My Travel Diary: Mount Evans, CO

Hey guys!

First of all, happy Monday! Life has been so crazy lately and there have been some big changes at Inspiration Indulgence. I was so excited to share with you all my first entry in My Travel Diary two weeks back, I just couldn’t wait to share with you my second Travel Diary entry with you today! With a lot of thinking, I have decided to step up my travel game with Inspiration Indulgence. Traveling is such a huge passion of mine. I get such a rush out of visiting new places, taking new pictures, and sharing with others my experiences.

Last year, Trevor and I took a massive road trip to the western half of the country. At first I considered blogging the whole road trip, but I realized that because we visited so many places, the blog post would probably be never-ending! Starting from our home state Wisconsin, we drove through Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arkansas, Utah, Missouri, and Illinois. Round trip, it was nearly 3,000 miles. (This was the start of getting our state signs for our 50 State Sign Challenge!) Now you can see why I’m not just going to blog about the whole road trip! So today, I would like to talk about our little excursion up Mount Evans.

First of all, I would just like to give a huge shout out to Colorado. WOW, what a beyond gorgeous state. I was particularly SUPER excited to visit Colorado, probably more than any other state. I had never seen mountains before, and I couldn’t wait to see its natural beauty. Colorado definitely did not disappoint. I will never forget how gorgeous the mountains and land were; I could see myself living out there if I ever chose to move out of Wisconsin.

For those of you not familiar with Mount Evans, at 14,130 feet and 14 miles high, it boasts North America’s highest paved road. I was particularly excited about this adventure because it would majorly require me to go out of my comfort zone- AKA, driving up a winding road thousands of feet up in the air with no railing! I wish I could fully communicate to you guys how nerve-wracking it was to drive up the mountain. There was barely room for one vehicle to drive up the mountain, let alone two vehicle to pass by each other! Since Trevor was driving and I was riding shotgun in the passenger’s seat, guess who was closest to the ledge of Death? This girl!My Travel Diary: Mount Evans, COMy Travel Diary: Mount Evans, COMy Travel Diary: Mount Evans, COMy Travel Diary: Mount Evans, COMy Travel Diary: Mount Evans, COMy Travel Diary: Mount Evans, CO

We made a whole day out of this. Surprisingly, it took longer than I thought to drive up the mountain. I guess it was just hard for me to believe that I was literally driving 14 miles up! Towards the tip of Mount Evans, the road veered ended and we had to park and hike up the top, which was about a 10-minute or so hike. I knew it was going to be cold at the top of the mountain, but I NEVER anticipated how absolutely cold and windy it was! I was wearing a thin Columbia zip-up and some capri leggings and was FREEZING!!!! It was literally a 60 degree or so temperature difference from the bottom of the mountain to the top. If I were to do it all over again, I would have definitely packed warmer clothes just for the top.

Being on top of that mountain was the most amazing feeling. First of all, I couldn’t believe that I was actually standing there on top of a mountain. The view was just incredible—it was nerve-wracking, but incredible. I felt like I was in a dream; like the scenery I was staring at wasn’t real. We had a group of people take our picture and then I wanted to get the heck back into the truck because all I could think about was how cold I was. (I know, I live in Wisconsin…I should have thicker skin by now!!)

My Travel Diary: Mount Evans, COMy Travel Diary: Mount Evans, COMy Travel Diary: Mount Evans, COMy Travel Diary: Mount Evans, COMy Travel Diary: Mount Evans, COMy Travel Diary: Mount Evans, CO

If any of you are ever visiting Colorado, please make a point to drive up Mount Evans. Yes, it’s a little scary, but there is just nothing like the experience. You basically get to cheat and say that you climbed up a mountain because technically, you get to climb the last couple of yards by foot up to the top!

Look for my next Travel Diary entry soon!


  • Wow, I can’t imagine not having seen mountains before! I’m sure you were able to appreciate their hugeness and beauty much more than people who take them for granted!

    • Chelsea

      Exactly! I take it you live out west? That is a sight I would never get sick of <3

      • I do now, so I’m around mountains all the time, but I’m originally from Virginia… and while our mountains out there aren’t so huge and rocky like the ones out west, they’re still beautiful. Look up the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Never gets old!

      • Chelsea

        I will! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place :) I would love to visit VA sometime soon :)

  • It’s been years since I been up Mount Evans but I do remember that scary winding road. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    • Chelsea

      That’s awesome that you got to experience it! Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  • WOW truly gorgeous views, I’m sure the photos while stunning don’t even do it justice. Blows my mind that you’ve never seen mountains before, but I guess if you’ve always lived in the city that would make sense. I remember when I moved to the city in my early 20’s I really missed the sight of mountains in the distance.

    • Chelsea

      I actually don’t live in the city; I live in the country in Wisconsin. You are SO right…pictures surely didn’t do justice. It was the most amazing moment of my life. Thanks so much for letting me share it with you :)

  • Beautiful!

    • Chelsea

      Thank you, Alanna!

  • Awww, I love this!! I just got back from Colorado yesterday, and I’m already missing it like crazy! We drove along quite a few mountain roads that are just like you describe — so narrow with a super steep drop off. They terrify me! I had to stop and walk around every couple of minutes so I wouldn’t have a panic attack, But gosh, the views are fantastic and so worth it. Great pics, my friend!

