Happy birthday Inspiration Indulgence (3)

To my dear readers:

Today Inspiration Indulgence officially turns one year old!!

I just want to say that I can’t thank all of you enough for reading my writing and following me along on this crazy journey. Starting a blog changed my life, and I am forever grateful for the people I have met along the way and the lessons I have learned. When I got the idea of starting a blog, I had no idea that it would be so therapeutic and joyful for me. Each and every single person I have met along this journey has been a blessing to me. Sometimes, I STILL can’t believe that people actually read this blog!

The story behind the blog

A year ago from today, I was getting ready to graduate college. I started Inspiration Indulgence as a form of procrastination and as a creative outlet. (You could say my motivation for my schoolwork was nonexistent at this point!) I wasn’t really sure what I wanted my blog to be about, but I knew that I wanted to touch people’s lives and encourage them to be a better person. Thus, Inspiration Indulgence was born. I originally focused on food, travel, fashion, and self-improvement topics, and slowly integrated other fun topics such as party-planning, wedding planning, and decor. Recently, I’ve taken to vamp up my fashion portion of my blog, and I’m having a blast with it!

I was originally afraid to tell my family and friends about my blog. My blog was very personal to me and I didn’t want to feel judged. What if they didn’t like my writing? What if they thought this whole thing was stupid? I originally had a lot of insecurities about opening up to others. I even contemplated quitting my blog for quite some time. But I found that the more I blogged, the more I found peace and comfort in my own words. I even found that the more vulnerable I was with my writing, the more it has actually helped others.

Wow. That’s why it’s all worth while to me.

If you are curious, throughout the past 12 months, here were my top five most popular posts, in terms of sharing and pageviews!

A Letter to You When You’re Feeling Insecure
How to Be Happy During a Rough Time
10 Tips for Successfully Living With Your Partner
7 Places in America to Travel to in 2015
What 25 Brides Would Have Done Differently On Their Wedding Day

Okay…this blows my mind. This year, Inspiration Indulgence reached over 118,500 unique visitors!!

Wow. Honestly, I can’t even fathom that so many of you choose to hang out with me in your spare time! To celebrate and as a token of thanks, I pulled my own money together and bought a $35 Target gift card to give away to one lucky reader.

*Target, Instagram, and Facebook are not affiliated and/or involved with this promotion in any way.

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Again, I can’t thank you enough for all of your support, love, and well-wishes throughout the year. I do my best to treat my readers like my family. If it weren’t for you, Inspiration Indulgence would not be as successful as it is today.

All my sincere love.


  • Happy birthday!! Awesome job on your blog, keep it up girl!

    • Thanks so much Jill! You are so amazing and I appreciate all of your support!!! <3

  • Congrats Chelsea!! I’ve loved reading your blog ever since I came across it.

    • Aw thank you so much, sweetie! I appreciate you as a reader so much!

  • Happy Blog anniversary!

  • Congrats on year one! :) And thanks for the giveaway!

    • You’re welcome! Best of luck!

  • Shirley Wood

    Congratulations on your first year of blogging! That is awesome! Awesome Giveaway too. I agree with you about being vulnerable with writing, so true. Blogging is really a bold step to take!

    • So true! It was scary at first, but I’m so happy I took the plunge :)

  • Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    So AWESOME! Congrats girl, you are just rocking it!

  • Happy Blogaversary! That is awesome!

  • Happy Blogiversary! Super exciting! I love your blog, and I can attest to the fact that you’re posts are so inspirational and really resonate with me.

    • Aw thank you Erin! I love your blog too! It’s one of the first ones I read each week :) Your posts are so inspiring and helpful as well!

  • I’m always eager to learn how people actually start their own blogs. Kudos for taking a leap and trying out other waters like fashion… Congrats on your first full year of blogging… procrastinators… unite. …tomorrow. ish. maybe?

    Good luck with the give away. I’d enlist, but they took Target away from Canada. SOB!! :(

    Ahem. Good luck!!

    • Are you serious?! WHY would they do such a horrific thing?!! And thank you so much for reading!!! I’m procrastinating on this years’ finals as we SPEAK!!

