Tips and tricks on living more eco-friendly thanks to Tetra Pak #ad #RenewableLiving #TetraPak

When I was a little girl, my dad used to pay me five cents for each piece of litter I picked up on the side of our country road. I would eagerly spend hours outside collecting empty soda cans, beer bottles, and pieces of garbage. The disgusting chore didn’t bother me at all; I was too busy hoping I’d get rich off of others’ littering.

I don’t collect trash on the road as eagerly as I used to, but I am still all for doing my part to keep our planet green.  At least I THOUGHT I was doing my part, until I started to really sit down and think about my lifestyle.

How many times have I lazily threw my wine bottles in the garbage because I was too lazy to take out the recycling?

How many times have I taken a half hour shower?

How many times have I bought plastic bottles of water from the store instead of using my eco-friendly bottle?

Facepalm. It seems that being green was only a thing of the past for me.

This past month, Tetra Pak, a global firm that has developed a range of packages to protect both the nutritional value and the​ taste of the products inside, had challenged me to participate in a few renewable living/green initiatives to bring awareness to their sustainable living mission. I have been more picky with my recent blog partnerships but gladly agreed because it aligns with my mission about living intentionally and purposefully.

Tips on leaving a greener lifestyle

The Challenge

Tetra Pak gave me a list of challenges to encourage me to take daily steps toward living a more conscious, renewable lifestyle. The challenges are as follows:

  • When grocery shopping, choose food and beverage products with renewable packaging, like cartons
  • Take shorter showers
  • Bike or walk whenever possible
  • Swap my paper coffee cup for a mug
  • Take this happiness quiz.

This will be EASY AS CAKE!!!! …or so I thought.

My Results

Grocery shopping challenge: Out of all of the challenges, I actually struggled with this one the most. I started off by buying almond milk vs. dairy milk, because my favorite almond milk comes in a carton. I also bought some eggs in a cardboard carton vs. plastic. However, I found that many of my favorite items had packaging that is not eco-friendly.

My grade: C. I did fairly okay, but could have done better. I now feel more encouraged to be wiser about which items I choose to buy!

Taking shorter showers challenge: I am proud to admit that overall, I take pretty speedy showers. Very rarely do I take a shower longer than 7 minutes, unless I have a bad headache and need to the steam to clear my head. I did manage to take a few 5 minute showers here and there.

My grade: A+! I’m actually a rockstar at showering.

Bike/walk challenge: Not trying to make excuses with this one, but my college campus is an hour commute, so there is no way I can walk there. In addition, we ARE talking about it still being winter in Wisconsin. Luckily, we had a rare week where it hit mid 60s. I took advantage by running to my local fitness center instead of driving and saved some gas!

My grade: B. Given the circumstances, I think I did okay. If anything, this challenge reminded me that I don’t always have to be lazy and drive; I DO have legs that work!!

Swapping paper cups for mugs: I’m not really one for buying coffee on the go; I always curl up to my cozy mug at home. Instead, I swapped this challenge for using reusable bottles of water instead of buying a plastic water bottle.

My grade: A-. I went the whole month with using my reusable water bottle. Now I just have to keep up with the habit!

Tips on leaving a greener lifestyle

Take the Tetra Pak Happiness Quiz:

My grade: Contained Contentment

“Basic happiness is your thing. You’ve got a lot going for you, including unrealized potential. If you don’t know what it is that will unlock your happiness, start with small things. Forty percent of happiness is determined by little things we do and think in daily life. By adopting a few new renewable lifestyle habits, like using less water, you’ll likely boost those happy feels.


When Tetra Pak conducted the world’s first social experiment to raise awareness about the importance of renewable materials, the results revealed that making a habit out of even minor renewable lifestyle choices that help preserve resources hints to greater happiness!

