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Fun patterns with THML Clothing |

I recently collaborated with my old high school friend, Patience from Premier Portraits, for a style collab! This beauty is totally killing it with her photography business and I was so happy that I had the chance to catch up with her! Sometimes I still can’t believe that we’ve been out of high school for over 6 years. Where is the time going?! Today I wanted to share with you a few fun, crazy patterned dresses from my friends at THML Clothing.

Bold Patterns

Fun patterns with THML Clothing |

Oh. Em. GEE!!! Let’s talk about these PATTERNS!!!!!

I’m excited to show you my recent collab with THML Clothing! THML is a women’s top and dress driven brand created for women who want it all. Whether it’s juggling a career and family, she wants to feel and look great. Inspired by working, established women everywhere this collection is built on fashion fundamentals sensitive to trends but not driven by them. You’ll notice that THML is all about the vibrant colors and fun patterns. I had a blast picking out my dresses and going out of my comfort zone with the pieces. I normally don’t wear colors like neon, but I had to give it a try!

In last week’s post on being a #GirlBoss, I mentioned that I was recently asked to give a webinar on Instagram marketing. I talked a lot about what it’s like to brand yourself, and how important it is to define your niche right away. After the webinar, I started thinking a lot about how I defined fashion & self-help as my blog’s niche. But does the fashion portion of my blog have to stay within ONE specific niche? Per say, if I mostly define my style as boho, do I ALWAYS have to post boho outfits? I call BS!

One of the qualities that defines me the most is that my style is so versatile; I love trying on all different hats. (Quite literally!! :) ) One day you will see me in a bohemian inspired outfit, the next day you will catch me in Converse and a ripped up Guns N Roses tee. I am too unique to be characterized in one tiny box! Sorry guys!

These dresses in today’s post are a little out of my comfort zone, but I decided to give it a shot!

Fun patterns with THML Clothing | InspirationIndulgence.comFun patterns with THML Clothing | InspirationIndulgence.comFun patterns with THML Clothing |

I love this first dress because it’s a statement piece, and the stripes are too stinkin cute. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the neon but it was fun to go out of my comfort zone and wear a color that I usually never would wear!

For this second dress- can we talk about these clashing patterns?! ADORBS. Also, I wish you guys could feel how soft this dress is! I swear, this is something I could sleep in! I feel like this second dress is more “me’ than the first one, probably because I’m more comfortable in blue and pink!

Fun patterns with THML Clothing | InspirationIndulgence.comFun patterns with THML Clothing | InspirationIndulgence.comFun patterns with THML Clothing | InspirationIndulgence.comFun patterns with THML Clothing |

When wearing patterns, we have to remember to be careful with accessories and not to overdo it. Patterns are fun to wear because they take all the hard work out for us, so we don’t have to over-accessorize! I’m used to wearing solid colors so I really had a blast switching it up for this post.

Dresses // THML Clothing
Booties // Charlotte Russe
Earrings // Nickel & Suede
Sunnies // Target
Headband // Tilly’s
Purse // H&M

So tell me, what are YOUR favorite patterns to rock?!

All photos taken by the lovely Patience from Premier Portraits! You can find her on Facebook or Instagram!

Happy hump day, babes!


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  • Theresa

    Really pretty! I love your sunglasses and style.

    • Thanks Theresa!

      • Theresa

        Absolutely! :)

  • That patterned shirt is everything! I love the look with the yellow skirt. I look terrible in yellow but you pull it off so well!

    • It’s actually NEON!!! 😀

  • Jessica

    I LOVE those booties!
    xo Jessica

  • I love that dress! Your accessories are just perfect too!

    • Thank you. Happy Hump day!

  • Beautiful outfits! I love the bold patterns! :)

    • Thanks girl! It was so fun to pull off!

  • Lindsay Katherine

    I love that you rock so many different styles, and yet they’re all distinctly YOU. Is Trevor or your sister still taking your pictures? I know you also work with photographers, but regardless, they astound me every time. I also have tried to wear a headband like you but look like a fool every time.

    • Aw thank you! That means a lot to me because even when I try out “street styles,” I still want them to be ME with that boho flair! I’ve been recently collaborating with local photographers, but Trevor and sisters are always there to help out! They don’t get the boot just yet. 😉 For this post, an old high school friend did these photos. She specializes in new born photography & boudoir :)

  • You’re rockin all these looks! So so cute! I love the boho vibe!

