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During my days off, you can catch me waking up early in the morning, coffee in hand, reading fashion blogs. (In case you were wondering, some of my favorites include McKenna Bleu, Tuula Vintage, Style Miss Molly, and Blush & Camo.) One of the reasons why I love reading these blogs is because these women radiate confidence, positivity, and knowledge of self. What do I mean by knowledge of self? They seem to have themselves figured out; they know exactly who they are, and what they want. They are everything I strive to be, because I for one, am a work in progress.

One of my biggest challenges with being a fashion blogger is that I feel like I can’t always fit my style in one tiny box, and I know that I’ve talked about this before in previous posts. I am so diverse that it is hard to define my fashion niche. For example, McKenna’s style is always very colorful and girly. Molly’s style is very classy and focuses on neutrals. Jessica’s style at Tuula Vintage is very free-spirited. I self-describe myself as boho-inspired, but does that mean that I can’t wear a cute pineapple dress like I did in this post? I’ve been thinking about how I define my fashion niche lately, and when I initially planned out this city-chic post, my first thoughts were, I can’t post this. The city vibe doesn’t fit in with my bohemian, country lifestyle.

Many of you know that I’m a country girl at heart. I was raised in the middle of two farms in a town of 2,000 and grew up running around barefoot, stumbling on hay-bails in the field behind my back yard. My spirit will always be free, playful, and vintage-inspired. The fact of the matter is, however, that I also love to try different looks, including more sophisticated, city-savvy looks. But does that mean that I’m not staying true to my style?

I’ve thought about this long and hard and ultimately, I decided that my style is for no body to characterize but me. I’m Chelsea, and just like my style, I am ever-changing and growing.

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Style does not have to be pre-determined; style is not “black and white.” It can be played with, experimented with, and changed at any given time.

Let’s be real. If style DIDN’T change, we’d all be walking around in our Hollister tees……

Today, I’m going to show you multi facets of my personalty by showing you how to add a boho touch to your city -chic look.

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1.) Add a bohemian-inspired piece of Jewelry.

So, you picked out your down-town inspired top or dress, but the next question is, how do you add a boho flair? When I saw this top at Charlotte Russe, it attracted me immediately because the cut is so flattering. It definitely gives me those city vibes, but I wanted to make it a little big more “me.” So I added my stone necklace which definitely screamed boho. Other recommendations for boho-inspired jewelry include chokers and layering pieces.

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2.) Add fringe

Fringe is the quickest and easiest way to add a boho flair. I’ve worn this purse now in several of my posts but it really is my favorite! I bought it at H&M. I will continue to use this badboy until it’s falling apart.

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3.) Play with your hair

The boho trend is all about having fun. I decided to go with a fishtail braid for this post, because it’s something I never usually wear. I almost always wear my hair down or in a ponytail and rarely try anything else (because I SUCK at doing hair), so I decided to have a little fun with it for this look! Shoutout to Karly for doing my hair. I have ZERO skills when it comes to doing hair. I already feel so sorry for my future little girl, if I have one ..

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4.) Add suede boots

These are my favorite booties, because they can essentially go with ANYTHING. They work for those free-spirited looks or a sophisticated night out on the town. Win-win in my book! Suede is HUGE right now, and I hope it stay around for a long time! Adding suede to your downtown look will instantly give off that bohemian vibe.

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This is one of my favorite outfits to hit the blog so far, and I hope you guys enjoyed it! Blush is one of my favorite colors to wear, and I think it’s flattering with my skin tone. I know I posted blush a few days ago in this post as well, so this is probably not a surprise to you!

Get the similar look!


Top // Charlotte Russe
Necklace // Tilly’s
Jeans // Charlotte Russe
Booties // Charlotte Russe
Purse // H&M

Photos by the amazing Shaunáe Teske Photography. Her name sound familiar?! Shaunáe also shot my little black dress look from a few weeks back! You can find Shaunáe on Facebook, Instagram, or her blog!

Hair & makeup by Karly Cullen 

Now it’s your turn. If you could describe your style in two words, how would you describe it?


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  • Joanna Malefaki

    I love the purse and the choker. I am not a fashion blogger but I do like fashion and especially accessories. I too, like you, find it very difficult to put myself in a category when it comes to my style. I like boho chic and girlie…. Great pictures! Joanna from xx

    • Aw thanks Joanna! Yes, I just feel like I have so many different facets. I can’t choose just one style. Thank you for your support!

  • Julie Mason

    Love this look. The little bit of rip in the jeans and the sloppy fishtail take the look to a great Boho level against the elegance of the shirt and jewelry. Love.

    • Thanks girl! I never wear a fishtail so it was fun to play with (:

  • You look so pretty and so young! I love your necklace and the whole outfit looks wonderful on you.

    • I am 24 years old :) And thank you so much!! xo

  • Emily Gannon

    Love it! I especially love that top — the color is gorgeous! You look great!

    xx emily

    • Thanks so much, Emily!! xo

  • I love Mckenna’s style too! I will need to checkout Molly because she sounds right up my alley with neutrals! And you look gorgeous as always! Love these colors and the braid!

    Rachel |

    • You would LOVE Molly. (:

      • Omg I totally forgot I follow her too! Her style is so chic! I love love love it!