    • Chelsea

      That’s awesome, Brittany! Where were you guys in CO? I would love to go back. This trip was last August, so nearly a year ago! I was really scared too..but I trust Trevor so I tried not to worry so much! You should be proud of yourself- that’s something not everybody could do!

      • We were in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Breckenridge. So much beauty!! I wish I lived there!

      • Chelsea

        Oh my gosh. That literally sounds perfect. We visited CO Springs too! But that’s for another blog post ha we did sooo much in CO that I can’t fit it all onto one post!

  • This looks so beautiful and like so much fun! I really can’t wait to travel to all of the states. It’s a dream of mine.

    • Chelsea

      Thanks so much, Summer! I hope you can someday. It’s worth the money. :)

  • I love the challenge and the photos are just incredible! :)

    • Chelsea

      Thank you so much! We are hoping to see the 48 mainland states before we get have kids. :)

  • This looks amazing! Dave and I have been wanting to take a road trip for years! I’ve never been to Colorado, but a friend lived there briefly and fell in love with it.

    • Chelsea

      You guys should just go for an extra honey moon 😀 haha. It’s totally worth it. I was sad driving back to Wisco :(

  • How absolutely stunning! I’ve always wanted to visit Colorado, the closest I’ve been in the airport :(

    • Chelsea

      I hope you get the chance to go someday. It’s truly amazing 😉

  • Oh my gosh, how breathtaking! I am super jealous of your travel journeys! Maybe someday soon I’ll be able to travel a bit, until then, I’ll pretend through your pictures

    • Chelsea

      Thanks so much for reading, Lexi! I truly believe anyone can travel. All it takes is using vacation time for work and putting a little money aside each month. I hope you get the chance to check out some cool places soon :)

  • chall1018

    I’ve never been to Mount Evans CO! But, I have been dreaming
    of visiting CO something fierce these days. Maybe it’s because of the triple
    digit weather here in Texas. I just love CO and the mountains! Gorgeous photos!

    • Chelsea

      See that’s funny because I would LOVE to visit Texas some day! We drove through it briefly but never stopped!!! I have a weird obsession with the south. Sometimes I wish I was a southerner!

  • Gorgeous! I’ve only visited Colorado once and it was magnificent. My best friend got married in Rocky Mountain National Park. I have been planning my trip back ever since. Thanks for sharing your fun and exciting travels!

    • Chelsea

      Oh my gosh! Are you kidding?! I am beyond jealous. What a beautiful place to get married! Thanks so much for reading!

  • Emma Byers

    So glad you enjoyed visiting our beautiful state! And yes! Mt. Evans is truly spectacular. Beautiful photos. :)

    • Chelsea

      You’re a CO native?! How awesome!! You are blessed to live in such a gorgeous state!

  • Sandy Dobbs

    Ah – Colorado – one of my favorite places on earth! We just got back two weeks ago! I wanted to go back as soon as I got home, especially since we live in Texas and it is now August! Colorado has incredible beauty – can’t get enough of it!

    • Chelsea

      Right! I always wonder if people who live in CO take the beauty for granted. For someone who never sees mountains, it was breathtaking. So awesome that you just got back there! Hope you had a great time! I’ve always wanted to visit Texas as well! I’ve driven through it, but never stopped

  • I have never been to Colorado but it looks beautiful! I would love to visit and go to Mount Evans, adding Colorado to my list of places to visit :)

    • Chelsea

      I really hope you get the chance to go someday, Emily! xo

  • So gorgeous! I’ve never been off the east coast. It’s rather sad haha but Colorado is on my travel bucket list!!

    • Chelsea

      I have never been to the east coast, period!! That’s next on my list!! lol

  • Beautiful place, great pics, amazing experience! Thanks for sharing.

    • Chelsea

      Thanks so much for reading!

  • Looks so fun and adventurous! I can imagine the bond that you guys shared on this experience. I wish I had the opportunity to go road tripping! Thanks for sharing!

    • Chelsea

      Thank you. We really did become closer through the whole experience. We love to travel together :)

  • Kate

    Colorado is on my bucket list! Beautiful pics! Now I really need to go!

    • Chelsea

      Hey Kate! Thanks so much for reading! I hope you get the chance to go someday :)

  • Chelsea

    Get it girl! Now you have a legit excuse! ;P

  • DT

    Beautiful pictures :) CO is on my list too!
    —DT | Here I Scribble

    • Chelsea

      Thank you so much! :)

  • Sunshine Momma

    I have always wanted to go and this post just made my itch worse! Beautiful photos!

    • Chelsea

      You seriously NEED to go someday!! I hope you can :)

  • Oh your pictures are beautiful!!! I’ve been to Colorado before, but I don’t think we ever made it to Mount Evans. I’m putting this on my travel list!! :)

    • Chelsea

      Thank you! Yes you need to!! It gives you an excuse to go back :)

  • What a fun trip!! Your pictures are gorgeous! I’m going to Colorado in a few months and can’t wait!! I have to laugh that you say you’re from Wisconsin so you shouldn’t be cold – so am I, and I’m always freezing – and people always say that to me!! ha!

    • Chelsea

      LOL I am ALWAYS cold. I even wear sweats in the summertime when I go to sleep! I also don’t like cheese. Maybe I’m just not a true Wisconsinite…

      • Haha, I’m with you on the sweats, but I am obsessed with cheese!