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The secret is out! These 15 daily practiced habits are imperative to a woman's success. Do you engage in these habits?

Happy International Women’s Day! Being a woman in this day and age is so liberating and beautiful. In celebration of our heritage, I thought I would share 15 healthy habits of successful women.

1.)  They prioritize

Successful women put first things first. They know what needs to be done and begin with the end in mind. Even if this means cutting back on less important things in order to get the job done, they have a clear vision of their goal and stick to it.

2.) They stay positive

Women who speak positively vs. negatively are much more likely to achieve their goals and stay focused. In fact, researchers have found that positive thinking results in enhancing your skill set to maintain and develop resources. Negative thinking is more likely to program your brain to keep options narrowed and refusing to see different options, resulting in less choices overall.

3.) They keep in touch with a mentor

I have researched so many successful women and found that many of them had one thing in common: they all had a mentor to look up to while rising to their success. Perhaps your boss, your yoga teacher, your professor; find a mentor and lean on them in times of need.

4.) They journal

Many successful women keep a journal to write down their thoughts about their work and life in general. There are many benefits to writing for leisure, including that you can track your goals and thoughts, and that journals help you improve your overall understanding and insight. Need to sort some thoughts out? Writing about it may be your first step.

5.) They balance work and self-care

Self-care is vital to prevent burn-out and keep an overall balance in one’s life. Successful women make time for themselves every single day to re-charge, whether it’s just a 10 minute bubble bath or a walk in the park with their husband and kids. Are you making time for yourself? If not, pencil yourself in like you would for all other clients. You are just as important as everybody else.

6.) They do not limit themselves to one solution

Understanding different viewpoints is critical for those in a leadership position. Be willing to think outside the box and do not limit your thinking to only one perspective. That will end up killing you down the road.

7.) They track their health

Whether it’s scheduling regular check-ups, a mammogram, or simply tracking their periods, successful women make time for their physical health.

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8.) They are skilled at communicating

Research has shown that communication is one of the most important, if not THE most important, skill to have in the work force ranked by many professionals. Women who are able to skillfully communicate with their employer, employees, clients, and acquaintances are more likely to go further than those who lack these skills. Think about how frustrating it is when you are forced to work with someone who is deemed “impossible” to work with. Don’t be one of those people.

9.) They are polite

Honestly, successful women are popular! Those who are genuinely kind and respectful to others are more likely to rise on the ladder because of their intelligence, communication skills, determination, and respect for all humanity. Bottom line: Be nice. It will take you far!

10.) They genuinely do what they love

I am a firm believer that you can’t be successful unless you are passionate about what you do. Successful women have a drive for their work. Things come easy to them because they live their dream and genuinely do what they love. “When you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

11.) They have confidence 

Half the battle is believing that you can do it. Successful women empower themselves by believing in themselves. If you don’t feel like you have confidence, don’t worry. I truly believe it is a skill that can be practiced and learned.

The secret is out! These 15 daily practiced habits are imperative to a woman's success. Do you engage in these habits?

12.) They are involved with their communities

People who give back their communities are much more likely to feel engaged at work, have a sense of purpose, and feel valued. If you need some ideas of how to get involved with your community, check out these ideas.

13.) They handle themselves maturely

Successful women are able to control their thoughts, feelings, and emotions towards others. Even if they don’t necessarily care for someone whom they work with, they respect that person and are able to work around their feelings. They never let their emotions control a situation. And if they do- (because life happens!) they apologize and handle things like an adult.

14.) They aren’t a door mat to others 

It can be tough to be a woman sometimes. Sadly, gender discrimination will always exist, and there will always be those who think that we aren’t capable of being leader. Don’t let anyone- whether it is a man or a woman- walk all over you. Stand your ground and know that you are smart, beautiful, and CAPABLE.

15.) They believe in the beauty of their dreams

Successful women don’t let anyone tell them that they can’t do something. They know that this is THEIR life for the taking, and that they are ultimately in control of their own destiny.


