Top 15 fashion trends of 2016

It’s officially September guys! And in my book, September means two beautiful words. FALL. FASHION.

Today, I’m sharing with you the top 15 fall trends to look out for in the industry! All images taken from some of my favorite Instagram accounts, which are credited below.

1.) Flared sleeves

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@McKennaBleu)

Flared sleeves are all the rage thanks to the boho-inspired trend.

via @McKennaBleu

2.) Bomber jackets

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@sheinofficial)

I’m totally obsessed with bomber jackets! They are so fun and a great statement piece.

via @Sheinofficial

3.) Statement bows

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@chicstreetstyle)

A giant bow always makes everything okay.

via @ChicStreetStyle

4.) Flares

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@InspirationIndulgence)

Whether you love or hate the 70s, the fashion is here to stay for awhile.

via @InspirationIndulgence

5.) Faux fur jackets

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@dailykongfidence)

Adding a faux fur touch is an instant way to spice up your city-chic outfit.

via @dailykongfidence

6.) Layered chokers

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@PaytonSartain)

Spice up your accessory game by layering your chokers.

via @PaytonSartain

7.) The staple trench coat

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@kendallandkylie)

Trench coats are timeless and will never go out of style.

via @Kendallandkylie

8.) High knee boots

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@huntforstyles)

Knee-length boots are a perfect way to add a finishing touch to any look.

via @huntforstyles

9.) Pinstripes

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@styleroundtheclock)

Particularly, the blue & white combo is super trendy right now.

via @Styleroundtheclock

10.) Slips dresses over a plain white tee

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@charlotterusse)

This season is all about the layering.

via @CharlotteRusse

11.) Socks with heels

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@shoesdotcom)

Yes, this is actually a thing.

via @shoesdotcom

12.) Dark florals

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@CharlotteRusse)

You can wear your favorite summer romper and add layers to make it a transitional piece from summer to fall.

via @CharlotteRusse

13.) Off-the-shoulder layering 

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@AmericanEagle)

Drape denim or a flannel over your shoulder for an instant flawless look.

via @AmericanEagle

14.) Wet hair

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@KendallJenner)

Wait, so I actually don’t have to do my hair?

via @KendallJenner

15.) The slit sleeves

Top 15 fashion trends of 2016 (@MakeTodayAHollyDay)

Spice up your fall look with a sexy cut on your traditional sleeves.

via @MakeTodayAHollyDay

What are you excited about for Fall 2016? Would you wear any of these trends? Leave me a comment below!


  • haha #14 seems awfully high maintenance! Do I have to keep a spray bottle with me to dampen my hair all day? (it tends to dry in like 30 minutes!)

    Also socks with Sandals and chokers are a no for me (the first I don’t like, the second just bugs me to wear)

    LOVE flared pants, sleeves, bomber jackets and statement bows!!!

    Laura @

    • LOL right!!!! And I don’t think I can ever get on board with socks and sandals haha.

  • Can we talk about how you’re ROCKING those flares tho?!?! And LOL as I sit here wearing bell sleeves…fall is here!!!!!

    Coming Up Roses

    • I love anything flare!! So happy it’s fall!

  • Socks with heels?! Really?! LOL. That’s funny. I don’t understand fashion most of the time.

    • It’s a bit crazy to me too!

  • Love the staple trench!!! I don’t get the wet hair look… I did think Kim pulled it off well at the VMAs but I just dont get it lol

    Rachel |

    • Yeah, but she can pull of anything!!

  • Is it bad that I seriously love all these trends? I know my wallet might not love it but I can’t get enough :)

    • Right! We are in trouble! haha

  • I still can’t decide how I feel about the chokers, but I love all the other trends!

    • Ahhh really! I LOVE chokers!!!

  • Loren Ferguson

    I love bell sleeves on tops! It is so flattering and gives the look a cool vintage feel :) xo Loren |

    • I love anything vintage <3

  • i LOVE the bell sleeves and chokers! Excited for all these trends!

    • Right! It’s breaking my wallet!!!

  • Neely

    Bomber jackets and high knee boots are some of my favs!

    • I LOVE bomber jackets. I don’t have one yet…it’s on my list!

  • Loving some of those trends! I am so ready for fall! <3

  • I love anything seventies….you are rocking those flares and I love all these trends! Great post as always…have a great day lovely!

    • I love anything 70s too. I’m going to be writing a post soon on 70’s fashion!

  • So many awesome trends to dive into this fall!

    xoxo, Jenny

    • I know! Makes me so excited!!

  • Greta Hollar

    I love the dark florals. I’ve been obsessed! That and I’m ordering a lot of stripes right now. Love your picks!
    Greta |

    • You always rock the florals!!

  • This is a great list. I never have time to stay on top of the trends so its nice that you have done all the work for me.

    • LOL. Glad to have helped!

  • Lindsay Katherine

    I am BEYOND ready for fall, and I love how you rounded up the hottest trends. I’m on board with the choker trend, which I didn’t think I would be, so I’m up for trying the layered look.

    • You’ve been ROCKING the chokers, Lindsay girl!!!

  • Diamond Designs Uniform

    We are so ready for fall fashion! Thank you for your list on what to look out for next season!
    Diamond Designs Uniforms |

  • Ohmygosh! I love all of these. I, too, symbolize September as fall and I can’t wait for cooler weather so I can break out my fall clothes!

    • Right! This is what I love about living in the midwest!

  • Dark florals are always so pretty and perfect for fall! Great round up!

  • I love all of these sleeve trends! I also love trench coats – such a great fall transition piece.


    • Aren’t trench coats SENSATIONAL?! I feel like they will always be in style!

  • Angelle Marix

    I love it all except the socks with sandals!! I adore bell sleeves and flares!!! Can’t wait for OTK boot weather!!


  • Lifestylequeenbee

    Great list! I’m all for the faux fur and statement bows!