9 Reasons Why You Should Live in a Small Town | Inspiration Indulgence

When I was growing up, part of me hated living in a small town. A town of approximately 2,800 in northern Wisconsin, I hated that everyone was in my business; I hated that I had to drive 20 minutes to go see a movie; I hated that there was never anything to do. When I went to college, I moved across the state and vowed never to live in a small town again. Now, five years later, I am back in my little town. Why? Why in the HELL would anyone want to live in a small town?

You see, I learned a lot about myself in those five years. I traveled frequently and experienced the big city life and was in awe of the fast, paced, exciting lifestyle. However, I learned that although I absolutely love visiting big cities, I could never live in one.

It turns out that when I was away at college, I missed everything about my little community and always was excited to return home. I missed running on the empty country roads and seeing deer cross the road. I hated that I was a stranger and that nobody knew my story. I hated that I couldn’t walk anywhere by myself at night because it was unsafe. I hated that it took me half an hour with traffic to get to Walmart even though it was only a few miles down the street. And most of all, I HATED paying for parking.

Living in a small town certainly is not for everyone. I completely understand those who feel that it isn’t a fit for them. I do admit, it sucks that the closest Starbucks is 30 miles away. But just like every other choice in life, there are pros and cons to both sides. As for me, I love living a quiet, simple life.

Here are 9 reasons why I root for small towns.

1.) No traffic

I never have to worry about traffic. In fact, my town doesn’t even have a single stoplight. I don’t have to worry about being late for work, getting a cab, or using public transportation.  Instead of seeing dirty streets, I get to drive on country roads surrounded by beautiful fields. Driving with the windows down and the radio up is one of the best forms of therapy.

2.) The sense of community

Through tragedy and good times, I have seen my community unite together. People in small towns are very welcoming and always willing to do whatever they can to give each other a helping hand. Just the other day, a community member lost their dog. Just through word of mouth to keep an eye out on the dog, the pup was eventually found in the woods a few days later.

3.) It’s safe

I have never NOT felt safe in my little town. We don’t lock our doors during the day, and I’m not afraid to walk by myself somewhere. I know that bad things can happen anywhere, but I feel a lot safer in a small town where I know most of the people than in a big city. The crime late is extremely low, and we all look out for each other.

4.) Everybody knows everybody

At first, this is what I hated about small towns. But I same came to realize that it was something that I took for granted. It’s so nice to be able to walk into the bank and be greeted by your name, or run into your old teachers at the grocery store. The same people who serve you in the community, like police officers, firefighters, grocers, post office workers, etc. are usually family friends.

5.) The grocery store is less than 5 minutes from your house

The other day, I was baking cookies and realized that I didn’t have enough eggs. I was able to make it to the grocery store and back in ten minutes. (Yes, I know that’s what neighbors are for, too! But you get the point!)

6.) More rural areas for outdoor activities

9 Reasons Why You Should Live in a Small Town | Inspiration Indulgence

Growing up, I lived in a rural area where I could run around, play, scream, and just be a kid. (The above picture is of my parents’ backyard!) It was awesome. My dad would go hunting in the woods behind our home, and my mom would spend her days in the garden. My sisters and I could lay and look at the stars at night, breathe the fresh air, and swim in our pond. I don’t think I could have had the same opportunities if I lived in a big city growing up.

7.) The supporting of local businesses

Overall, there was less competition between businesses and more community support. Most of us would rather pay a buck or two more to support locally owned businesses than drive to the city where we could get a cheaper bargain. That’s just the way we live.

8.) Despite size, there are still great opportunities

Even though our community was small, I still had an abundance of great opportunities growing up. My high school offered college-credit classes, division 2 sporting teams, and a state-of the art performing arts center. Our Tech Ed, Agriculture, and Choral departments were nationally known. If kids wanted to play sports, they didn’t have to worry about not making a team at all; between the JV, Varsity and freshman teams, almost everyone could play.

9.) Traditions

Just like a family, all small towns have unique traditions and special annual events that bring the community together. My town hosts a large Memorial Day Weekend celebration every year where there are softball bar league tournaments and a carnival. Talk about fun!

Even if you would never want to live in a small town, I still want to hear your thoughts. I appreciate differences! Please comment below on why you agree with me or disagree with my opinion.

Have a wonderful night!


