Looking for a way to support your favorite blogger but don't know how? Read this now!

Hey friends!

Today’s post is going to be a little different than usual! I thought it would be fun to reach out to those of you who DON’T blog, and have a fun conversation about how you can support your blogging friends (like me!). I’ve had many friends and family members recently who are starting to realize how big of a part of my life my blog is, but aren’t exactly sure how to support me because blogging is a totally new game for them. I don’t think the intent is ever to NOT support, but some just aren’t educated about how to go about supporting. Many serious bloggers are making an income, so it is important to not just refer to their blog as a just a “hobby” or “spending time on the internet” because it is so much more than that. It’s entrepreneurship; building a brand; supporting ourselves through our creativity.

I’ve been lucky to have an amazing support system of friends, sisters, parents and future-in-laws who support what I did 1000%. I honestly couldn’t do it without you guys; you are my rock! I know I may annoy you sometimes asking you to proofread my posts or bother you to bounce a new idea of you, but your intuition and honest opinion is what helps me stay true to my brand. Thank you in advance!

5 Ways Non-Bloggers Can Support Their Blogging Friends

1.) Comment on their blog posts occasionally 

This is so huge! It means the world to me when personal friends and family members leave a comment under my post. In addition, even texting me or mentioning, “Hey, I really loved your latest post!” puts me on Cloud 9 for the rest of the day. I’m serious!

2.) Engage with their posts on social media

This is a big one. Here’s the truth that you may not be aware of: Facebook and Instagram have algorithms where they are in charge of who sees your updates when you post. Did you know that not everyone who follows my blog on Facebook can read my post when I update it? Basically, Facebook set rules where my post visibility is limited unless people engage with it. Thus, the more people like and comment on my posts, the larger Facebook and Instagram widen the audience. With the ever-changing rules and algorythms, myself and other bloggers are at the end of our rope! Your engagement matters! :)

If you think a post of mine is worth spreading, please feel free to share! Again, nothing makes my day more than seeing someone I personally know share one of my blog posts. Even though I pour my heart into my writing, sometimes blogging can feel impersonal because so many people I don’t know read my blog post. When I am reminded that personal friends and family love my work, it makes me feel so much more fulfilled. Plus, when you share my posts, you are opening my blog up to a whole new audience, which is super exciting.

3.) Subscribe to their blog

In my opinion, building my newsletter list is one of the most difficult challenges I face. When I first started my blog, I begged my family to subscribe to get my posts to their email. Even if they don’t open my posts, that’s fine! (P.S. If you are late to the game, you can subscribe to my blog here.)

4.) Let them spin new ideas off of you

If I’m coming to you, that means I trust your judgement. Please give me HONEST feedback, not what you think I may want to hear! I appreciate honestly above anything else!

5.) Tell your friends about me!

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to spread ideas. A few months ago, a girl contacted me from Delaware and said that when visiting Wisconsin, one of her friends told me about her blog. I thought that was one of the coolest things ever. Just last week, we got coffee together when she was visiting family friends in Wisconsin! Whether you talk to your college girlfriend about me, your local barista, or even your grandma, IT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME.

BONUS! To sum it all up….

6.) Believe in me.

That’s all I ask. :)

Looking for a way to support your favorite blogger but don't know how? Read this now!

LASTLY- I just want to remind you of this. Please remember it’s not about the ego.

When I ask for you to share my work, I hope you never think I’m being narcissistic. Blogging is all about sharing ideas and building community. I promise that I’m only trying to grow my reach so I can share my vision, build community, use my voice, and make a difference. <3

I want to give a shoutout to my personal support system because I couldn’t do it without you guys:

-My fiancé, Trevor // Who supported my blog from day 1 and has been so patient with me throughout the process. I love you!
-My family // My mom, dad, and sisters Kaylie and Chloe; who read my posts, help me with photos, support my crazy ideas, and have given me so much advice and love along the way.
-My extended family // Michelle, Al, McKenzie; who supported my vision; allowed me to destroy their home for DIY projects, subscribed to my blog, and believed in me from the beginning.
-My friends and biggest supporters from Day 1 // Abigail, Deanna, Laura, Katelyn, Jenna & Ashton; who read my posts, let me talk your ear off about blogging stuff, and overall support my dream.