  • Happy blogiversary!! Keep doing the amazing work you do. :)

    • Thanks so much Jasmine! xo

  • Happy blogiversary, dear girl! <3

  • Lindsay Katherine

    Congratulations on your success. You truly are an inspiration, and your blog is a safe haven, a place for smiles, laughs, and beauty. Thanks for putting together your own giveaway!!

    • Aw Lindsay!! Right back at you, pretty girl!

  • Aw, lovely! Happy birthday to your blog-we’re so glad you joined us here in the blogging community. ♥

    • Aw thank you so much Angie <3

  • Alissia Haggard

    Love this! So excited for you and to see where you go in 2016! :)

  • Congratulations and much more to come!

  • Eeeeek! Congratulations Chelsea! I completely understand how a blog can change your life and am so happy that blogging brought us together! (:

    • I know you share my same joy :) I’m so happy blogging brought you to me as well <333333

  • Blogging is so much fun and congratulations on your blogging anniversary! I am in finals right now and I can feel ya on the lack of motivation you had when you originally created this (look at the awesomeness it made though!!).

    • Bahahah! I’m still doing finals! i’ll be in school forever.Best of luck girl!

  • It’s so fun to see how you’ve grown your blog and your readership this year! You are rocking it and I learn so much from how you run your blog, your social media strategies, and just your heart to see people grow and learn to love themselves. I’m glad to be one of your readers! :)

    • Oh my gosh, you just made me tear up! thank you so much for the heartfelt comment! I feel the same about you. I always look up to you and your blog! You are so genuine an honest in your writing…something I am always working to improve.

  • Rose Mont

    Congrats! Now that you can look back at how far you have come and all your accomplishments any words of wisdom to pass on? What would you do different or what have you learned?

    • Thank you so much! Hmm, great question! I have learned that it’s so important to be genuine to readers. Admit your faults, your mistakes. Be vulnerable. Open your heart and the true readers will stay. I’ve also learned not to take it to heart if someone unfollows you on social media or discontinues reading your blog. It just means your styles didn’t match up! xo

  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    Congrats on one year! Those are some amazing page view numbers. I wish you continued success in blogging!

    • Thank you so much, Becky! xo

  • Congratulations on your blogiversary! That is so awesome! Great giveaway, too! :)

    • Thanks girl! Best of luck!!

  • Congrats Chels! :) Keep up the good work XO

  • Congrats on the blogiversary!
    Loved your letter.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Thanks Jenny! So glad to hear you did xo

  • Congrats! I just turned “one” too, I hope that my blog becomes as successful as your. Happy for you! ????????????

    • Yay! So happy to celebrate our accomplishments together! xo

  • Congrats on your one year! Such a milestone, sounds like you had a super successful year!!

    • Thanks, girl! I had fun with it (:

  • Yay! Congrats on your success and happy birthday to Inspiration Indulgence!

  • Zan Turner

    Happy happy birthday to your blog. What a great success!

  • Chelsea that is amazing! What a huge accomplishment! Congrats on such an amazing journey! Can’t wait to watch your blog grow!

    Molly | http://www.stylemissmolly.com

    • Aw, same to you sweetie! Thank you so much! xo

  • Happy Birthday and Congratulations! You’re doing so awesome!

  • Congratulations! What an awesome milestone! I can’t believe I’ll be celebrating my first blogaversary this spring. Time flies.

    All the Best,

  • Neely

    Congrats thats huge! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  • Congrats on one year – I’m almost at my one year mark and whoa, what a difference a year makes in the blogging world, or any world for that matter!
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway too – xoxo.

    • Omg, it seriously does! My blog was so different even 6 months ago!!

  • Sweet Right Here

    I’m still at that point where I am scared to death to tell my family and friends about my blog…I’m ok with sharing with strangers but I’m worried about being judged by the people close to me. Mainly that they will think I’m wasting my time. Glad to see that you were able to overcome that! Gives me hope! hehe

    • Of course! I was scared TO DEATH so I know the point you’re at!!! I promise that it is worth it to overcome that fear. Now, my friends and family are proud of me and they support me. It’s so much easier to do what you love when others support you :) Best of luck! Let me know if you need anything.

  • Congratulations, Chelsea! How awesome to have accomplished so much this year!