My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore

Hi loves!

I’m excited to share with you all another post about our East Coast road trip. (If you are a new reader, get caught up herehere, and here about the first three stops on the trip!)

After Boston, we en routed for Seaside Heights, New Jersey. AKA: “Jersey Shore” as seen on the hit MTV show.

Now, I’ve never actually watched an episode of Jersey Shore, otherwise I most likely will lose all my faith and hope in America. However, I’m a stickler for entertainment and pop culture, so I was still really excited to see the famous shore where the hit reality show was filmed.

As we were driving through New Jersey, I’m going to be honest. I felt a pretty bit disconnect with the state. It reminded me a lot of our visit to NYC– it was nice to visit, but I could never live there. The lifestyle was very different from what I’m used to in my Midwestern safe-haven: fast-paced, rushed, and charged. We had a few experiences driving where I experienced the people of New Jersey’s excessive road-rage, but I suspect that there are people like that all over the country.

My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore

Just like our trip to Boston, we had only one night in Seaside Heights, and decided to make the most of it. We stayed in a motel near the board walk; this reminded me SO much of our visit to San Diego because we stayed just minutes away from the ocean as well.

My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore

Many of you know that I’m obsessed with the ocean. Growing up in the Midwest, I don’t get to visit the coast often, so when I do, I don’t take the beauty for granted. We spent our day on the beautiful beach. This was only a couple of days after we got engaged so I was still feeling high from the excitement of that event.

My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore

The irony- I just realized while inserting this picture of the two of us that we are SUCH traditional Wisconsinites- Trevor is wearing a beer shirt. #SorryNotSorry

My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore

I had to do my traditional beach jumping picture. I believe I have one from every single coast/ocean visit I’ve ever taken, with the exception of when I went to Florida with my parents when I was 14.

My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore

It was so nice to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy a care-free day with my new fiancé.

My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore

I will always be a little girl at heart. I came home with a few seashells as treasures to remind me of this beautiful day.

As the sun began to set, we decided to ride the chairlift across the beach, as seen on Jersey Shore. For as beautiful and scenic as the little ride was, I’m surprised they only charged us $5 a person for this typical tourist trap. Bonus: We got to see the famous “Shore Store.”

My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore

But the very best part of the Seaside Heights visit was the next morning. When we visited San Diego, we watched a Pacific Coast sunset, and now it was time to experience an Atlantic Coast sunrise. We woke up at 5:30, stopped at a gas station to pick up some coffees, and headed to the beach with a blanket in hand. There we sipped on our coffees and watched the beautiful sunrise together. I know it sounds so cheesy, but it was one hour of my life that I will never forget. Even though it was a hazy morning, we were still able to take breathtaking photos.

My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore My Travel Diary: Jersey Shore

Overall, I will never forget my stop in Seaside Heights. I loved the beach and wanted to stay there longer. I don’t think I’m cut out for the New Jersey lifestyle, but I’m so happy and feeling blessed that I was able to experience it for a day.


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  • Kirsten @ Treat Yourself Sweet

    Firstly… CONGRATS on your engagement!!! Secondly, this place looks fabulous… and I think that is the biggest sign I have ever seen :)

  • I love seeing all of your travels! It’s pretty impressive, actually! :)

    • Thanks! Travel is a huge part of our life, and we made it a goal to see all 50 states before we have kids :)

  • I think I would lose my faith in humanity if I watched Jersey Shore too, haha! That chairlift does look pretty cool, though. Looks like an awesome trip!

    • Thank you so much for joining me along in my travels!

  • Kerin Monaco

    Being originally from NJ and living in Florida all I will say is if you think NJ road rage is bad, you should experience Tampa drivers. They are insane. Love your photos of the shore. I’ve lived and traveled around the world and the Jersey Shore is the best.

    • Aw thank you so much, Kerin! It’s refreshing to meet someone who has been there before. Oh boy, Florida is on my bucket list! I’ll have to compare the two later and see who are the worst drivers 😉

  • Madelaine

    Never really wanted to visit the Jersey Shore but your post made me change my mind. Pics are great!

