The best and the worst of 2015 in pop culture and my personal life

Can you believe 2015 is drawing to a close?!  I can’t! Whether you loved it or hated it, you have to admit that 2015 was quite eventful. Today, I’m narrowing down the best and the worst of 2015, both in terms of pop culture/world events and my personal life. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the year in review.

*Keep in mind that when talking about political issues or current events, these are just my personal opinions! Let’s remember to be respectful of each others’ beliefs; it is what makes this world a beautiful place.

The World in Review

The best //

(Photo source: National Geographic)

Humans of New York blog exploded, and continues to inspire people all over the world daily.
-Liquid water was found on Mars.
-Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook who is currently worth $45 billion, vowed to donate 99% of his Facebook shares to charity after the birth of his first child. Talk about generous!
-The Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is a constitutional right.
-Adele is BACK and better than ever!
-NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft gives researchers an up-close look at Pluto.
-Discrimination against pregnancy: In Young v. United Parcel Service, the Supreme Court found that UPS had discriminated against one of its drivers, Peggy Young, who was pregnant.
-Sean and Catherine announced they are having a baby. Love them!!!
-After American Sniper was released in December 2014 and broke box-office records with over $107 million the first weekend, the film did a stunning job in showing Americans what our servicemen and woman do overseas.
-Take that Abercrombie & Fitch: The Supreme Court decided that Samantha Elauf was not required to make a specific request for a religious accommodation to wear a hijab when applying for a position at a children’s clothing store owned by the company.

The worst //

Police examine the scene of the San Bernandino shooting. (Photo source: Business Insider)

-The rise of mass shootings, most particularly in Paris and San Bernardino.
-The white/gold dress debate. WHO THE HELL CARES!!!
-Donald Trump’s racist comments about Mexicans and Muslims. Racism isn’t cool.
-The Human Centipede III was released. What kind of sick individual makes this crap?!
-The social media phenomenon of teenage girls sticking their lips into a shot glass and sucking the air out of the glass, creating plump lips….and stitches. The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge exploded. Can we all just love ourselves for who we are?
-The year of celebrity divorces: Just to name a few, Blake & Miranda, Gwen & Gavin, Ben & Jennifer, Kaley Cuoco & Ryan, Halle Berry & Olivier, Hilary Duff & Mike…ugh. Is there hope in the unity of marriage?
-Our nation is currently being divided over the Syrian refugee crisis.
-Peaceful protests became violent after Freddie Gray’s death. Can’t we protest in peace?!
-Kim and Kanye named their second child Saint. Like, seriously? Poor North.
-The Starbucks Red Cup debacle. C’MON PEOPLE. GET A LIFE.

My Personal Year in Review

The best //


-I got engaged!
-I bought my first big-girl car.
-I branded Inspiration Indulgence and started making an income.
-I got accepted into grad school and started my Master’s program in professional counseling.
-I interviewed Brittney Kelley, my fashion icon and wife of Florida Georgia Line’s Bryan Kelley.
-I started nannying for a wonderful family that changed my life.
-I traveled to NYC.
-I finished my home office.
-We crossed off 14 states on our 50 State Sign Challenge during our East Coast road trip.
-I was Maid of Honor in one of my best friends’ wedding.
-I met so many amazing bloggers all over the world who continue to inspire me daily.

The worst //

(Photo source: USA Today)

-My favorite Packer player, Jordy Nelson, was injured in preseason and out for the whole season.
-I started following Kylie Jenner on Snapchat. What is becoming of my life?
-I said goodbye to the little sweeties I nannied for full time. (Although they are still in my life, it’s hard not to see them daily. :( )
-I realized that I am habitual in wishing my life away, and I need to stop this thinking.
-I hardcore slacked on working out this year compared to the year before. After I graduated college, I found myself making lots of excuses to get active. 2016 will be the year of no excuses.

I’m not just saying this, but 2015 was the best year of my life thus far. SO many big things happened for me…2016 will be hard to beat, that’s for sure!!

Overall, what do you think were the highest and lowest points of 2015? How would you rate your year overall? Leave me a comment below!


  • Klipdrifters Trail

    Great post, actually forgot about some of these events, feel like they were much longer ago.

    • Right! Especially the gold/white dress thing!

  • Congratulations on your engagement and yes, it’s been an eventful year – all the best for a wonderful 2016!!

  • Sarah Green

    Congratulations on your engagement! What and exciting time! Was the dress thing really this year?

    We’ve certainly had some ups and downs this year as a society.

    • I know! Seems like it was such a long time ago!

  • Oh god I’m curious to follow Kylie on snapchat but no. I can’t do it! Also I definitely saw Human Centipede on Netflix and freaked out. I can’t believe that.

    • If you follow her…you will begin to question your life decisions. Just don’t. lol

  • Hahahahahahah the worsts are actually kind of hilarious… I mean who tries to plump their lips with a shot glass?! And that dress is definitely gold 😉 but WHO CARES! Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkk engaged?! I bet you are thrilled! Congratulations – I cannot wait to read abouT the planning :)

    • I know!! Those people are batshit nuts! And thanks girl!!

