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Travel in style the #VeraBradley way

How many of you when leaving to travel throw on some yoga pants, plop your hair up on top of your head, and hit the road? It’s only the airport or a few gas stations, right? You’re never going to see these people again!

Tsk tsk. I’ve been guilty a time or two of this: The Curse of the Travel Slob. Yes, I’ve been there and done that. I’m totally not bashing wearing sweats; trust me- the minute I get home from work or school I immediately whip off my bra and jump in the baggiest pair of sweats I own. I’m all about being comfy and cozy!

But friends, there is a difference between being cozy-cute and being a slob. When you travel, keep in mind that you are representing where you are from to other people you meet.

Life is too short to be anything but fabulous.


Are you traveling over the holidays? If so, make sure you are traveling in style!

I’ll show you how I’m #TravelingInStyle this upcoming January for my next trip!

I recently partnered with the Vera Bradley travel line, and I COULD NOT be more excited about this opportunity! Seriously, this line pairs together my two favorite things: travel and fashion! I’m completely OBSESSED with this Alpine Floral large duffel bag. It is made of lightweight quilted cotton, so it’s soft to the touch and totally cute at the same time!

Trevor and I will be driving down to Florida in a few weeks for a warm getaway with another couple, and I’m totally pumped to be traveling in style with this gorgeous bag. The colors are so bright and fun; they match my playful and energetic personality!

Travel in style the #VeraBradley way Travel in style the #VeraBradley way Travel in style the #VeraBradley way Travel in style the #VeraBradley way Travel in style the #VeraBradley way

I’ve never had anything but black luggage before, so this is really a change-up for me! I’m feeling a bit guilty that for all I have traveled before, it took me this long to look cute while doing so!

If you are doing some holiday traveling and want to vamp up your travel style, I encourage you to check out these cute Vera Bradley travel essentials. Vera Bradley WILL become your new BFF! I am just in SO much love with Vera Bradley because they are SO unique, creating iconic designs and versatile styles that offer women a colorful way to accessorize. I can express myself with the variety of colors all while being comfortable at the same time!

Travel in style the #VeraBradley way

Thanks to Vera Bradley, this cute duffel bag is my new favorite travel essential! While traveling, what can you absolutely not live without?! What is your travel style? Leave me a comment below!

Photos by Haylee Helmle 


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  • Ashley Chase

    I have always loved Vera Bradley and I really love that print!! I always say I am not going to wear sweats when traveling and go all the way to pick out a comfortable but cute outfit and half the time I end up ditching the cute outfit and going for the sweats!

    • It’s hard not to…it’s SO much easier to be comfy!

  • Lynda@fitnessmomwinecountry

    Chelsey, I am not familiar with Vera Bradley. Cute travel wear. I love the ice skates on your door. Where those yours at one time?

    • Thanks for the compliment! The porch is actually my future mother-in-law’s…she does all the fabulous decorating :)

  • Candy Kage

    Haven’t seen this good looking travel bag from Vera Bradley. Will be doing some traveling. Might as well look good when I do travel.

  • I was given a Vera Bradley duffel back in college and it literally became my go to bag for EVERYTHING. At the time it served primarily as a means to lug my dance stuff around, but every break I used it as my carry on. Even now, almost four years after receiving the bag the duffel is still my go to for weekend trips. My only regret is that I never bought things that match and now that print is long gone. Maybe it’s time for a brand new set?!

    Happy Holidays,

    • Totally- you need a brand new set!! 😉

  • Greta Hollar

    Such a fab jet set girl!

  • Paige Allison

    OMG, you’re my soulmate! I CANNOT STAND IT when people travel in sweats! Why are you out in public like that?! You are not on your couch; you are in public. Put some jeans on, put on a sweater, and have some pride in yourself. The last flight I was on I saw a woman in slippers – yes, slippers! – and stared at her with an open mouth. For real lady?

    And a girl cannot go wrong with Vera Bradley. They’re so roomy and fit in overhead compartments well!

    • LMAO!! “Have some pride in yourself!” I just died.

      Slippers is a BIT excessive.

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    Vera Bradley has some beautiful prints! I usually travel with a rolling bag and then a carry-on similar to yours! I put all of my magazines, books and laptop in it so I am kept busy during the flight.

  • Love this bag :)
    I normally throw on leggings, a top and a cardi to travel so I don’t look sloppy but I am still comfortable.
    xoxo, Jenny

    • Sounds cute and cozy to me!

  • Sabrina Fox

    I have been in love with Vera Bradley since I saw one of my middle school teachers have a bag of hers!
    When I’m traveling I absolutely need a comfy pair of leggings or pajamas for the drive, and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS my hair styling things and straightener.

    • Love your travel essentials! I always need my straightener as well.

  • I love your Vera Bradley duffle!! My mom has one similar & I really want one for the next time we travel. And I agree with you– gotta travel cute& comfy!

  • Shann Eva

    Great bag! I admit that I’m a travel slob. I’m always in comfy pants, no make-up, and hair pulled back. But, I’d definitely step up my game in the baggage department :)

    • Hey like I said Shann….there is NO judgement!!!

  • I LOVE Vera Bradley! That duffle is too cute! I like the print.

  • I always get dressed for the airport. I hate looking sloppy, and that includes ugly bags! Traveling is terrible enough :) Very cute bag!

  • love love love Vera Bradley! And I was so excited when I got accepted for this campaign too!!! (: (:

    • Aw good for you, girl!!! Have fun with it!!

  • What a fun bag! I love bright and cheery bags – it makes travelling that much better! 😉

    • Completely agreed! Just puts me in a better mood!

  • That bag is adorable! I need something like it for a carry-on!

  • Girl – loving your style! I’d love that bag as a carry on!

  • I love that print! Vera Bradley bags are a classic!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress.
    I personally have never really been into Vera Bradley, but I will say I’ve seen some stuff I liked more recently. I like the way they make their bags.

    • Thanks girl! I just love the colors :)

  • Ashley

    I am doing a blog post on Vera Bradley as well this weekend. I loved reading yours!
    XO, Ashley |

    • Aw thank you so much!! Have fun with it! :)

  • So cute! I am all about large and stylish duffle type bags for travel. Adding it to my list! Love the porch decor btw!

    • Thanks Angie! This was actually at my future mother-in-law’s! She does a fabulous job decorating!

  • adriana nudo

    I LOVE the duffle you picked! I can’t wait to share mine tomorrow! 😀 It matches your oh so gorgeous dress too! <3

    • Thank you so much, girl!!! Send me a link when your post is live:D

  • I always travel with my Vera large duffel! It’s been an essential of mine for years now. I love the pattern on yours!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Thank you so much, girl!! xo