How are you going to celebrate International Women’s Day?



  • heather@swellcondition

    Great skills!! I do believe in balance and being positive – the rest just falls into place. Thanks and Happy Woman’s Day to you!!

    • Thanks for reading, Heather! xo

  • These are great points – I think I need to pick up a new personal journal and get back into jotting things down more. :)

    • I miss writing in my journal. Maybe I’ll start with you!!

  • Christine

    I have been meaning to start a journal. I know it really helps. After reading this it gives me inspiration to start tonight. This is a wonderful list and a reminder of some of the other habits I need to do.

    • A journal would be a wonderful idea, Christine! xo

  • I love these! Self care is just so important – you can’t get anything done properly if you’re running on empty. And polite people will always go far.

    • Yes!! We are sort of like cars; we need fuel unless we will be running on E!

  • This was so inspiring to read! I really do believe that nice girls finish first. :) I love your point about having a mentor. I think this is often overlooked or forgotten, and I wonder if it’s because our culture believes in the myth of overnight success. Having a woman in your life who has walked the road before you and can help guide you is CRITICAL.

    • It is so critical. I honestly look at you as a mentor because you are such an amazing writer!

  • Alexis Taylor

    Love this list! I love to journal every night – I recently switched up how i wrote my entries. I was sick of looking at these long paragraphs of me just rambling. Instead I now make little notes, lists of places I want to travel within the next year, weekly goals + if I accomplished them, funny quotes or jokes I heard, etc. For me, it has made the experience more enjoyable.

    • Aw I love this, Alexis! It’s awesome how you changed it up for what worked for YOU!

  • Great list! I’ve been so happy to see so many reminders about the importance of self-care that have been popping up in blogs lately. It’s so important and we really need to be reminded of that. :)

    • I know. I’m a huge advocate for it!! 😉

  • I love all of these! My biggest challenge is maintaining balance. Exercise helps a lot with that.

    • I think we all struggle with that at time, Willow. It’s a practice! You can do it!

  • Neely

    I love this post bookmarking it!

  • Love of all of these! PS- totally love those lace up shoes!

  • daniela_vaughan

    5.) They balance work and self-care

    This is my biggest weakness. I actually will use work as an excuse and stay late just so I don’t have to go to the gym. I think I’m substituting one positive thing for another, but it never works! I have learned that self care has to be a priority, no matter how guilty I may feel to make it so.

    • You got this girl. It’s time to put yourself first! xo

  • LOVE IT!

  • Really great points!

  • Lindsay Katherine

    I love all of this, and as always, you provided inspiration to me. I used to have a better grip on things in my life, but with my growing responsibilities, I sometimes feel overwhelmed and end up wasting a lot of time THINKING about being productive without actually being productive. I need to be more intentional about prioritizing, coming up with a plan, and just executing tasks one-by-one. I actually did that tonight though! yay! I had a big website to write that I’ve been putting off. In my head, I said I would do a few sections, then take a social media break. Then I rationalized that I could finish by end of week. But instead, I closed my tabs, focused, and just got it done! I love that you included being polite on your list. I’m so behind that.

    • Yay! I’m proud of you, Lindsay! I have the same struggle. It can be so hard to actually COMMIT to productivity when the task is actually at hand! Like today is my day off to catch up on stuff and I feel like I really haven’t done that much!

  • I definitely need to get more involved in my community. Love this post. It inspires me to better myself as a woman.

    • I’m so glad I could have inspired you! xo

  • This is the truth!

    11.) They have confidence

    Half the battle is believing that you can do it. Successful women empower themselves by believing in themselves. If you don’t feel like you have confidence, don’t worry. I truly believe it is a skill that can be practiced and learned.

    I love that one, it’s so true!

    Beautiful post!

    • Thanks for following along, Krista!

  • Bree Hogan

    Great post to celebrate International Women’s Day! Balancing work/self care continues to be the area that requires the most attention from me…whoops!

    • Same here, Bree! We can do this!

  • I’ve really come to learn the importance of #2 over the years!

