10 Qualities of a Sexy Woman

Sure, one can classify a woman as sexy by the shape of their body or their appearance. But today, that’s not what I’m focusing on. I compiled my own list of ten of the sexiest internal traits I find in women, in no particular order. Of course, there are a million ways that woman can be sexy! Here are the most attractive traits in a woman. Do you agree with this list?

1.) She’s intelligent
There is nothing sexier than an intelligent women who has a lust for learning. Whether they can talk about a book they are reading, current world events, a work project, school research; anything, women who are life-long learners are so much more attractive. Smart is sexy!

2.) She doesn’t take herself too seriously
Women who can laugh at themselves and take life in stride are super sexy. Those who get defeated and stand right back up to take another swing at life shows that they mentally strong. There is something comforting about being around a woman who is willing to poke fun at herself; it shows you that she will not judge you either.

3.) She’s independent
Independent women won’t rely on anyone else to be their complete happiness. They know that happiness comes from within, and that only they can make themselves happy. Sure, they rely on others at times, but in the end, they know that it all comes down to trusting oneself. Nobody wants an overly clingy woman in a relationship. An independent woman knows what she wants and takes charge of her own life. She is goal-oriented, empowering, and inspiring.

4.) She’s confident
A sexy woman is confident in herself. She radiates self-love and acceptance, and is not afraid to flaunt what she has (in a non- conceited way). People are naturally drawn to her because she is happy with who she is and is overall just a positive person to be around.

5.) She’s compassionate
A sexy woman cares about others. Not just surface-level care, but DEEPLY cares about the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others. She is a good candidate to spend the rest of your life with, because she will always be thinking of others before herself.

6.) She’s motivated
Women who know what they want and take action steps to achieve their goals are incredibly sexy. They wake up every single day with a sense of purpose and live to fulfill that purpose. You will never find this woman living day by day without an end-picture in sight. She strives for more each day and is intrinsically motivated by her own personal aspirations.

7.) She’s down-to-earth
A sexy woman is centered. She treats people with respect and doesn’t think that she is above anybody else. People are drawn to her warm and inviting personality, and know that they can trust her. Because she is so genuine and real, she has many friends.

8.) She has maternal instincts
Sure, all women were born to innately reproduce, but that sure doesn’t mean that all women are great mothers. A sexy woman is great with children and has the motherly instincts. She embraces motherhood and views it as one of her callings in life. Being a mother is her most treasured role; she lives and breathes for her children.

9.) She’s healthy
A sexy woman takes care of herself both physically, mentally, and spiritually. She tries to eat well, exercise, and keep a balance in all arenas of her life. She tries to be the best version of herself possible, because she knows that if she can’t take care of herself, she will never be able to care for anyone else. This doesn’t mean that she has to be stick skinny or a fitness model, but she treats her body and mind right.

10.) She’s got values
Nobody wants to be with a woman that has no standards. A sexy woman has values, and she sticks to them. She doesn’t let anyone get in the way of her morals. Whether it’s views on religious beliefs, political beliefs, sexuality, friendship, and romance, she has clear-cut standards and doesn’t let anyone stand in front of them.

Obviously, there are hundreds of characteristics I could add to this list. What else would you add?


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  • Marielle

    Yes! Love these! Especially number 7-10!

    • Chelsea

      Thank you!!

  • Such posts are so self-reflective! Nice writing. :)

    • Chelsea

      Thanks so much for reading :)

  • Love this! So glad that you included values on here, a quality that is often overlooked in this day and age.

    • Chelsea

      Thanks so much. I thought of that right away :)

  • absolutely love these. My favorite is the motivation one – I think having motivation and passion for something makes a person 100x better :)


    • Chelsea

      Thank you so much! I like that one too- having goals is so important!

  • YASSSSS girl. Get it.

    • Chelsea

      Thanks girl! :)

  • Chelsea Lynn

    this post could not possibly be more ON POINT. Sharing this on my social media!! Xo
    Chelsea // trendychelsea.wordpress.com

    • Chelsea

      Aw thank you so much for sharing, Chelsea! xo

  • Heck yes! Smart IS sexy!! I hate when girls try to dumb themselves down in order to attract a guy. If he is the right guy, he will find your intelligence attractive

    • Chelsea

      RIGHT!!!! Could not agree more. That is one of the things that I was most attracted to about Trevor, intelligence. I think it goes both ways!

  • This post is amazing. I seriously can’t say anything else. Thanks for giving me all the positive vibes I needed today.

    • Chelsea

      Aw thanks so much, Rebekah!!

  • Life of Liss

    Love this – everything that I thought should be on the list was there!

    • Chelsea

      Thank you so much! xo

  • YES YES YES!!! I wish everyone in our society viewed it this way!!

    • Chelsea

      Same here, Emily!!

  • I love love love this! Everyone needs to read this.

    • Chelsea

      Thanks so much, Shannon!

  • That’s totally it!

    • Chelsea

      Thanks for reading! :)

  • Perfectly written. I think more women need to read this and let it all sink in.

    • Chelsea

      Thanks so much, Nichole!

  • Lindsay Katherine

    I love your list- you covered everything. I like that you included the importance of physical, mental, and spiritual health. Kind of random, but on shows like The Bachelor, you see a lot of girls who are initially gorgeous but when you learn about them and see their personalities, they become way less attractive- they’re generally lacking things from this list!

    • Chelsea

      RIGHT!!!! And I am completely ashamed to say that I watch the Bachelor. I think about that all of the time! I think they especially lack the “having morals” one on the list. lol!

  • I love this. There are more features that make a woman sexy than just their appearance. I hope more people read this and realize this.

    • Chelsea

      Thanks, Lexi :) That’s the message I am trying to get out!

  • Kate Kryder

    Sexy inside and out!

    • Chelsea

      Thanks for reading!

  • DT

    Great post!! It’s not just the appearance; it’s the person.
    —DT | Here I Scribble

    • Chelsea

      Thanks so much for reading! So true :)

  • I like how none of these talked about appearance or clothing – it’s spirit and personality that counts!

    • Chelsea

      That’s what I’m all about :)

  • I love this! Such an inspirational post. We’re sexy because of what’s on the inside too! :)

    • Chelsea

      Totally, girl!!

  • Daria Vinning

    I love this! Many women really need to read this so they can have better self confidence and raise their self-esteem. Some look for others to validate them, when all they need is confidence within themselves. Thanks for sharing!

    • Chelsea

      Exactly . Self confidence and self-love is SO important. We need to love ourselves first before we can ever love anybody else or BE loved.

  • Emily Tjaden

    Agreed! Our culture bases attraction on all of the wrong things, and while it’s okay to be physically attractive and/or sexy, it’s not what’s really important. It’s like the saying goes, “Beauty fades, but brains are forever.” Smart really is sexy. (And that goes for men as well.)

    Every woman (and man!) should remember this.

    • Chelsea

      Love that “beauty fades, but brains are forever” quote. I’m naturally attracted to intelligent people because of this. Thanks for reading!