Your support means more to me than you’ll ever know. THANK YOU <3


  • Michelle

    Chelsea, you already know how proud we are of you, but I never realized there were a few more ways that we could be supporting your blog! So glad you posted this. I love when I’m able to be involved in some small way, whether it’s our house, yard, props, etc. As I’ve told you before…..I live vicariously thru your blog!!

    • <3 Aw! Love you so much, Chelle!! I appreciate you so much! XO

  • Such great tips! Even just a few Facebook likes here and there can really help! :)

    • So true. It boosts the post engagement and visibility!

  • Love this! It’s always nice when friends and family members support you and your endeavors and I completely agree it makes my day when someone I know tells me they love my blog or my post was such an inspiration or something. It’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment. You’re doing a great job :)

    • It really is the greatest feeling in the world. It makes my whole day!

  • This is such a sweet reminder! It’s really a plus when out nonblogging friends believe in you and support you.

    • Just the support means the world to me!

  • Samantha

    This is great! I think some people may not know how they can support their blogger friends, so a nice subtle reminder is awesome!

    • It’s a great post for family or friends who may not know how to support you.

  • Zana Djakovic

    This is amazing! Once again, thanks for sharing this babe. Have a great day. xo

    • Aw sweetie! Thanks for stopping by! You are such an amazing support system!! XO

  • Chrissa – Physical Kitchness

    So true and such a great post. I love when my friends tell their friends about my blog, because it shows they really believe in my work!

    • Isn’t that just an amazing feeling?!

  • Love this post. I was just talking with my co-blogger and sister the other day about how it’s interesting to see the people in our social circles who really support our blog via social media or word of mouth. Every little compliment, word of advice, etc. make a big difference! Xox

    • It makes a HUGE difference!!!

  • Lindsay Katherine

    This is such a great post, Chelsea. Sometimes I feel kind of down that several of my close friends don’t read my blog, so maybe I can share this with them : ) I agree that occasionally commenting on the blog or social media is HUGELY appreciated, from non-blogging friends especially.

    • Yeah. I think it’s important to remember that they don’t understand the culture as much as we do. I think that they don’t realize that it can be offensive. Maybe they do read it, and you just don’t know!!

  • These are all such great ideas, Chelsea. I love bouncing ideas off my husband because he’s so not into this world that he gives me a really fresh perspective.

    • Sometimes all you need is fresh perspective!

  • I couldn’t agree more with you; especially about number 1. When someone who is really close to me comments on my blog or shares it I am blown away! I often feel like those closest to me don’t read my blog (which is actually pretty sad) so when I hear that they liked a post or they suggest a post I am through the roof! A little encouragement goes such a long way.

    • I feel like that too sometimes. Sometimes, I think they read it more than we think they do. Like sometimes someone will say to me, “I love your blog!” in the grocery store and it blows me away that they read it. So many your closest friends just need a little education about how to support you :)

  • I had a friend tell me she didn’t know she was supposed to comment on my blog. I have another friend that will refer to posts and I think it would be nice to know you read it if you commented on it.

    • Totally. Every little bit helps. We pour so much of our heart into it, so it make such a huge deal when someone says something about it!

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    This is a great post! I agree about the narcissism thing. I do not think I can solve the world’s problems. I just want to give info and help out others. Great job!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jessica!

  • Love this! I too get excited when a friend or family member comments on a post, shares a post, or just tells me they read it.

  • You definitely hit it on the head with that bonus – BELIEVE IN ME! Really at the end of the day, that’s all I want from any friend, whether it comes to my blogging, career or relationships.

    • Totally. Glad you can resonate :)

  • Yes! It means the world to me when a friend who isn’t a blogger takes the time to comment on my blog or engage with social media. I love these tips for helping people who aren’t immersed in the blogging world understand how they can support their favorite bloggers!

