One of the first blog posts I ever wrote for Inspiration Indulgence was 7 Places in America to Travel to in 2015. This post was my first hit, and I still smile when I come across it because it was a tribute of all of the awesome places I traveled to in 2014.

Well, I’m back at it! I am a firm believer that it is healthy to reflect back on the past; to look at growth, progress, and change. I think journaling and reflecting is a great way to practice thankfulness and appreciation. Essentially, this blog does act as a journal for me. This past Monday I wrote how 2015 has been quite the year for me, and today, I’ve reviewing my year in terms of my favorite travel moments! Hope you enjoy my memories and pictures! :)

1.) Getting engaged on top of the North Bubble point in Acadia National Park, Maine


Honestly, it was a beyond perfect day. I’ll never forget the proposal as long as I live. It was such a special moment. You can read about the proposal more in detail here.

2.) Seeing Times Square for the first time


This was probably one of the most exciting moments of my life. NYC was everything I imagined it would be- loud, crowded, insane, and larger than life!

3.) Doing the Maid of the Mist Tour at Niagara Falls


Talk about adventure! Niagara Falls itself was stunning but getting up close to the Falls was priceless.

4.) Having our Duck break down on the Boston Duck Tour…LOL


Dirty Waters was majorly freaking out.

5.) Going on the Chair Lift ride on the Jersey Shore


It shore was awesome. (I know, I’m not funny at all).

6.) Exploring Maine with my love


This day was so special. I was so excited to finally be in Maine, a place I had dreamed of visiting for so long. It was fun just to explore the shore side of Acadia National Park with Trevor and enjoy some quality time together.

7.) The hardcore #strugglefest of getting a picture by the West Virginia state sign in our 50 State Sign Challenge


Read about this hilarious story here.

8.) Traveling by horse-drawn carriage throughout Mackinac Island


The entire island was without auto transpiration! (With the exception of emergency vehicles).

9.) Experiencing the Top of the Rock in NYC


The view was second to none.

10.) Getting 14 additional states for our 50 State Sign Challenge

(Obviously I only pictured 12 in this collage.) Our total is now at 33 states! Think we can knock them out in 2016?

11.) Seeing the White House in Washington D.C.


12.) Visiting Fenway for a Red Sox game


Being sports fanatics, we love visiting new stadiums and ballparks. We had such a blast at Fenway, even if the Red Sox lost to the Yankees.

13.) Cuddling up to watch the sun rise on the beach in Seaside Heights, New Jersey


We got up at 5am, bought some cheap gas station coffee, hoped the closed entrance gate, layed down a blanket and watched the sunrise. It was just one of those moments that was really sentimental.

14.) Visiting the Bean in Chicago


I just realized that I never blogged about this weekend getaway! Chicago is my absolute favorite city and we had a blast exploring the city last February.

15.) Exploring Minneahaha Falls, Minnesota

This past February (when we actually had snow!!) we drove to Minnesota and visited the goregous, iced over Minneahaha Falls. Trevor found this hidden gem back when he used to attend the University of Minnesota.

These were my top traveling moments of 2015! I was unbelievably blessed to have visited so many amazing places this year. I truly never took one single second for granted. It’s been a dream to travel this beautiful country with my soulmate, and I’m excited to see where we will journey to in the future! Have you traveled anywhere note worthy this year? Leave me a comment below!


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  • Love seeing all of these travel places and reading all of the fun times! I had to giggle about the Boston Duck breaking down as a friend had that happen to her also!! AND Congratulations (again!!) on your engagement! What a beautiful day!! Thanks for sharing all of your adventures with us!! Can’t wait to see where your travel adventures lead you in the upcoming year! Do you have any plans for any place special?

    My favorite place that I traveled to this past year was definitely Maine (specifically Kennebunkport! ( and the Portland Light House (

    Thank you again for sharing your adventures!! :)
    Blessings, Rebecca :)

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Rebecca! We are actually going to Florida in January. I’m so excited!!

  • You had such awesome adventures in 2015! CONGRATS on your engagement, your ring is gorgeous!! And I went to college in Boston, and we’d always do duck tours when my family came to visit. So fun.

    • That tour was a blast! I would LOVE to do it again. Thank you so much!

  • Neely

    Pretty hard to top an engagement! Your ring is stunning!

  • What an exciting year of adventures! Congrats on your engagement!

    • Thank you so much, Allison!

  • Wow, your pictures are seriously gorgeous and what a great year! Acadia National Park is definitely on my wish list of places to visit.

    • You would love it, Cara!! Thank you so much :)

  • I really hope you knock out a ton more next year and even maybe go back to some states to explore more! As a student, my schedule really doesn’t allow me to travel much, so I love looking through all your beautiful pictures! (:

    • Ever thought of traveling abroad?! 😉

  • Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    How is Niagara Falls? It’s on our bucket list. I love the state signs- we are both at right about the same number of states :) Great pics!

    • It’s absolutely stunning. You NEED to see it! And how cool is that?! I’m pretty sure I’ve read one of your posts about that!

  • Congratulations on your engagement! And wow, that’s a lot of travelling! I live in Canada, and it’s one of my dreams to travel across it.

