This post has been re-published in the University of Wisconsin Alumni Association newsletter, The Latern. I was approached by my alma mater to write a post for new college freshmen and recent college graduates. I, myself, am going through a recent life transition so I thought this post was perfect timing. In addition, my baby sister started her freshman year of college this September, so this post is dedicated to her!

5 ways to tackle a new transition in your life |

My first night as a college freshman, I cried myself to sleep.

Oh, the irony. I vividly remember back to when I was a recent high school graduate, counting down the days of summer for what seemed like an eternity in great anticipation to leave for college. However, the second I became independent, I didn’t know what to do with myself. It’s safe to say that I was scared to death of change.

I think something that we can all agree on is that change is terrifying. Whether we are just starting college or have recently gradated and are pondering your next step, making the first step forward can be tumultuous. Here are my 5 best tips from personal experience to help walk you though this major life transition.

1.)  Have an Open Mind
I highly encourage you to have an open mind as you navigate through a new chapter of life.  When I started college, I made it my personal mission to immerse myself in as many new experiences as I possibly could. I started a new job in a field I had no prior experience in before. I became an officer in a university club. I spent my spring break overseas volunteering. By putting myself out there, I ultimately learned more about myself than I ever could have otherwise.

2.) Go Out of Your Comfort Zone
Whether we admit or not, we all are initially nervous to meet new people, move away, and start over. Nonetheless, going out of our comfort zone is often where we find how strong and capable we truly are. Although fear may consume you, feel the fear and continue onward. Think of this transition as an adventure!

3.) Believe in Yourself
How can you accomplish your goals if you do not believe in yourself? When I started the fashion portion of Inspiration Indulgence, I had no idea that I would eventually be collaborating with huge fashion brands such as H&M and Daniel Wellington. Once my blog began to rapidly grow, I found myself becoming a business woman; making deals, negotiating, and attending meetings. At the time, I was thinking, “I have no idea what I’m doing!” I was deeply insecure and kept dwelling over the fact that I didn’t have a business degree or prior experience running a small business. In time, I realized that I came to this place of success because of my passion and my belief in self. So, friends, I encourage you to give yourself some credit. You made it this far, and that is something that you should be proud of!

4.) Give It Some Time
Your first reaction may be to run the other way the second things get hard. Whether you just started college, are starting a new job, or are moving to a brand new place, don’t give up. Stick it out. Give it some time to allow yourself to find your place. Be patient with yourself.

5.) Do Self-Care
Lastly, don’t forget to take care of yourself! With a major life transition comes stress; you may find yourself feeling increasingly frustrated, scared or anxious. Be sure to eat nutritiously, get plenty of exercise and sleep, and take care of your mental well-being. Take time to do things that you love doing. Netflix binge on Grey’s Anatomy. Call Mom up. Go for a hike with friends. You deserve it!

Friends, know that are capable of anything you put your mind to. Be fearless in pursuit of your dreams. Have an open mind, and think of change as an adventure. I’m here cheering you on!


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  • Candy Kage

    Getting out of the comfort zone and giving it time is hard for me.

    • It can be challenging but the benefits are often worth it!

  • Such great tips Chelsea! I always say we need to lean in to the discomfort of the growing pains. They are just pushing us towards the person we were meant to be!

    Rachel |

    • Thanks for following along, Rachel!! Yes, sometimes I do believe it is indeed a growing pain. :)

  • That is awesome that this is published in the newsletter, and I love that you dedicated it to your sister. It’s such great advice. I cried many nights in my first week away at college too. It’s such a huge change, but if you follow your advice, it gets much better and easier.

    • Aw. Yeah. So far, I think it’s tough on her but it’s getting easier with each day. I’m sure she will end up loving her college experience.

  • I made a goal this month to do one thing outside of my comfort zone…eek!

    • That’s AMAZING girl! LOVE that goal.

  • Change can be absolutely terrifying. Keeping your mind open to all your options can be so tough though, and it’s something that I definitely struggle with. As time passes, I find it easier to go with the flow-so maybe it’s just something that gets better with time (: Thanks for sharing! <3

    • I really feel it gets better in time too. Maybe because we are becoming older and wiser? lol

  • Siedah

    Transition is definitely hard. Change makes a lot of uncomfortable. The unknown makes move of us fearful. You provided great tips. Like is all about change, moving forward, time, and transition. It’s literally inevitable. We got to take it one day at a time and stay optimistic! xo :)

    • Right! You are so positive! Good for you, girl!

  • Number 4 is the biggest issue for me when I try new things, since I want immediate results! Great list!


    • I know! I struggle with patience as well.

  • Marvina Musser

    Transitioning is hard, but sometimes it’s worth it if you give it some times. Great tips.

  • There have been a lot of changes in my life lately. And this really helps. And usually people just say it for the sake of it, but if we do just these 5 major things, everything would be a lot easier. Especially believing in yourself and self-care. Wonderful writing. :)

    • Thanks so much, girl! Glad you found it helpful!! <3

  • Love these tips! They’re definitely applicable when taking on a life transition, but there are also a lot of great things to remember when those life transitions are over and you’ve settled in. I love how you wrote this too, by the way. :) It’s so engaging. I would love reading something like this if I were in college.

    • Aw thanks Crystal! I passed it along to my sis, so I hope it helps.

  • Neely

    Time and self care! yes! I think any new transition requires an adjustment time.

    • For sure. That’s what I keep telling my sister. Give it time.

  • Life transitions are so hard and so scary! Your tips are right on the money. I know I would have loved this when I was still in college. :)

    • I could have used this post myself! LOL. Thanks for following along!

  • Rachel Golden

    Such a great post :) I feel like everyone can relate to this post. We all go through life changes at one point or anything– even in subtle ways. I’m a recent grad and allowing myself to be open to opportunity has been difficult. I always thought there was one way of doing things and when things don’t go as planned, I tend to stress. In recent months I’ve definitely learned that keeping an open mind is crucial to any life transition!

    • Congrats on finishing college, girl! What an exciting time in your life! Yes, having an open mind is KEY to living fearlessly and trying new things. :)

  • Love this post! I am so surprised I didn’t cry my first night alone if we’re being honest haha. I loved college and wanted to do all the things when I got there. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a necessity in college.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Good for you, girl!!!! So happy you had a great experience!

  • I hate change! I wrote about it recently on my blog too! These are great tips. :)

    • Ugh it can be so scary, that’s for sure!

  • Love this! Change can really be tough sometimes!

    • It can be! But with the right attitude, it’s a bit easier (:

  • Great tips. I’m transitioning myself (to a new city), so I was interested to read your advice. Luckily for me, I don’t mind stepping out of my comfort zone. :)
    xoxo, erin |

    • Good for you, Erin! Best of luck!!

  • Brittany Dyer

    Great tips! Having an open mind is so important!

    • Thanks for following along, girl! Yes, I think having an open mind may be the most important tip.

  • KatieCarlson721

    Thank you for this inspiring article! I loved your tips and couldn’t agree more. I would love to feature this post on my blog if you’re interested?? Please email me Thanks!

    • Of course! That would mean so much to me! Thanks girl!