Being an emotional person sometimes has a negative connotation associated with it, but it shouldn't. Showing emotion is beautiful and what makes us human.

This past month, I have cried so many times that I have lost count.

I’ve cried over a sad song on the radio.
I’ve cried over an episode of Friends.
I’ve cried over anger.
I’ve cried over happiness.
I’ve cried over sleep deprivation.
I’ve cried over thinking about the worst that can happen.

I’m an emotional person. I always have been, and I always will be. When I am upset, I can’t keep the tears from streaming down my face. I cry in times of frustration, stress, anger, sadness, joy, and gratefulness. For the longest time, I thought that showing emotion was a weakness.

I could not have been more wrong.

Seeing how people handle their emotions has always fascinated me. Maybe it’s just the college psychology major coming out of me, but I think it is so interesting how humans handle their thoughts and feelings independent from one another. I was raised by a mother who was emotional herself and encouraged her children to show emotion. I remember her saying for as long as I can remember, “Never be ashamed of showing emotion. It shows you are genuine and that you care for something.” I sincerely appreciated this value, but I disliked how emotional I was. It was a burden. I often felt like I was spinning out of control when my emotions got the best of me; like there was no way that I could regain my composure. I grew to resent this quality about myself.

I never understood how people could hide their emotions; it frustrated me and confused me. I’ve had friends and past romantic interests who were a closed book at all times. I hated that I never knew how they were feeling. Just tell me how you feel! For me, displaying emotions just happened naturally, even when I wanted to hide how I felt. Like the time I bawled in front of my high school class when I found out that I didn’t get a scholarship I had hoped for. Or the time I fell apart in front of a college math professor who was trying to help me with a concept I didn’t understand. Embarrassing. Why couldn’t I just control myself and just stop crying?!

Emotions are not a sign of weakness

Throughout my journey of self-growth and reflection, I realize that my mother was absolutely right. Showing emotion during hard times is not a sign of weakness. It does not mean that you are a sissy or a baby; it shows that your heart is so pure. Emotions display that you are real and that you stand for something.

Emotions are natural

We are human. The second we come out of the womb, we cry. Emotions are natural and a part of life. To try to hide them would be dehumanizing ourselves and hiding a beautiful part about what makes us individual. Bottling up our emotions is unhealthy and often puts up a barrier between those who love us. It’s important to express our emotions freely without feeling embarrassment or shame.

Emotions are beautiful

Emotions show what you value and cherish. I love seeing mothers choked up because of how proud they are of their children. I love seeing a groom cry at the alter as he sees his wife walk down the aisle. Even showing emotions at a funeral is an appropriate form of grievance because we are honoring human life and saying goodbye. Emotions, in all forms, shapes, and sizes, show the deepest and most raw parts of our souls. They should never be hidden or made to feel that they don’t matter.

Please, don’t be a closed book. If something excites you or makes you cry tears of joy, share that joy with others. If you are feeling depressed, angry, or stressed, talk to someone. Cry on a friends’ shoulder. Let your emotions out. Emotions are a natural mechanism for us to share our greatest joys and hep us to move forward in our lived during difficult times.

Do you feel that showing emotion is a sign of weakness? Are you an emotional person? Leave me a comment below.



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  • Laura Nalin

    From one frequent crier to another, I understand you! It’s embarrassing when this type of thing happens in public or when you really don’t want to cry, but I’ve found to just roll with it and allow myself to feel what I’m feeling. I think it’s excellent that you recognize the fact that it’s totally okay to be an emotional person. Let your freak flag fly, girl! 😛

    • Chelsea

      LOL!!! That last comment just made my whole life.

      I’m so glad you are a frequent crier, just like me!!! <3

  • I agree! Songs make me cry. Heck, some commercials! LOL

    • Chelsea

      Same here! The Wounded Warriors commercial..omg!!

  • Absolutely love everything about this! I feel like all my favorite bloggers are making honest and real posts right now and it is so amazing! As a therapist I can’t stress enough how feelings are real and matter! If something is effecting you that much it needs to be acknowledged and dealt with. Thanks :)

    • Chelsea

      I totally did not know you are a therapist. So awesome. I’m in grad school right now for counseling!!

  • Rae

    Sometimes I *wish* I was more emotional. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a wedding or funeral and wished I could cry… One of my former friends was an extremely emotional person, she used her “emotions” as an excuse for all of her selfish antics, especially at weddings if she was left out of the bridal party.

    • Chelsea

      Yeah I definitely can see how being over-emotional can cause problems! Never be ashamed of who you are, Rae!

  • I am totally an emotional person. hahaha. I think my blood runs on different emotions. And I TOTALLY have cried at Friends…In fact, I wrote a whole blogpost about it. haha Great post, friend!!

    • Chelsea

      LOL!!!! I’m going to head over and read it! I’m obsessed with Friends!!

