teachers. :) Great job, as always, Chelsea!

    • Ahhh! Shut up!!! Thank you so much, sweetie! That means the world to me that you are sharing!!!

  • Julie Taylor

    What a great way to start out your morning! What a difference it would make to have this mentality from the get go. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow when I wake up!

  • These are great affirmations! My favorite one lately is “I am enough.”

  • I’ve been trying to practice yoga each morning, this would be great to go along with it.

    • What a great addition to your morning yoga!

  • This is definitely something we all should do everyday. There’s power in words,truly.

    • Thanks Cara. I’m so happy you enjoyed!

  • Great words to live by Chels…love these affirmations!


  • I love this! Mornings can be rough – I think these are especially important then :)

  • This is exactly what I needed to come across this morning! We can all use these reminders :)

  • I love these! I have a box full on index cards with positive affirmations :))

    • That is an AWESOME idea!!

  • Wonderful affirmations to start each day. I love this so much! Choosing positivity over negativity is a big one for me. So easy to get sucked into other people’s negativity but so important to rise above it!

    • It can be so hard when we feed off of others’ negativity. Good for you for taking that step to pull apart!!

  • Rachel Golden

    I love these affirmations! I believe that 95% of our lives are created based on the way we chose to view our situation in life. Positive affirmations are the step in the right direction to an amazing life! :) positivity, always

    • Yes, I completely agree. Change your attitude, change your perspective!!

  • I love this post! Such a great list, and important reminder.

    • Aw thank you so much for reading, Suzanne!! xo

  • OurMiniFamily

    All of these are wonderful!!! Great way to start the day!