Hey guys!!

I have some extremely exciting news that I’m BEYOND stoked to share with you.

I’m writing my first book. And I need your help!!!

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Friends, it has been my lifelong dream ever since I was a little girl to write a book, and I can’t believe that I’m finally putting mind over matter and just DOING IT. I’m nervous, excited, and feel so inspired.

I don’t want to spill all of my secrets about the book at this point, but I DO need your help!

Essentially, my goal with the book is to help YOU live a more self-nurturing, intentional lifestyle and help you improve the parts of your life that you are struggling with the most. In order to do this, I have one very important question that I want to ask you all.

What is one aspect of your life that you are currently struggling with the most? 

If you feel like giving me some feedback to help my writing process, it would mean the world to me if you could comment below in the form. Or, if you feel you have a personal story to share that you would like to stay just between you and me, feel free to email me at chelsea@inspirationindulgence.com. I would sooooooo very much appreciate your feedback!

An important note: If you give me feedback via my blog or email, you are consenting that you give me permission to use your story in my book if I feel it fits. All names will be changed. 

Thanks guys. I seriously have the best readers ever!!! I hope you have the best weekend ever!

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  • Congratulations! I’m so excited for your book. The topic sounds right up my alley.

    • Aw thanks so much, Emily!! :) I’m so excited that YOU’RE excited!!!

  • Congrats!! This is so exciting! Right now my biggest issue is time management. Balancing family/entrepreneurship/self-care/allofit is SO HARD! I’d love tips and advice (and encouragement!) in that area. :)

    • I feel ya, girl. The strugg is real for me as well; believe me!!! I plan on including a chapter about finding balance because it seems that so many people struggle with that :) xo

  • SO EXCITING!! I want to write a book some day, but haven’t figured out the topic/direction I want to take!

    To answer your question…my biggest issue is being comfortable with a job that isn’t my 100% passion or isn’t totally serving me vs doing something that fulfills me to my core but can’t pay the bills.

    • Thanks so much for your support, Katie!! And yes, I can see how that would be frustrating. I feel the same way; I need to have a purpose. I believe everything will work out for you the way it should :)

  • Brianna

    Welcome to the writing a book club. :) Right now I am struggling with finding TIME to write the book with blogging, article writing and other writing projects I committed to.

    • :) Yay! You’re writing a book as well! How exciting! So essentially, I’m hearing that you struggle with time management!

  • That is so exciting! Good luck! The topic sounds wonderful, I bet a lot of people can relate!

  • Rachel Golden

    This is so exciting!! I think a big challenge many people may face is staying motivated when faced with a roadblock in life. Thats definitely something I’ve been struggling with lately.

    I can’t wait to see how the book turns out! :) Good luck!!

    • Sorry to hear you are struggling with that portion of your life, Rachel! I am as well…in fact, I’ve been hearing from lots of people that lacking motivation is a huge problem lately.

  • First off, I’m so proud of you and excited for you to jump into this! Love how you are running after your dreams and doing this. :) I would say a struggle for me is knowing how to prioritize, especially now that I’m a mom. I want to follow my dreams of writing but also need to take are of our littles, you know? So following your dreams while still taking care of what I need to take care of!

    • Aw thanks sweet Lauren! I honestly couldn’t do it without the support of my blogging pals. Prioritizing is definitely not an easy task; hoping it gets better with practice for you. I’m sure you can still manage to find time to write and pursue your own goals, you’ll just need to find what best works for you! XO

  • That is so exciting, love that you are writing a book, thats huge Chels! The one thing I struggle with the most is time management – I want to do so many thing but so little time. I make the most of whatever time I have yet always feel like there’s a ton to do, I guess that’s this generation! Cannot wait to see what you come up with, good luck!
    P.S: Let me see if I can think about something and share with you, when do you need this by?
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

    • I think that’s one of my hugest struggles as well, Kusum! And so many others. Especially with this generation; I just read a fact that millennials have higher stress rates than any other generation. Pretty crazy stuff. And I would love to hear from you! Any time is fine, I will be working on this book for quite a while!

  • Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    Awesome news, and so exciting! I would say that I’m struggling most with just taking time to slow down every now and then. In this go, go, go world, I have to remember to stop every now and then (even when it comes to blogging). Can’t wait to see how this ends up!

    • Thanks Kels! Thanks so much for sharing that with me. I definitely struggle with that as well; especially being a Master’s student, keeping up with a blog, planning a wedding and now finding time to write my book! It will always be a struggle for me.

  • So excited for you! The thing I am struggling with the most is getting to a place where I can leave my FT job to pursue my dream of running an online biz without worrying about money issues. I am working on the behind the scenes of creating the biz but I’m scared to quit my job and then not have it pan out. Love this idea, by the way.

    • Ugh girl let me tell you- the struggle is real! That’s how I feel with writing. I would LOVE to someday make a living off my blog and /or writing career. So scary to take that leap!

  • Bethany Magnie

    Go Chels. How cool!! I can’t wait to see what you pull out of the hat next!

  • Allie

    That’s so exciting! I think I struggle most with time management and trying to feel like I’m staying on top of all the roles I have to play. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    • Totally a struggle for so many; just read the comments below! Thanks for supporting me and sharing your ideas with me, Allie!

  • Good luck on this next big adventure! I think the thing I’m struggling with the most is trying to find a job that utilizes all of my talents and is somewhere that I like going every day. That’s been tricky. I’m currently on the path toward working for myself and I hope that it’s a game changer for me.

    • Aw thanks for reaching out! So exciting to hear that you are working for yourself. Wishing you all the success and happiness in the world!

  • Neely

    I am struggling with balance. I feel like its always a struggle.

    • Me too!!! It’s a never ending struggle.

  • what a wonderful idea! I can’t wait to follow along with you on this :)

    I ditto most of the below on time management. Also as I creep closer to 30 (ick), I worry about settling into a role (work related mostly) that I’ll find myself struggling to escape for the next few decades. deeeeepppressing.

    • Thanks so much for your support!! My fiancé is turning 29 this summer and I can tell he’s sort of freaking out!! But I tell him that he will always be youthful no matter what age he is. Don’t be depressed! My mother said her early 30s were some of her best years :)

  • As a full time blogger and SAHM I struggle with feeling guilty when I do something that is just for me. I don’t get a ton of me time but when I do I often feel some sort of guilt that I’m not at home with my husband and son.

    • Hey Stephanie, thanks for stopping by! I think it’s important to remember that by you doing something just for YOU, you are ultimately being a better mom as well because you are taking care of yourself :)

  • adriana nudo

    Congrats on the book! I think learning to cope with the fact that everything isn’t always going to be perfect or go your way – and that its ok if it doesn’t!

    • Oh girl same here!! I totally struggle with that as well. Thanks for you input!