      • MEEEE TOO!!!!! Girl, the more and more we talk the more I find out how much we are alike lol

      • Chelsea

        Awww I know!!! <3 you girl!!
        I would like to add for your information the times I cried during Friends lol :
        -When Monica and Chandler couldn't have babies
        -When Rachel had Emma
        -When I found out Ross got Rachel pregnant
        -When Joey and Rachel first got together
        -When Ross said Rachel's name at the altar

        And we aren't even counting the times I've cried due to LAUGHING tears….. *pretty much anything Joey says*

      • The times I’ve cried of sadness…
        -the very end when all of the Friends leave their keys at the apartment
        -absolutely, when Joey and Rachel got together
        -when Ross and Rachel break up the first time and he’s on his knees in front of her and all of the other friends are in Monica’s room listening to the huge fight

        Cried LAUGHING…
        -Ross’ tan
        -Ross’ sandwich
        -Ross’ bagpipe playing
        -Ross’ piano playing (am I sensing a Ross theme here?)
        -When Ross finds out about Monica and Chandler
        -Ross’ is fine
        -Monica’s hair in Barbados
        -When Chandler gets his pants trimmed from Joey’s tailor
        -When Joey hires his identical twin for a research project for $2,000 hahahaha
        -the Apartment bet and Monica and Rachel lose their apartment (that cry of desperation tho…)
        -OMGGG the air quotes with Ross and Joey
        -when Joey punishes Chandler and puts him in the box

      • Chelsea

        LMAO I’m seriously dying!!! I could go on and on. I think for me the funniest thing I’ve ever seen- I was literally in TEARS and re-watched the episode right after I first saw it- was when Ross found out about Monica and Chandler through the window. I’m laughing out loud right now just thinking of it!!

      • YESSS GIRL!!! That’s probably one of my all-time favorite episodes!!!

  • Oh goodness, I’ve been feeling so sentimental lately and it’s made me tear up way more than normal! It depends on who I’m around. There are a lot of people that I simply can’t cry or be emotional around. Though it’s not weak to show emotion, it is vulnerable!

    • Chelsea

      You are certainly right. It’s extremely vulnerable to be emotional, which is why it can be so difficult for us. I find myself feeling like I have to hide this part of myself around certain people so I am not perceived as “weak,” even though I know that it is a strength.

  • Cindy @HometownQueenBee

    I am fairly emotional too….I can still get teary eyed if I think about the loss of my childhood cat that I had for 19 years, even though it’s been six years since she passed. I used to think like you, it was a weakness….I thonk it means we have a heart! We have deep feelings and ya know what? If everyone did I don’t think there would be wars, murders, etc…at least no where near the levels we see today. Embrace it! We are a good breed of people!

    • Chelsea

      Aww sorry to hear about your cat :( That’s exactly what I think. I think it’s a sign of strength and something we should be proud of! You are so right…it shows we have a heart!

  • I definitely think that crying gets a bad rap, but it actually makes me feel really better after I’ve had a long good cry. And I 100% DO NOT think that crying is a sign of weakness. Anyone who thinks it is, is the weak person.

    • Chelsea

      Thanks for commenting, girl!! I definitely feel better after a long cry as well.

  • Shann Eva

    I’m a pretty emotional person too, and I don’t see it as a weakness. I think it actually makes people stronger because they aren’t afraid to show people the truth.

    • Chelsea

      Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • beautiful! i am a pretty emotional person and have always questioned it on and off. there is so much truth to this! my high school history teacher told me once that it’s ok to cry/be emotional- he said it represents a warm heart. <3

    • Chelsea

      Aw! I’m so happy you had such a wonderful, honest and kind mentor in high school.

  • Donnica Smalls

    I definitely bottled up my emotions when I was younger. However, I feel like a stronger person now that I’m able to express myself –even if it’s with a good cry. Great post!

    • Chelsea

      Good for you! For some, it may take some practice. We are ALL vulnerable when we are emotional.

  • So so perfect. I feel like each of our posts spoke to each other today (: Since I battle depression, I literally can cry at the drop of a pin. It really is hard though when others don’t understand that showing emotion is a GOOD thing

    • Chelsea

      You are so right. Be proud of how you were made.. it shows you have a big heart. Love you, girl! <3

  • Oh my gosh LOVE! I am the same way. Our emotions show so much about who we are and very few healthy things come from trying to hide or repress them. An Emily Freeman quote I’ve been loving lately says that our tears show where our hearts beat the strongest, and I love that little reminder that our emotions are a window into our hearts. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Chelsea

      That is such an amazing quote that I never heard of before. In fact, I’m going to write it down in my notebook so I don’t forget it! It’s so true. We all feel so vulnerable when we put ourselves out there, but really it makes us stronger and shows what we care the most about..

  • Love this! I’m definitely an emotional person and am also baffled that some people never seem to show theirs!

    • Chelsea

      Same! It’s like HOW CAN YOU NOT BE lol.

  • Love this! Thanks!

    • Chelsea

      Thank you!

  • great post thanks for sharing it with us!