  • I absolutely love your fish braid! I have the same necklace but never wear it, will have to wear it soon. Your whole outfit is very cute!

    • Thanks Anna! I definitely didn’t do it myself, my friend Karly did it! I’m not that talented. lol

  • Ruthie Ridley

    You look stunning in that shade of pink! Your hair is goals and I need that bag!! XO

    • Aw thank you. I really do love wearing this color. <3 Happy Monday, beautiful!

  • Lilies + Lambs

    Cute top! And love the fringe handbag!

  • Love the look, bag is just perfect addition for this look xoxo

  • Leslie Soto

    Super cute outfit! I love your style and how you don’t fall into one category. I think it’s absolutely wonderful to stand out on your own. I love the boho look but I like how you’ve incorporated it with a little softer look here, too!

    • Thanks Leslie! Yes, I used to struggle with this lots, but now I’ve just embraced it!

  • Candy Kage

    Love that you are ever changing and growing. Love the purse

    • Aw thank you, Candy. Yes, I feel l am changing DAILY.

  • Stephanie Parrell

    Wow! you look great in these colors! the necklace is also a beautiful touch!

    • Thank you. I ADORE the necklace!

  • Girl you look so HOT HOT HOT!!! Lovelovelove your braid + this top and love the add some fringe pointer…it’s definitely a hint of boho but still so city chic!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Thanks girl! What are you doing blogging! Enjoy your honeymoon! 😉

  • Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    I have a shirt that is very similar and I love it!! Love those white jeans too, and the braid is super super cute! Thanks SO much for sharing such cute ideas!

    • AW thanks for reading, sweet Kelsie!!!

  • i LOVE all of this, especially the braid! I wish I could braid, I really need to learn how because this looks amazing on you. And yes to all the fringe!

    • Aw thanks girl! I wish my hair was longer for it, but oh well.

  • You look so stunning!!! I just adore this look. That top is super cute and your hair is very pretty!

  • haha ohh Holister days… I love this outfit! I honestly have about 500 different looks depending on my mood. I can be in Lilly Pulitzer one minute and a maxi skirt, wool hat and booties the next. It’s fun to keep mixing it up!

    • Right! Blast from the past! Hahahahaha. And get it guuuurl! That actually makes me super happy to hear you agree with me that you have several styles depending on your mood as well. I thought maybe I was just totally indecisive!!

  • Loving these blush color tones. And your bag is boho and amazing!

    • Thanks!!! I LOVE wearing this color.

  • This is so cute and you look beautiful! I love the fishtail braid as well! :)

    • Thank you, Cara! I was excited to have my hair done differently (:

  • Neely

    This look is stunning on you!

  • Amy Scott

    Love embracing trends in discreet ways! Esp, if it’s out of my comfort zone!

    • Thanks so much for reading! Totally agree with you. :)

  • Loving this top on you! So soft and feminine.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Thanks girl. I must admit, I was really excited about this top.

  • I love your hair!! Your bag is really cool, too!

    • Karly did such a great job! I owe it all to her. :)

  • Amber

    1. Thank God i’m not walking around in Hollister tees anymore! 2. That purse!!!!

    • LOL right!!! Gahhhh, those were the days!

  • Great look! Love the top and the bag especially :)

    – Nicole @

  • Ashley Garza

    Love this look! I absolutely adore that fun fringe bag!

    xo Ashley

    • It’s my FAVE!!! I use it in legit every blog post.

  • snappedbygracie

    Great color scheme for fall ! And I love that you are still wearing your white jeans !

    • I love the distressed part of them. :) Thanks for following along!

  • Cait Weingartner

    Love this look! That braid is fantastic and I love that shirt!

    – Cait |

    • Aw thank you so much, Cait!! XO

  • Love your hair, love the top. Such a gorgeous look!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Emily!

  • Beth Shankle Anderson

    I love the way you’ve incorporated boho chic into this outfit. Very awesome!

    Beth ||

    • Thank you! I was really excited for this post .

  • I love the booties with the white jeans :) I actually love any excuse to wear white jeans into fall!

    • Right! I LOVE white jeans! The problem I have is that I usually end up spilling something on them. haha.

  • I love your braid!

  • Loved this post! I know what you mean by trying to pin down your style. I have the same struggle characterizing myself as a home decor blogger. I like to mix midcentury with vintage, but I feel like I don’t fit into any of the niches that other home decor bloggers seem to. I’m trying to be okay with that!

    • Oh my gosh, YAS! It’s OKAY to have many interests! I’m giving you permission (:

  • I’m loving fringe booties! They are so freakin’ cute. Ariat just came out with a new pair and I might just have to splurge on them. :)

    • Ahhh!! Don’t tempt me even more!!

  • So feminine and pretty! And now I’m wishing my hair was long enough for that braid. Love!

    • See, I wish MY hair was longer!!! hehe

  • Love this outfit! you’ve managed to look polished, pretty and casual all at the same time. Also I wish I could get my hair to fishtail braid but I have some kind of mental block as to how to make that happen…

    Laura @

    • Thanks so much, beautiful Laura!

      Dear lord. I could NEVER do this myself. A friend did it. (: 😉