    • Agreed. I used to be a pretty negative person but I changed my thinking in college and it made the world of a difference!

  • Love this! Great post, once again, Chelsea!!

  • Heather Gee Davis

    This is a great list and I love how many positive traits there are. Few people realize that being polite is important in being successful.

    • It truly is. The nice ladies cross the finish line first!

  • This is a great list! I’m still having problems with balancing my work and life, but other than that – I’m doing my best to follow most of these :)

    • All you can do is your best, lady! I’m rooting for ya!

  • Chrissa – Physical Kitchness

    So true! And they support themselves with other encouraging women. Those relationships are so so so important! Great post.

  • Love this! I love your posts that encourage us women to empower ourselves and each other.

    • Yes ma’am! We need to bring each other up, not down!

  • Inspiring! I have trouble finding balance, but it’s something I strive for every day.

    • I think we ALL do!!!! 😉

  • Love this inspiring post! Yes to staying positive no matter what! :)

  • This is wonderful and so true – all of it! I still try to find balance between family and job and finding time for myself, but I’m working on it!

    • Good for you, Chrissy! Best of luck in the future!

  • Karin Rambo

    Yes to the maturity point! You can’t be successful if you have not self awareness and I think that those two things go hand in hand.

    • Being self-aware is so key! :)

  • Leslie Soto

    This is such an inspiring post. All of these are wonderful tips but the one that really gets me is to keep in touch with a mentor. I’m not sure I can say that I have done that but it really gets me thinking about who I would even consider for that role. Maybe one of my old teachers, she’s always super supportive of everything I do!

    • Totally. And I bet she would be honored to be your mentor!

  • Thank you for this! These are so accurate and definitely what I strive for on the daily.

    • Glad I could inspire you! xo

  • I love this! There are definitely a few of these I need to continue to work on, but what an excellent reminder!

  • Samantha

    This is so great, and all wonderful points. It’s especially important to keep track of our health and indulge in some self care. And every woman should absolutely believe in their dreams!

    • Totally agreed. Girl power!! 😉

  • When you are successful, a lot of these come naturally. Work on them all and see where you can be. Thanks for this inspiring post.

    • Completely agree. Thanks so much for stopping by, Sandy!

  • Loved this post :)
    I definitely love hearing about others best practices to be the best they can be.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Thanks for reading, Jenny! xo

  • Great list! Having mentors and taking care of myself have been so beneficial for me. I suffer from depression and anxiety and it makes it so challenging some days to get my work done and motivate myself to do what I have to do. I think the only reason I’m as successful as I am is because I surround myself with positivity and good people and take the time to focus on myself when needed.

    • Surrounding yourself around positive people is SO crucial. i’m proud of you for taking this step and for taking time for yourself! I’m wishing you all the best! xo

  • This is such a beautiful post. I love see a post with more than three to five habits. You totally nailed it with 15. For me self care and believing in my dreams are huge. I’ll definitely be taking even more of these habits on after this post!

    • Those are my top two I think as well!!! :) So cool, Emma!

  • Prioritization is KEY. We have sooooo much going on all the time, and we cannot do it all at the same time! It’s so essential to break it down and really discern what’s most important. And LOVE Monthly Gift! <3

    Coming Up Roses

    • Prioritization is really SO key. (: Glad you can agree!

  • I think that staying positive is key! The road to success feels really long on some days so it’s importannt to remain positive and to believe that it will happen at some point!

    • Totally. Thanks for reading, Emilie!!

  • I love this post and it’s totally true. Staying positive helps achieve success!

    • Glad you enjoyed this post, Lana!! xo

  • Beautiful ideas for successful woman. I know that I do most all of these and feel successful. Journalling is something I totally believe and want to do, but rarely keep it up. I will keep trying. Right now, instead of a journal I am using my planner for bullet journalling and it is sort of working.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m so happy for you!! I feel like I don’t necessarily journal all of the time, but I am a very mindful person, and my blog is sort of like my journal at times!