    • And it’s one of my dreams to travel Canada!!

  • It is so cool that you’ve gotten to go to all of those places. I never really go anywhere, and you did all of that in a year. That is impressive!
    North Carolina needs to be next!

    • RIGHT!!! But seriously, I’ve been wanting to visit the Carolinas forever!

  • Christy Fleener

    Love the photos! Looks like you traveled a lot this year! New York is definitely on my bucket list and Maine is too! I love the 50 State Sign Challenge Idea!

    • Thank you, Chisty! That’s our “Thing” together, those state signs :)

  • Looks like you had an awesome year of traveling this year! I would say number one would be my number one too! I went to Fenway for the first time this year! My fiance and I try to hit a new ballpark and hockey arena each year!

    • I LOVE Fenway!!! We only spent two days in Boston ….I would love to go back!

  • Oh my gosh, you look like you had a lot of fun this past year! I’m jealous of all of your travels. Congrats on the engagement too!

    • Thank you so much, Kristin!

  • Leslie Soto

    Wow! You did a lot of traveling and have some gorgeous pictures to show for it! I’m in love with the one from Seaside Heights! I love your challenge of taking pics by the state sign of all 50. Have fun travels in 2016!

    • Thank you so much Leslie! We sure have fun with it! xo

  • Samantha

    Wow! You have been to a lot of places – a lot of these are on my bucket list… Great post xoxo

    • Thanks Samantha! My fiance and I LOVE to travel :)

  • I just want to travel to all these places after reading this. Congrats on the engagement! xo
    Jess from

    • Thank you so much, Jess!! xo

  • The Gastronom

    Looks like you had some wonderful places to visit! Hope your 2016 is just as exciting!

  • Lindsay Katherine

    I love revisiting your travel posts! Each one I read next I deemed my favorite – I cannot decide what is best. I think you getting engaged takes the cake, but I also really love the Mackinac trip because it makes me nostalgic from my trip there. I’d love to go back.

    • I forgot you went there, Lindsay!! It was so much fun- also because it was a girls trip 😛

  • Sounds like so much fun. You guys like to travel just as much as we do. So many memories can be made on the road. Hope you knock out the rest of the states in 2016!

    • That’s awesome! Where do you guys all like to travel to?

  • Looks like you had a good year :) can’t wait to see where you go next!

  • Cynthia @craftoflaughter

    What a great year! I’ve been to many of those places but not in a year! HA

  • Looks like you had a fab year of travel and memories!

    • Thanks so much, Rachel! We had so much fun!

  • Shann Eva

    I’m happy to see that I’ve been to a lot of these places, but oh so long ago. Sounds like you had a great year. Your ring is absolutely gorgeous, and I love your State challenge.

    • Thank you so much, Shann! I really appreciate your support! We have fun together :)

  • Belle Vie A Deux

    How awesome! I have never been to or heard of that Island in Michigan and pinned it for my bucket list! Love it! Cant wait to see your travels next year!

    • Thanks for pinning! You would LOVE Mackinac Island 😉

  • It looks like you had so many wonderful travels this year :)
    Here’s to many more in 2016!

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Thank you so much, Jenny!

  • Great pictures! Hope you have more amazing trips in 2016!

    • Thank you so much, Clare!

  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    It looks like you had such an awesome year of travel! Lots of places that are on my list to travel to :)

    • Thank you so much, Becky! I was truly blessed to have such a great year :)

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    You had an awesome year! I really like your 50 state sign challenge!

  • You have had so many great adventures! I can see why your #1 is #1! Congratulations!:)

    • Hehe 😉 Thanks for the support, Branson!

  • These are all so fun! I love seeing people travel the US. There’s so much fun, beautiful stuff to see here but I get so caught up in trying to plan expensive, overseas trips that I forget about all the closer places in the states we could visit. I’ll have to check some of these out! :)

    • That’s our motto :) That there is beauty everywhere, even close to home! I forgot to put on the list that we visited KC for a Kenny Chesney concert! Too bad I didn’t know you back then!!

  • A busy year for sure! Acadia is one of my favorite places in all the world, and we visit Seaside Heights each year. Awesome!

    • Really?! SO awesome that you’ve been to both places! You must be from the East Coast?

  • Melody Pittman

    I enjoyed your travels of 2015 very much! Being FROM WV, I completely understand the issue with the state sign. Hilarious though. LOL I think getting engaged was your best day and you make a gorgeous couple. Congrats!

    • Aw <3 Thank you SO much, Melody!!! Yes, it was certainly a debacle LOL!!!

  • Christine Martinez

    I absolutely loved this post. I wish I could travel more. National Parks are my boyfriend and I’s big thing. I would to visit Acadia National Park. It’s beautiful. Next year our list consist of Sturgis, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, and maybe redo our Sequoia Trip (we went tent camping and it snowed. I packed 1 pair of pants haha). Congrats on your engagement too 😀

    • That’s awesome!!! Yellowstone is a DREAM of mine to go to. <3

  • You visited some awesome places! It makes me totally jealous! <3 How wonderful that you were able to get engaged while traveling! <3

    • Thank you so much, girl! Traveling is our “Thing” so it only made sense that it happened while traveling 😉