  • Love the pictures (as usual). I had a friend who lived in NYC for a year and he said he had to get out because “it was killing his soul”. I am not a fan of the hustle and bustle of big cities.

    • lol!! I loved hearing that. Big cities definitely aren’t my thing either. I’m a small town gal!

  • This looks like you had a blast! I really love that seashell picture!! I think traveling is so essential to being well-rounded. Next weekend I’m going to NYC and can’t wait!!

    • Thank you so much!! OMG~ I am SO excited for you!!!! For what?!

  • Amy

    Thelse pictures are stunning! I’m so glad you had an amazing time. I love reading about it. :)

    • Thank you so much!! 😉 It was a blast!

  • Haha, I am a Jersey girl living in Houston now and I MISS home so much. You’re totally right – NJ is fast paced and crazy, and the drivers are quite unique lol. But I miss the ocean SO much living in Houston. Galveston beaches are pathetic in comparison :( I’m glad you enjoyed my home state and my beaches. I grew up about a half hour from Seaside and spent many weekends on that boardwalk as a little girl. <3

    • Aw Steff that makes me so happy that I had the opportunity to portray your home! I loved it (: You would hate Wisconsin if you’re an ocean girl. haha.

  • I love these pictures you took, they are fantastic!!! Looks like you had a great trip!

  • This is so cool! I’ve always wanted to go there. I used to be a HUGE fan of Jersey Shore haha it looks like you had a great time!

    • Thanks so much! I feel like now I want to watch the show just to see what I am missing! haha. I’ll wait until it hits Netflix!

  • What awesome shots! I love the way you have chosen to edit them – the candy colors are appropriate and congratulations on your engagement!

    I host a Photo Friday link-up each week – I’d love it if you would consider joining us!

    • Thank you so much, Jen! I have fun with my photos. Even if the editing doesn’t look entirely realistic, I’m a colorful person so it represents me well (:

  • I’ve never been to the Jersey Shore but it looks like an awesome place to visit! Congratulations on your engagement!!!!

    Best Wishes,
    Allison |

    • Thank you so much, Allison!

  • There’s nothing like a morning sunrise on the beach! Every time we go to an east coast beach for a few days I try to do this one morning, but more often than not I end up oversleeping and missing out, thinking “there’s always next time.” I need to start trying harder, because it’s always totally worth the sleepyness!

    • It was the most amazing experience ever. I think people living on the coast take it for granted.

  • Shelby Bussard

    Omg your pictures are beautiful. I love writing in the sand :)

  • Love these pictures! It looks a lot cleaner than what it did when Jersey Shore was on. Yes I watched the show. I would love to visit New Jersey one day. I love watching sunrises on the beach. One thing I’ve never done while being at the beach is the jump picture. Maybe I’ll do that next time I go to the beach.

  • Joanna Malefaki

    Olvely pictures and thanks for sharing!!!

  • I haven’t been to the Jersey shore in like 10 years since before the Jersey shore cast made it even more popular.

  • Rose Mont

    I went to NJ for the weekend and would love to go back and have a personal driver. The driving was crazy. Not to mention the driving pattern. All the circles and turn arounds no right turn but you can drive this loop to go that way. They drove fast as well. I’m originally from NY and goodness never saw anything like it. We didn’t “see” the shore although I would have liked to, but maybe next year well journey back up there (off season) and take another look around.

    • Oh my gosh yes! The driving was absolutely nuts! I was literally scared for my life lol.

  • This place looks so beautiful!! All the photos are well taken and congrats on your engagement!! You must be so happy!

    • Thank you so much, Rosalyn! Yes we are. It was the trip of a lifetime.

  • haha love your line about losing your faith in american if you watched the show. I feel the same way! Congrats on your engagement!!

    • Right! But seriously 😉 and thank you!

  • This sounds so fun! And congrats on the engagement!