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Pineapple dress |

Hey friends!

My goodness, my life has been so busy lately! Between my summer course, attending weddings, wedding planning, traveling and going up north, I finally had a chance to sit down and blog my new favorite dress!

I’ve been so obsessed with the pineapple trend, so when my friends at sent me this adorable pineapple dress, I was dying. Legit, I think I might wear this dress every day now for the rest of my life.

Pineapple dress |

So, I’ve had this dress for almost a month and wanted to capture it in a super creative, fun way for my blog. I was thinking of doing some kind of tropical post involving a pool and me sipping on a pineapple fruity ass drink, but since I don’t know like anyone with an awesome pool who wouldn’t think it’s weird for me to take some random photos in it, the Wisconsin lake theme will have to do. What’s even cooler is the fact that my DAD and my sisters helped take these blog photos when we were up north on vacation for the 4th of July! We didn’t have the best lighting for the photos, but I guess that’s what make this post even more authentic. #LakeLife

Pineapple dress |
Pineapple dress | InspirationIndulgence.comPineapple dress | InspirationIndulgence.comPineapple dress | InspirationIndulgence.comPineapple dress | Pineapple dress | InspirationIndulgence.comPineapple dress | Pineapple dress | Pineapple dress | InspirationIndulgence.comPineapple dress | InspirationIndulgence.comPineapple dress |

So where did I find this awesome dress?! VIPme is a platform that empowers women to value individual perspective, to highlight self-awareness and to cherish the inner “you.” I was really pleased with the quality of this dress and how awesome it fit! VIPme also has an app where you can browse and buy all sorts of cutesy things. Download it here! For IOS & Android

Guys, I also have great news! Use the code “M_SIChelsea27″  at to get $15 OFF on Orders Over $100. See, I wouldn’t leave y’all hanging!

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Dress // VIP Me
Pineapple Bag // Francesca’s
Sun hat // Target
Sunnies // American Eagle


  • Looks like fun! Summery indeed. The lake was a great backdrop, too.

    • Thanks! It was the most natural for where I live .

  • Very cute look, love the matching bag as well! And the lake works just as well as a tropical drink would’ve!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

    • Yes!!!! That is what I was hoping! Hehe

  • The dress looks fabulous and the pineapple bag to go with it is so cute!! Pineapples have long reminded me of my hometown, mostly because pineapple juice is such a popular drink here, and because of that I’m usually drawn irresistibly to pineapple designs. haha! I even painted a pineapple on my dresser…

    • Aw where are you from again? Too cute about the dresser!!

  • Nazrin Miah

    How frigging cute are you and this outfit!!! I’m not sure id be able to pull it off as good as you have! The pictures are incredible!!

  • Love it! The print is so cute, and I love the style of the dress too. Plus, the bag and the hat make the outfit. Great pictures!

  • I totally love this dress! Pineapples are perfect for summer. You look adorable, and you’re absolutely rocking it!! :)
    Have an amazing day :)

    • Thanks Victoria! You as well!


  • Greta Hollar

    I LOVE this dress. The colors and patterns are perfect for summer.

    Greta |

  • Rachel Golden

    Oh my god, this dress is so darling!! I’m all about the pineapple trend and this dress perfectly encapsulates it :)

  • Such a cute dress and I love that hat too! I really need to invest in a good hat for summer.

    Nellwyn |

    • Thanks lady!!! I’m super excited about it!

  • You look so cute! I’m seriously loving the pineapple trend! :)

    • Same here girl! It’s so fun!!!

  • I’ve had my eye on that bag…so adorable!

    • Isn’t it?! I’m obsessed!

  • Neely

    you look so cute in that dress!

  • So a cute, bright dress for summer! Perfect, considering the pineapple trend this summer!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Emily!

  • I loveee how you doubled up on the pineapple print! That tote it absolutely darling! Summer-perfect!!

    hugs, Christina

    Christina | Fashion & Frills

  • Jessica Hughes

    I love this dress! So cute and you can wear it day or night!

  • Loving the dress and bag combo! Perfect for summertime :) Great post!

    • Thanks girl! I had so much fun with it!

  • Pineapples are everywhere! I love it! And I love that dress – it’s so cute on you!

  • I can see why you’re obsessed! This dress is SO cute.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • Justine Y

    Oh my gosh, what fun pictures! I love that dress, pineapples are great anyway, but this pattern almost looks retro, love it!

    • It kind of is!!! Thank you, Justine!!

  • Just when I think you can’t get any cuter, you do.

    Coming Up Roses

  • OMG that is the cutest dress ever!!! Love that bag as well.

    • Thanks lady! I’m totally in love and so excited about it (:

  • Lake life is the best life! We are saving up for a pontoon so we can put around our lake. You are adorbs and so is that dress!

    • Thanks Lexi!!! So excited you are back! 😀

  • Super cute dress!! I love the pineapple and minty color of the dress. Perfect for summer!

    • Aw yay!!! I’m so happy you like it!

  • Such a cute dress!!! Def perfect for the summer! Of course I am super jealous of you being at the lake!

    • Thanks doll! It was a great weekend. We have so many lakes here in Wisconsin so I am very used to it!

  • Kyla

    This is perfect and that dress is seriously amazing!

    • Thanks, Kyla, for stopping by my blog!!! XO

  • I enjoy your fashion post, as always you look amazing. I think this dress is perfect for summer.

  • Jessie Oleson Moore

    I LOVE THIS DRESS! YES ALL CAPS NECESSARY. Love it! -Jessie from CakeSpy