    • I know. It shows so much care and compassion!

  • Greta Hollar

    Such a good read! You hit the nail on the head.

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  • Christina

    I just shared this on my personal FB page. So helpful for those who want to support us but just don’t know how!

    • Thanks for sharing! I appreciate that!

  • Angela

    Great post. I wrote a post about the same thing recently!

  • Shamira West

    These are awesome ideas. I am about to show this to my friend and be like “take notes!” lol

  • Ailie Wallace

    I don’t think many of my non-blogging friends understand how blogging works. When I share a new post on Facebook, they all click “like” on my post, but don’t actually interact with the blog itself – aaaarrrgh!!

  • OMG This post is perfect. I already shared it on my personal Facebook page! Thank you so much for this- hopefully it helps small bloggers like me. :)

    • Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • I LOVE this post. How do I subtly share this will all my friends and family! Such good advice!

  • kmaryam

    My best friend doesn’t blog but she’s helping me a lot cause she believes in me as you said ! but she also takes my pictures lol really important :)


  • haha absolutely! I find most of my readers are through me promoting my blog… not my friends. I wish I had more support from friends and family but I think the reality in life is that’s not always how it works lol. When my husband and I started our business it was the same way, friends and fam supported us AFTER we became successful. Funny thing about life I guess. Great post!!!
    Danielle | AccordingtoD.com

    • Yeah…that’s so sad, though! :(

  • Thought these are all TRUE, and sound as the logical thing, not surprisingly, it’s NOT from friends that most bloggers get support (sadly)…. not sure why, but for sure would love to find out the reason behind it!

    You might also enjoy this post from JoyfulSavings: Prepare your own Foam Soap for about 35¢, and save Tons!

    • Totally. Thanks for stopping by!

  • karyl henry

    This is such a great post! I’m so appreciative of my non-blogger friends who follow my blog, and even more so when they take the time to engage. It makes me smile when I see they’ve shared one of my posts or take the time to comment.

    • I know. It’s so kind and really shows the effort they put in.

  • Neely

    This is a great post. I want to send it to my friends haha!

  • Very well said! I totally agree. Even little things like an occasional comment or facebook like can mean so much.

    • Exactly! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Brie @ Sophistifunk

    I love these ideas! I feel like because my friends and family aren’t bloggers, they don’t understand all of the behind the scenes work that goes into it. I’ll definitely have to show them this post!

    xo Brie

  • These are all so very true and so very appreciated when it happens. I don’t have a lot of personal friends and family that really interact with my blog and it gets me down sometimes. I’m so happy that you have so many amazing people that support you :)

    • Thank you, I hope you have the same <3

  • Such a great idea for a post! Most of my family don’t read my blog but they’ll comment along on social media which is lovely, my friends read along though (or at least they tell me they do!)

    • That’s awesome. That’s great support right there!

  • Janella Panchamsingh

    These are such great tips to keep in mind

  • Amanda K

    These are all so true! I’m so glad you did a post on this! A lot of my friends are subscribed they usually like/comment on my photos on Facebook.

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  • Leah Hall

    I agree! I always want my friends to comment and give me input, but I think they feel like they can’t! Great ideas!

    • Thanks for following along!

  • Live by Surprise

    So true – good support system is very important!

  • Annie Marie

    Loved this post! I think it’s hard for people who don’t really understand blogging to be supportive but these are some great ways!

    • Yeah. I don’t blame anyone at all!

  • A great idea to invite friends and family to subscribe :) Brilliant!

  • I LOVEEEEEEE when my fiance, his family or my siblings comment on my blog!!! Seriously makes me feel like they care, even if they don’t really 😉

    • I know. I feel the same way!

  • This is such a great post! All great ways, for sure!

    • Thanks for reading, girl!

  • I totally agree with all of this. Non bloggers really don’t know how important and essential engagement is! I’m so thankful for my husband… I wouldn’t have blog photos without him haha

  • No lie, I almost did a similar post a couple of weeks ago, but I ended up having to scrap it because I had a hard time putting my thoughts into words. Yours is much better than I could’ve done! My mom and brother are really the only ones in my personal life who know about my blog. I’m sure you know this, but it’s hard to explain blogging to a non blogger lol

    • Totally. It’s completely terrifying to be vulnerable in front of others!

