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Dear You,

Right now you’re feeling insecure. You are feeling like you’re not good enough; pretty enough; smart enough; or just plain enough. You’re feeling like you try so hard, but sometimes it’s not good enough.

In your heart, you know that you are capable of so much. It’s not that you don’t love yourself, but you’re just not feeling completely “yourself” at the moment. I want to remind you of a few things. I want to remind you are that are so kindhearted, and that people value your friendship and the love that you give. I want to remind you that you are loved by so many people, even when they don’t always remind you of this themselves. I want to remind you that you are an incredible person and that you contribute so much to this world with your unique talents, gifts, and personality. I want to remind you that there is nobody quite like you in this world. And that is a thing to cherish.

It’s okay to feel insecure; insecurity is a natural feeling. But darling, don’t let it take you over. Please stop comparing yourself to others. Believe it or not, the people that you compare yourself to also compare themselves to others at time, and probably have compared themselves to you! We all get insecure, and sometimes we all don’t feel like we are enough. Please know in your heart that these differences between you and others are what makes our world such a wonderful place to live in. Dearest You, please value your uniqueness and never wish you were born a different way. You are God’s child. And He made you Enough.

Know that you are so beautiful. No, I’m not talking about just your looks. I’m talking about your inside. You have so much to offer, and anyone would be lucky to cross your path in their life. You are kind, gentle, thoughtful, funny, and fun to be around. People leave this world better because of you. Do you know how special that is? That your presence contributes to a better world? My dearest You, why have you forgotten that? In the end, the only thing that matters is how you made others feel.

Dearest You, I want to ask a favor of you. Please think back to when you felt most proud of yourself. Was it when you were graduating college? When you had your first born child? When you earned your dream job? I would like for you to go back in that moment when you felt invincible. Hold that memory close to your heart. Remember how capable you are of changing the world and how unstoppable you are. Insecurity is nothing but a few negative thoughts that drag you deeper and deeper down the more that you let them bother you. I would like for you to remember a positive experience that will lift you back up from those depths and remember how much you love yourself.

Dearest You, I know you can rise above this. Don’t let a hardened heart prevent you from being wonderful You. Shake off those feelings. The world is yours for the taking. But only if you believe in yourself.

I know that deep in your heart, you know your worth. You just needed to be reminded of it.

Love always,


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  • This is an amazing post and you are an amazing writer! I really needed this pick me up. Thank you so much and I hope you too know your value!

    • Oh my gosh thank you sooo much!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the compliment :)

  • this is a beautiful post and you’re such a beautiful person! There should definitely be more of this going around :)

    • Aww thank you sooo much Megan!! :) That comment means a lot to me!

  • jaxandspillsblog2015

    This is amazing! I recently posted about an experienced that helped me to realize I am enough and now reading this is more confirmation.

    • What’s the link? I would love to read it!! And thanks for the compliment :)

  • THis is such a beautiful post and I plan on sharing it with a few people who need it right now. Thank you!

    • Wow thank you so much! I’m glad it struck a chord with you.

  • Amazing post!!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and such a good reminder to all of us!!!

    • Thank you so much for reading!

  • Amazing post! We all need to be reminded of this one time or another. Thanks for sharing!

  • Messy Mom

    I am going to try to comment again because I am not sure if it took the first time. :( I love this post! Thanks for the much needed encouragement.

  • So encouraging. So many people need to hear this.

  • Beautiful letter! I am encouraged! Thank you so much! :)

  • Saving this to reread whenever I’m struggling with insecurity. Such an amazing post!!

  • Nichole Weber

    This was super encouraging!

    • Chelsea

      Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words.

  • I love your blogposts…this is so inspiring :-) I’m going to share this.

    • Chelsea

      Thank you so much for sharing! It means the world to me! xo

  • Lanae Bond

    Do you know negative memories take up more space in our minds? I think that is why it is hard to shake off negative ideas! But holding on to negative thinking is a real drag and terrible on our physical state! It is great to hold onto the positive memories because it lifts you up and inspires you to do more good in the world! Great article!

    • Chelsea

      I did NOT know that! That is so interested, sad, but yet inspiring to think that we could turn that negative energy into positive energy. Thanks for reading!

  • Dayne Prescott

    Insecurity is so toxic. Once you find your happiness and self-love, it gets so much easier to combat it!

    • Chelsea

      So true…I have come a long ways with my insecurity issues. It’s always an ongoing process :) Thanks for reading.

  • amotherworld

    Keep spreading the love and inspiration, obviously you are making such a difference to so many people!

    • Chelsea

      Thanks so much! I do my best! xo

  • Gemma LouLou Keith

    This is beautiful, I absolutely love it. I really need to this one myself…. would really help me. Thank you for this post & also the inspiration x

    • Chelsea

      Aw Gemma I’m so glad it touched you!!! Remember, you are ENOUGH just the way you are :) xo

  • Perfect little pick-me up that can bee applied to anyone. Thanks for sharing girl

    • Chelsea

      Thanks for reading!

  • Joanna Malefaki

    Lovely post!It is so easy to make ourselves feel bad! It is very important to give us a break!

    • Chelsea

      Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  • “To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten”. I feel like this quote sums up your beauty and love in this post. Thanks for sharing!

    • Chelsea

      Thank you for reading, Vicki!

  • Beautiful. Insecurities can be so crippling and this is a beautiful encouragement to embrace who we are and love ourselves in the midst of our imperfections!

    • Chelsea

      <3 Yes, yes, yes.

  • CakezBeez55

    Wow, thank you! I’m definitely saving this! Especially since I’m always comparing myself to others! I’ll always look back or remember this letter whenever I’m feeling down :) ! This really put a smile on my face 😀