  • Still excited about your engagement! This year really has been eventful in so many ways! Although you started your blog last December, it was really cool seeing your blog grow exponentially in front of my eyes (:

    • Aw thanks Amanda! And right back at you! Both of our blogs have grown so much together (: Couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Sabrina Fox

    Thanks so much for sharing! Your comment about following Kylie on IG made me laugh because my sister adores her. :p Congrats on your engagement! There IS hope in the unity of marriage. 😉

    • LOL. I can’t help but creep on her but then I feel weird how poor I am compared to her! lol

  • Congrats on your engagement and all the exciting things that happened in 2015. That’s awesome! I’d have to say that for me 2015 was a really mixed year, but at the end all I can think is that life is good, so that’s a good thing. :)

    • I like that attitude!! Life is good . :)

  • Shann Eva

    Great post! I loved reading both Best/Worst in the World and your World. Sounds like you had an awesome year. I really hope 2016 brings more peace, and less silliness in the World.

    • Thanks Shann! It was a great year, but I feel not for society as a whole. The mass shootings are freaking me out.

  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    Sounds like you had a pretty fantastic 2015… here’s to hoping 2016 is even better!

    • Thank you so much, Becky!!

  • Denay DeGuzman

    Congratulations on your engagement! What an awesome 2015. Many warm wishes are sent your way for continued happiness, success and prosperity in 2016.

    • Thank you so much, Denay <3

  • You found some accurate bests and worsts there. Congrats on the engagement!

  • 2015 has been a year of ups and downs for me, but its been a difficult year for the world. I hope 2016 is a lot better.
    xoxo, Jenny

    • I agree. It has been a difficult year for the world. Praying for more peace <3

  • Congrats on getting engaged! Sounds like 2015 was a pretty good year! So hard to wrap it up all in one post!

    • Thank you so much!! Agreed. I liked writing this post because it showed me how blessed I am. Thank you. <3

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    Congratulations on your engagement! I’m sure next year will be bringing even more “Best” moments!! :)

    • Thank you so much for your kindness, Dana! xo

  • Congrats on your engagement! I love this post, so much to look back on! I love the Humans of New York amazing! Thanks for sharing!


    • Valerie- I’m OBSESSED with HONY…Brandon (the creator) inspires me daily and blows my mind. People are amazing!

  • Well I’d say getting engaged is one thing that’ll etch 2015 into the books! But the Packers this year…oh boy. Haha.

    • Yes….blahhhhh don’t get me started!

  • Your list is pretty much spot on as far as the highs and lows of the world goes. As far as your personal highs and lows, CONGRATS on the engagement. What an exciting time in your life. Don’t worry about the working out thing….you weren’t alone. lol Have a great week!

    • LOL. Thanks girl!! Hoping this year is better for us both on the work out train!!

  • Love the ability we all have to reflect on the year. Blogging makes it so easy to do too! Congratulations on your engagement, and I wish you all the best as you meander into the wonders of a new year. :)

    • Aw thank you so much, Julia!! xo

  • I can definitely see how 2015 was an especially epic year for you! I feel like it was a bit of a challenging year for me–filled with adventures, but also major challenges at times. I’m looking forward to see what 2016 has to bring!

    • Aw I’m sorry to hear that it had its challenges, Rachel! That just must mean that 2016 has some amazing things in store for you. :) xo

  • Love your pop culture ones :) Humans of New York has been one of my favorite things to follow too! I’d say getting engaged is a pretty stinking fun event to happen in 2015. Congrats again about that! Can’t wait to follow along with your wedding planning :) Here’s to lots more fun in 2016!

    • Thank you so much Lauren! I’m obsessed with HONY. I seriously cry every time I read a story. They are heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time.

  • Jennyb

    Excellent review. I’d forgotten half those things.

  • Alissia Haggard

    Great look back! 2015 was a year of learning and forward motion- very excited to see what 2016 brings. Congrats on grad school!

    • Thank you so much, Alissia! xo

  • Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    Way to go on the state signs! We are right around 20 on ours I think! Love this idea of “the best and worst” so much. You nailed it! And congrats on the engagement- that is so so fun and exciting :)

    • Aw thank you Kelsie! I love that you’re doing the state signs as well!!

  • This is an awesome roundup post of what’s been going on this year. I especially love the Mark Zuckerberg story. It’s awesome how he’s allowing both males and females the same amount of paid maternity leave; all companies should be following his footsteps!

    ♡ Julia |

    • I know. He is a shining example of humanity.

  • Neely

    Major congrats on the car and engagement! Also love Mark Z! What a great guy!

    • Thank you so much, Neely!

  • Great picks! Congrats on the car and engagement. Welcome to adult hood. Boo.. run! Run now! Lol. I will agree with you on the worse things happening in the world. But I love the whole space – Pluto and Mars happening! So exciting!

    • Thank you girl!! Adulthood isn’t so bad sometimes 😉

  • I love reflecting back on the past year, it’s such a great reminder of accomplishments, experiences, and where there’s room to grow!
    Congrats on getting engaged, I got engaged this year too!

    • That’s awesome, congrats!! Did you guys set a date yet?

  • You have so many positives to reflect on this year. Here’s to an even better 2016 for you! XO

    • Aw thank you so much sweetie! You as well!! xo

  • Lindsay Katherine

    I appreciate your general year in review because it can be hard to keep track of and remember everything! I most enjoyed your personal review though; I loved revisiting your engagement story, and I love all your pictures.

    • Thanks girl ! I almost wasn’t going to do a personal one but then I thought what the heck