    • Chelsea


  • I could relate to this so much. I am definitely an emotional person–it bewildered my husband when we first got together, sure. Last Olympics…I often found myself crying over Olympics commercials, and I don’t even follow sports…at all. There’s no shame in it, even if the red eyes aren’t pretty. 😛

    • Chelsea

      lol Rachel that’s totally something I would do! I think it just shows that you are compassionate and you can almost FEEL what the athlete is feeling in that moment! lol

  • I am such an emotional person. Thank you for showing me that it is okay. I might just have to show this to Brad.

    • Chelsea

      Bahaha! Why, is he not emotional and you want to give him a hint? lol

      • No lol. because there is someone else out there that cries at a drop of a hat. i cried at my sisters volleyball game this month when they announced her as a senior lol. How pathetic

  • I am an emotional person as well and have struggled with feeling week as well, but I love this post…it is really Empowering

    • Chelsea

      Thank you so much, Nancy <3

  • Yes, I love this post! I am such an emotional person too. When Dave and I first starting dating, it threw him for a loop whenever I cried, simply because I did so often! I cry during movies, TV shows, songs, etc. I also cry when I’m frustrated. I’ve been job hunting for the last year and a half and yesterday was waiting to hear back from a job prospect. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the job and was nervous, and I randomly burst into tears like three times throughout the day!

    • Chelsea

      You and I are like the same person!!! I would have to say that I actually cry MORE when I’m frustrated and mad than when I’m actually sad. I think Trevor is pretty used to be crying by now! It still stops him dead in his tracks’s like I can see part of his heart break. Even if it’s just a commercial or an episode of Friends. lol

  • I’m an emotional person too! Movies, TV, plays… if something sad or really happy happens I’ll tear up. Same if something happens in life. I’m also really in tune to the emotions of others, so I’ve been at funerals for people I haven’t known or known well (I work at a church, so I’ve attended some of the funerals that have taken place here) and if people around me are crying, I will too.

    • Chelsea

      yes, I forgot to add that to my post! I will definitely cry if I see someone else crying!!

  • I’m emotional too and my husbands thinks it’s funny that I cry during sad movies. I don’t think it’s a sign of weakness, but there are times when I wish I could turn it off.

    • Chelsea

      I get the sense that most men think it’s funny when we cry during sad movies!!!

  • poppedblackwoman

    I really appreciate this article because I am a very emotional person as well. Growing up, I was taught by family members that this was a weakness and to hide my emotions. Now that I am an adult, I still battle with accepting my emotional self from time to time, but I’m learning to love this about who I am more and more!

    • Chelsea

      Good for you! I’m so glad you are becoming comfortable with letting your emotions flow and realizing that it’s NOT a sign of weakness…it’s a sign of strength!! <3

  • I really love this post. Growing up, I felt like I never felt things as deeply as other people and it made me so jealous – that’s when I learned that emotions are not a weakness, they’re a strength! Since then I’ve learned to really let myself feel whatever I need to and it makes life so much more rich, even if the emotions are hard.

    • Chelsea

      I’m so glad you realized this, Shannon. Emotions are not a weakness, and everybody is at different ends of the spectrum as to how they feel them. Nothing to be ashamed of. (:

  • Beautiful writing. Being too emotional and sensitive is just a sign of being more human and having a heart. :)

    • Chelsea

      aw! Thank you so much for that!

  • Get Healthy Magazine

    I am an emotional person too, which is why writing has always been my profession. As a blogger @ I have cried writing some of my articles, thinking omg those poor people, or what if someone in my family gets this…… This is a great article because it shows that emotions are A OK.

    • Chelsea

      Thank you so much.

  • I, like you, cry at everything. But I completely agree! I think the world needs softer, more sensitive people in it. I think we have enough tough ones.

    • Chelsea

      Thankful I’m not the only one here! Thank you so much for relating to me.

  • This is SO important. Some people are more emotional than others, and that’s perfectly fine! Thanks for sharing, Chelsea!
    xo, Caitlin
    And Possibly Dinosaurs

    • Thank you so much for reading!:)

  • SCB

    I have read many things on how to control emotions at work or “innapripriate times” but really, when is the right time to show emotions? Exactly as you feel them. Honestly I think we need to start to understand work is part of our life and not a separate bubble, and we can cry at anytime we feel because it is a way for our body to release emotions. People who are uncomfortable with that need to stop making people who are seem like they are “manipulative”, no they aren’t. They simply show more emotion at something that may not bother the other person. We also need to really focus on how to make communication about making sure both parties are heard. Human beings are terrible at this but we can become better. So thank you for writing this, and I hope someday soon the workplace can become a little more human.

    • Oh my goodness, well thank you for the sweet, thoughtful comment. It means the world to me. I agree, my hope and dream is that we can all be accepting of one another.

      • SCB

        Thanks for your response. I do really appreciate your article. I was having a bad day yesterday and it took me a while to find something uplifting.

      • Well that makes MY day that my post helped you. I hope you are having a better day today <3