  • I love this, thank you for sharing!  
    I have only ever lived in a big city and love it and always plan on living here. But I would definitely love to frequently visit a place like you describe here, maybe even live/stay there for a brief portion of each year. One of my favorite things about large city life is the large buildings all over and also the sounds of the city, especially at night, the hustling and bustling, people laughing and living, traffic, bars, the sounds of construction work when I’m inside….but I sometimes feel a sense of longing or a pull for a quiet small town or countryside. I get a taste of that visiting parks with deer and ducks and water. I read a lot of fiction mystery books and many take place in safe, quiet small towns where everyone knows everyone and have for years. There tends to be much gossip and everyone is in everyone else’s space but there’s also a strong sense of community and trust, and just a strong sense of togetherness, belonging, and home with each other. 
    And I often get a little tinge of jealousy. Lol
    And I love how the small towns have like big unique events to look forward to all together as a community. 
     We generally don’t really experience all of that in the large city. In some neighborhoods it can be a bit like that like where I lived when I was little but it’s still mostly different than the safe small town you write of. It’s great that it’s so safe where you live too, it’s not so safe here. Some parts of the city are safer than other parts but there’s so much gun violence, it’s ridiculous. I like how you experience so many different kinds of places, it qualifies you to give firsthand details and experiences! And it must have taken a lot of courage and open mindedness to step out of that small safe place you have always known into a new place, especially a big city that is so different! I also like how you tend to look for and find wonder in a place you have always known and a place that is very small which some people think may be “boring” or lacking in action. It really doesn’t matter how long we have lived somewhere or how small or quiet, there’s always little gems of wonder to experience wherever we are!

    • Once again, thanks so much for commenting, dear! You always leave the most thoughtful responses which is a blogger’s dream for a reader to connect that way! So thank you so much! :) You know what..as much as I love living in a small town, every time I visit a big city, I get a twinge of jealousy myself. It all just seems so magical..the lights, the noise, the crowds, the excitement. But I think I would be on edge if I LIVED there and had to navigate there lol. It’s difficult if you grew up in a small town and really have been “sheltered” so to speak from that lifestyle. I am in love with skyscrapers and tall buildings..actually fascinated by them. Every time I am in a big city, I play tourist by walking down the streets with my iphone camera haha.
      Oh well.
      And agreed, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in small towns. The gossip and talk can be very overwhelming and draining. I guess I am just used to it now and don’t care what other people think of me! I love your last sentence of your comment, so true! Almost makes me tear up, as cheesy as that sounds!! lol. Thanks so much. Where do you live again, (Can’t remember if I have asked before)?

      • Aww, I’m happy you like my comments! I love brightening someone’s day! The fact that we both feel a little sliver of jealousy reminds me that there’s pleasant and unpleasant aspects everywhere and in each stage/phase of life. No matter how much we love what we have, there’s also going to be something somewhere else that we kind of desire and that’s ok!
        Yeah, it’s probably much easier to live in a big city for people who have lived in one their whole lives. Lol Nothing is too cheesy or sappy for me! I’m the biggest sap! ;-D
        I live in Philadelphia, Pa.

      • I’m the biggest sap as well! And so cool! I’ve never been to the eastern part of the U.S. but my boyfriend and I may take a roadtrip this summer! I would love to see Philly some day. Happy Monday, love! xo

  • I would love to maybe when i #retire!! ox

  • I liked reading this post a lot :) maybe in the future I will consider living in a small town :) thanks Chelsea! xx

    • Thank you pretty lady! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! You live in Sydney, right?

  • Good things pointed out there! :)

  • This feels like I wrote it. Seriously had the same experience when moving back to the small town I live in. I’m really happy I did too because they put in a medical school right as I got back and the town has grown greatly. Not to mention all the future Doctors walking around.

    • lol!! I’m glad you can agree with me! I think I definitely took it for granted. They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, and that was definitely the case for me!

  • I totally agree with this! I am from a town of 1,000 in central Wisconsin and now live in Madison. I miss the small town SO much sometimes! I definitely miss the lack of traffic every single day. When I’m having a lazy day and don’t want to put on real pants or wear makeup, it’s nice not having to run into several people you know on a quick run to the grocery store. But I actually miss that a lot too!

    • Yeah I mean there are ups and downs with it all. I like that the grocery store is only 3 minutes away but at the same time, sometimes I just don’t FEEL like running into people I know! You know what I mean! Especially if I look like crap!
      I was in NYC this week for my vacation and I have to say even though that place is amazing, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to come back home!! I’m half hour north of Green Bay and I was never more excited to be back in my little town.
      Madison is soooo much fun. Although my boyfriend hates it because he went to the University of Minnesota so naturally he hates the Badgers lol. I’m a fan of both (if that’s possible?) lol!

  • I live in a medium sized town currently, but would LOVE to live in small town like you described someday. Great post!!

    • AW you should! There are pros and cons to it but overall, it’s a better choice for me. If you love having a close knit sense of community, a small town is most likely for you :)

  • We LOVE living in our small town. I can’t imagine it any other way!

    • Awesome! Where do you live?