  • I love both of these looks but the last one is my absolute favorite! You really do look great in whatever you wear.

  • Ruthie Ridley

    How gorgeous?!!? I love both of these looks! That headband is awesome!

    • I love wearing headbands!

  • Beautiful Chels! Oh my goodness, I’ve been out of high school for 6 years too and I swear I have no idea where the time has gone! Also I watched your webinar and it was amazing and very informative. It helped put a lot of things in perspective! I agree, you shouldn’t have to stay committed to only talking about or wearing things in your niche. Regardless of if you’re wearing Boho, classy, punk, or street, you still look fabulous ♥

    • Aw Christal! You always know how to make me feel so good! Thank you for watching and I hope that you enjoyed it!

  • Neely

    I love that outfit! Those shoes are to die for!

    • The peep hole toe is pretty stinkin adorable.

  • This look is fab! I love style versatility.

  • Fad outfit. I like your sunglasses. xx

    • Thanks Anna! Target is where you can find them.

  • Oh my gosh you look so stunning, I just love both dresses!

  • These dresses are so pretty. I like how they both have such interesting details.

    • I know! I love the fun patterns.

  • Winifred Jac

    very fun look. i love booties all year round, i definitely dont think they’re only for fall/winter.

    • I wear them year round as well!!!

  • Loving these fun dresses! :)
    You are a beauty.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • You look gorgeous as always! These dresses are fab! I loved your webinar, by the way!

    • Aw thanks love! That means so much to me!

  • Greta Hollar

    I absolutely love that blue top and yellow skirt! So vibrant!

    Greta |

    • So it’s actually NEON!! 😀

  • I love love love the top you have on! The pattern is SO bold, but flattering at the same time!

    • It is so bold. I was a little nervous but I love it!

  • Wow – such a cute look! Love your taste.

    – emma

  • Both outfits are super cute but I am loving the 2nd dress with the stripes and pretty pattern– looks very good on you! I hope you’ll stop by and join this week’s Good HUES-Day linkup :)


  • I LOVE that second dress. It is so gorgeous! Love the contrasting patterns.

    • Right! So many fun patterns to play around with!!

  • Love these looks and you are gorgeous as always, Chels!

    P.S. I just got around to watching your talk on BPP and you did such a great job! You brought up so many things about Instagram that I didn’t even think of, so thanks for sharing your expertise! <3

    • Aw!!! I’m so happy you loved, my dear! That seriously means so much to me!

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    You are beautiful! Love these colors on you. My favorite pattern to rock is anything with royal blue. I used to love polka dots but now I’m more boho-ish and solids.

    • Hey Jessica! I don’t do polka dots or patterns often so this was really a stretch for me!!! 😀

  • Ashley Garza

    Super cute looks, girl!! I love how you styled them!

    xo Ashley

  • kandja sylla

    The patterns from your pictures are so pretty. Your old high school friend, Patience is really talented. My fave is your first look. I like how you matched that striped top with a yellow skirt–so cute! Lovely earrings to Chels! xx

    • She really is!! Thanks for stopping by!


    Love love love these looks. The dress is my fav. :)
    Keep smiling x

    • Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • A.) That fun geo dress is perfection.
    B.) As are you.

    Coming Up Roses

    • A.) I love you
      B.) Right back atcha.

  • Molly

    Soo cute. I love the look with the little headband. I need to get me one of those!

    • I love headbands! You should totally get one :)

  • Very cute! I LOVE that fringe bag!

    • Thanks love! It’s from H&M.

  • Amanda K

    Loving both these looks! That top is so much fun!

    Amanda ||

    • It’s actually a dress!!

  • Elise

    love these looks! yay to the bag!

    • The bag is my favorite as well :)

  • That striped dress is too cute! I love the tribal-type pattern on top!

  • Mimi Rose

    Such cute clothes!! I’ve never heard of THML Clothing but now I’m so inspired to check them out, I love some awesome bold patterns in my wardrobe. I’m definitely a stripes kind of girl, but love a cool asymmetrical pattern every now and then.

    • So happy that I introduced you to them! Happy shopping :)

  • Emily |

    This striped dress is so cute! :)

    Xx, Emily

  • I love patterns and bold colors to mix in with my sometimes all-black wardrobe 😉 and these dresses are stunning! Love them!

    • Thank you so much! and what a great tip! I love black too.

  • charline

    I love that you mixed patterns and bold colors together! Love the look :)

    • Thanks so much, Charline!