  • Aw, so sweet to have so many supportive people in your life! My fiance is finally starting to understand how much blogging means to me haha.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • This is so good. I wish I had this kind of support, but honestly, that is not the case.

    • Aw. I’m really sad to hear that :(

  • Alllllll of my friends need to read this! Might just send it around… 😉

    Coming Up Roses

  • CrazyShenanigans

    All good tips! I need to promote them and say share!!

  • Sarah Emily

    I love this! Not all of my family gets this “blog thing” but the ones that do are so supportive and that means a ton to me!

    • That’s so awesome that you have that support system!! :)

  • Yes!!! Some of my friends are actually subscribed to me even though they don’t consistently read, but they help keep the numbers up! I haven’t told my family just yet about my blog. I kind of like keeping it just for me for right now.

    liz @ j for joiner

    • So awesome. And I don’t blame you; it can be hard to share that with others!

  • Bree Hogan

    Awesome post! Goes to show there are lots of ways our non-blogger friends can really help us in the blogging game. It all comes down to support. :-)

  • This is awesome. I feel like I’m always trying to think of ways to tell my friends and family members exactly what you wrote! I think I’ll share your post with them and save my breath LOL. I’m so thankful for the friends and family who do support LiveLifeWell. It truly goes a long way.


  • Hil D

    I did a similar post, it’s such a great and easy way to help out a friend!

  • Yes!! I love everything about this!

  • Love this! Might have to share it 😉

  • Carly Ferguson

    Great post! I love it. I have so many friends and family who don’t blog. I love your tip on commenting. I never hear from them and when I ask why, they say because I already had a lot of comments!

    • Aw. I guess I can see their reasoning but it never hurts to ask!!

  • Adriana

    I love this! I hate how non-bloggers underrate or underestimate the work that it takes to be a blogger.. these are great tips!

    • I think most of them don’t know how hard we work, which is fine because they aren’t bloggers.

  • Yes! When I first started my blog almost a year ago, I asked my friends and family to do all of these. And now, thankfully, they still do! Supportive friends + family are a true blessing.

    • Aw that’s so awesome! so glad you have that support system!

  • This is such a great post. It’s always great to have the support of friends and family, and usually they ask how they can help.

    • Good for you! Sounds like you have a great support system

  • AMEN to all of this! I think often friends and family who aren’t bloggers don’t really get what they can do to be supportive. It’s not their fault, they just don’t know what this whole blogging thing is all about! But my heart is so full every time a loved one ASKS me what they can do to be supportive! I’m lucky to have friends and family who are devoted social media followers and “like” each new Facebook post they see from me.

    • Aw that is seriously so awesome, Erin!!

  • I think especially #6! A lot of people just don’t understand it!

  • Amen sister I totally agree and I am so happy someone else feels the way I do. I haven’t been blogging that long and I really feel like most of my friends and family could care less and this makes me sad. This is encouraging and inspiring thank you for writing. :)
    xo, Nicole

    • I think they will catch on soon :)

      • Thank you Chelsea I went ahead and shared your article :)
        xo, Nicole

  • Heather Gee Davis

    I like this but I also think it’s good to realize that your friends may not be your audience. I love #6.

  • Love all of these points, now to somehow get my entire family + friends to read it!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to share!

  • Lilies + Lambs

    Great tips! xx

  • Abbey Hall (Mind, Body, Babies

    Great tips, these are things that bloggers understand are important, so it’s important to tell others who aren’t how to best support your blog. Keep it up, it sounds like you have a great support system!

    • Yes! A lot of friends who aren’t bloggers themselves just might not get it. I’m sure they WANT to know how they can support you!

  • This is so great! I always have a hard time getting across exactly how my friends and family can help. Can’t wait to share this with them! :)

    • I’m so glad it helps, Abby! Thanks for stopping by! XO