  • christine956

    So funny how OPPOSITE we are! I am city girl, through and through! But our first two jobs brought us to small towns. At first, I HATED it! I hated how small, so quiet, everyone knew everyone’s business, etc. But by the time we moved to our second small town, I really grew found of it and the more simplistic way of life. It also helped that we lived in a stunningly beautiful town with tons of nature to explore. Now I’m back in the city, where I belong, but there’s definitely a newfound appreciation for small towns in my heart! Thanks for sharing! xox Christine

    • LOL! That’s totally okay!! I love hearing different points of view. I love, love, LOVE big cities…I just could never live in one!! I just got back from visiting NYC and although I fell in love with it, I could seriously never live there! Too many people, too much traffic, not enough trees! I’m glad you see both points of view. I think that it’s important to find beauty and appreciation in both small towns and larger/big cities :) It definitely gets tiring when everybody knows your business….there’s always that small town gossip! That’s the downside. But at the same time, it brings forth a wonderful sense of community. Whenever I get sick of it, I travel to a city and get my fill! 😉

  • Alicia Payne

    Yep to all of these! I’m from a small podunk town in MS but now live in a small Podunk town in TX lol

    • Chelsea

      That’s awesome. Good for you :)

  • I agree with all of these, I’m from a small town and I just loved growing up there!

    • Chelsea

      Aw that’s great! So glad you can relate :)

  • Michelle Augimeri

    I grew up in West Palm Beach, FL and watched it grow and expand into a melting pot. Though I love my home, we have recently move out to Texas to a small town. I love it! I love the people, small businesses, and most of all the land is so vast. Sometimes it takes leaving home to realize you miss it. Good luck on your future endeavors.

    • Chelsea

      Thanks so much! I love the local businesses as well. We always do everything we can to support them.

  • Nina Robinson

    Ideally I’d love to live in a smaller town that’s near a big town. The best of both worlds 😉

    • Chelsea

      Exactly! I’m near Green Bay so that’s sort of the same thing, although Green Bay isn’t HUGE.

  • I have lived in large and small towns and I definitely like the small town feel. Sometimes I am torn though because you miss out on a lot of the amenities of the city life. I still think I’m a country girl more than anything though.

    • Chelsea

      Same here, girlfriend! One of my favorite things to do is just to see an open sky at night and drive my car down on country roads. It will never get old.

  • Kristen Sampson

    I live in a VERY small town in Illinois and I can vouche for all of this! SO true!

    • Chelsea

      Yay! I’m so glad to hear this, Kristen!! :)

  • i completely agree! i was born and raised in a big city and recently moved out to the country with my fiance where he grew up. we’ll be moving to an even smaller town next year and i couldnt be more thrilled. once i got used to the far but beautiful drive, i can never imagine moving back to the city.

    • Chelsea

      It’s just funny because I always thought I would love to live in a huge city, but I really don’t have patience for the overpopulation and the traffic!

  • Mary

    These are all great reasons to live in a small town, but like you I grew up in the small town, but when I got to the city I realized it was home! It’s where I was meant to be. If I need something later at night or even groceries in the evening, I can pick them up any time in the city. The stores in small towns always seem to close early and that drives me nuts! I like my privacy and I think that’s one of the main reasons I’ll vote city over small town any day, but everyone is different and that’s what makes the world an awesome place! I appreciate small towns for what they’re worth, and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I needed to move back, though I’d probably opt for a farm home between the city and a small town so I could have the best of both worlds 😉

    • Chelsea

      Hey Mary! I love hearing other peoples’ opinions. :) Very true…the grocery store here used to close at 7pm…blechh!! You can’t get anything done! They recently expanded their hours until 9pm so that’s nicer but it still closes at 6pm on Sundays. I love your idea of the farm home between the city and small town!

  • I’ve had the opportunity to live in both a rural and secluded area and I’ve also had the opportunity to live in some pretty densely populated area. I will say I see the benefit and downside to both. But as I get older it’s definitely two thumbs up for the small town please!

    • Chelsea

      Woo hoo! Glad you can agree with me. I love visiting big cities but don’t think I could live in one.

  • Dark Juju

    I lived in the Middle of Dallas, TX and never locked my doors or closed my windows. I would walk to the corner store at 2, 3, 4 in the morning and nothing. I am in Seguin Texas and my cousin FREAKS OUT if the doors are not locked AT ALL TIMES. She is scared to death that someone will steal my car. I never locked my car in Dallas. My cousin is scared to death at the idea of walking to the gym after dark… just in case someone tries to get you. I have been followed a couple of times. As far as opportunities go THERE ARE NONE. Tons of low paying factory work other or even lower paying retail jobs and even lower paying fast food jobs BUT no there are not a great many opportunities. Every one goes into San Antonio or Austin for fun and events. So I would love it if small town people would stop lying about where they live.

    • I love where I live in my small town! There are some great opportunities, and we are only 15 minutes from Green Bay. Maybe Texas is different from where I live in Wisconsin :) Thanks for reading!