How YOU Can Live Sustainably

So there you have it, friends. Overall, this challenge reminded me of the importance of living green. I want to inspire you all to do the same! By changing just one simple habit, you can make a big impact on your life and the world around you! Whether you change how you get to work or simply make different choices at the grocery store, changing one habit can make a difference. Here are some small things you can do to live more eco-friendly:

-Choose products with renewable packaging
-Choose products with renewable materials -those made of natural resources that can be replenished such as paperboard from wood fiber or plastic sugar cane help preserve our precious natural resources
-Walk to work if possible
-Carpool with friends
-Trade in your vehicle for something more gas-effiecent
-Supporting fashion, foods, and other brands that either reuse material or give back

Tips on leaving a greener lifestyle

This adorable pencil pouch that I bought is actually made from recycled tarps and tents that have previously been and otherwise be thrown away. HOW NEAT IS THAT!!! I love supporting brands that support good causes.

Oh and in case you didn’t know, Tetra Pak cartons are mainly made from paper, a renewable resource that can be naturally replenished, which ultimately helps protect our planet’s limited supply of natural resources. I’m proud to partner with Tetra Pak today to spread their cause of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

Let me ask you- what simple things do YOU do to live green?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

  • Ashley Chase

    My one bad habit is taking really long showers, especially on the weekends. On the weekdays I am in and out fast but Saturday and Sundays I like to relax.

    • I totally feel you! Sometimes you just need one to unwind!! Thanks for stopping by. I loved your recent post!

  • I do alright on some of these. I bring my coffee from home each day, so I always use my own mug and we’re very good about recycling. I fail big time on the shower one. I am definitely a half hour shower kind of girl. I can’t help it! Even why I try to rush, I get out and realize I still took 20 minutes. I don’t know how you do it! I know I fail on the grocery one, because I’ve honestly never paid attention to that when shopping! As for biking and walking, I probably could do better. Technically my job is within biking distance (4 miles), but I’m usually wearing a skirt and heels and can’t afford to be a sweaty mess when I get to work! Definitely nothing like college where I would walk literally everywhere!

    • Yeah I think you should forgive yourself on the biking with heels thing! Otherwise, you’re rocking it, girl!

  • Karin Rambo

    I really love this! I used to be terrible at clothing purchases so I’ve committed to try my best to buy any new clothing secondhand!

    Karin |

    • That’s a great start! Thanks for reading!

  • I always use a reusable mug for my coffee (hot or iced). My iced cup just broke so i’m working on getting a new one (plus it saves me money from wanting to spend it at Starbucks – ha!). Right now my water usage is terrible though as I shower in the morning after my workouts and before work and have been taking nightly hot baths as part of the non-workout “sweat” portion of a cleanse I’m doing. I don’t have access to a sauna or hot tub, so this is the best I can do… :-/

    • You’re doing the best you can do! It seems that many people struggle with the long showers!

  • This is so much great info. I love these ideas. I try to do my part but hadn’t thought about some of these. I will be teaching my kids some of these ideas as well. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for implementing some of my ideas into your parenting! xo

  • This is a great challenge. I think I would find the grocery shopping to be the hardest too. I don’t get showers as often as I like because of the kids, so when I do, I sometimes take an extra long one. But, it’s not that often, so I think I’m OK. When it gets nicer out, we walk a lot too.

    • Yes, I think grocery shopping would definitely become the most difficult!! Don’t feel too guilty about the shower…it’s okay every once in a while!

  • Nicole Leith

    I’m going to share this with my sister who is an environmental science major. She’ll love it. We’ve done a really great job of taking our reusable grocery bags to the store and gotten rid of most of our plastic bags. I’m incredibly proud of that!

    • Good for you! That’s so awesome. And thanks for sharing with sis!

  • I’m with you on the showering. I keep my shower times down too, unless I need it for a headache or a bad day. :) And I use reusable water bottles.

    This sounds like a great project to really consider how green you’re living. :)

    • Thanks Crystal! It was a neat little challenge!

  • Lindsay Katherine

    Great post, girl! I have been starting to walk more places – well, okay, I’ve been talking more walks lately, but once place that I always go (Walgreens) and usually drive to, I’ve been walking. So that’s a win! Do you usually drink cow’s milk or almond milk?

    • It depends. For awhile I was only drinking almond milk but found that I needed dairy for cooking, so now I usually drink both because I’ll have dairy in the fridge. And dairy milk is SO much better to drink with spicy foods like tacos or Pizza 😀

  • I have homework to do! I am THE worst about showers, especially in the winters. I don’t want to get out. Add on that some days I take 3 :/ EEKS

    • Oh my goodness!! Well, at least you are aware!! Hehe.

  • Yay it looks like you did pretty good with the challenge! Congrats.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • Well done Chelsea! It’s not easy being green, it takes a lot of dedication.

    Outside of Little Goldfish, I’m actually an urban planner (well, I’ve got the piece of paper but haven’t started working as one yet). It was during my studies that I realised just how environmentally conscious I wanted to be (i.e. more than what I was already doing). I’m thankful that my husband has the same principles and philosophies that I do too.

    One of our major principles for living a more sustainable life is to buy used goods as a preference (i.e. furniture, clothing (though husband does have difficulties with this) accessories, other household goods, and so on and so forth.) Sitting here in our lounge room, the only things we have purchased brand new in the last 6 years are the printer (2014), our laptops (mine from 2012, Alex’s 2014) and Alex’s big desktop computer (which he got in 2011), and the coffee table (2016).
    My parents gifted us our TV brand new for Christmas in 2014 and our friends gifted us a BluRay player as a joint birthday present in 2013. If we hadn’t have received them as gifts, we’d have just made do with what we had.
    All of our lounge room furniture has been purchased second hand, or we brought to the relationship when we met, meaning that it is over six years old, so the cost of the item over time has definitely saved us money.

    Whatever we can’t sell on eBay or Gumtree (just like eBay but is Australian and has no fees at all) we donate to charity and op shops in the hope that someone else can get enjoyment and use from it.

    Isn’t almond milk delicious? I have found over the last few years that I feel quite ill after consuming cow’s milk so made the switch to almond milk. I’m not sure what kind of plastic your cow’s milk comes in but our plastic bottles are recyclable. Husband drinks milk like it goes out of fashion though so we can go through two or three bottles a week!

    Oh, and I took the Happiness Quiz. Turns out I am a greenie through and through, my result is Bountiful Bliss.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your green lifestyle choices xo

    • Aw Hollie! Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a thoughtful comment! I admire you for being so eco-friendly and green conscious! #goals. Looks like you do a wonderful job with it and enjoy your job! Also very cool that you took the Happiness quiz! I think I do alright but there is ALWAYS work that has to be done. And yes- almond milk is DELICIOUS…especially when it’s chocolate! 😉

      • CHOCOLATE ALMOND MILK! Why have I never thought of this!? Do you add cacao powder? I am so intrigued x

      • You can just buy it at the store! YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE FOREVS.

      • I use the Silk brand.

      • Man I have never seen it at our supermarkets. I might have to go to some health food stores and see if they have any. Mmmm…now all I want is choc almond milk.

  • It’s amazing how much the little choices can add up — especially when more people do them! I definitely need to start making more conscious choices. Dan always gets on my about leaving the water running when I brush my teeth; we were just talking about it last night! Haha. Thanks for breaking this down, girl!

    • I think we all have done that at some point!! Thanks for stopping by, Brittany!

  • Greta Hollar

    I admire you for challenging yourself and doing this! It sounds like you did great overall and you are continuing to challenging yourself to do better. Great job!

    Greta |

    • Thanks for stopping by, Greta! xo

  • CrazyShenanigans

    In California we have tons of reminders about being green! One thing is to unplug chargers when your not using them!

    • Yes, I know about that one!! And I actually do that…sometimes.

  • The water bottles is my challenge at the moment. I’m getting there.

  • Belle Vie A Deux

    Love this!!! I have switched to mugs for coffee when I am going out for it! I need to work on the shorter showers though, thanks for the awesome reminders!

    • Thanks for following along!

  • Neely

    I need to be better about living a greener lifestyle!

    • No kidding, I think we all do!! xo

  • I always make an effort to do this too! I started about 7 years ago and it’s gotten easier over the years! Love this post!

    • Yay!! Thanks for reading, doll!

  • Great cause! We all have to do our part for the environment.

  • I adore this, Chels and definitely want to take this challenge myself! So many great ideas for things you can do to live a greener lifestyle – I particularly need to work on biking/walking more!

    • I think you would really enjoy it, Emma! Thanks so much for stopping by!!