Everything I learned in my 20s...hilarious and so true!

1.) College is awful and torturous.

2.) College is awesome.

3.) Living independently is the most exciting thing ever…

4.) …until you discover bills.

5.) A lot of people are temporary.

6.) . . . and you’ll learn who was meant to stay in your life forever.

7.) Drinking was a lot more fun when you were 20 and illegal.

8.) Bars were a lot more fun when you were 20 and illegal.

9.) Heartbreak is hell…

10.) . . . but it will lead you in a better direction. . .

11.) . . . because you will eventually find someone worthy of your love.

12.) I am in debt up my ass.

13.) Being a bridesmaid is expensive.

14.) Unpaid internships are basically a form of an illegal labor law.

15.) Budgeting is a must-have skill.

16.) Hitting the gym is starting to be a necessity…

17.) . . . because your metabolism is plummeting at a highly fixed rate.

18.) Netflix > going out.

19.) Having to socialize is exhausting at times.

20.) Getting kitchen stuff greatly excites me.

21.) I could really care less now if people like me or not.

22.) Making one meal off of Pinterest makes me feel like Betty freakin’ Crocker.

23.) Social media is just a big gossip hangout.

24.) Being classy > being skanky.

25.) Wine loves me back.

26.) Do what you want. Life is too short to not be happy.

27.) Calories don’t count on weekends.

28.) True friends don’t judge about anything.

29.) Each choice you make has consequences.

30.) Don’t walk home from the bars with your heels off.

31.) Dress to impress.

32.) But wearing the same sweats 90% of your life is fine, too.

33.) Always make sure your phone is charged when driving in case of an emergency.

34.) Don’t text and drive.

35.) Don’t drink and drive.

36.) Your body is a temple.

37.) You are always a role model to someone.

38.) Trust your instincts.

39.) Don’t be mean.

40.) Wear the red lipstick.

41.) Confidence is key.

42.) Life always gets better.

43.) Never walk anywhere at night alone.

44.) People > things.

45.) Traveling is worth the money.

46.) Looking like you got attacked by an orange marker from a tanning bed is not attractive.

47.) Failure is a learning experience.

48.) You can’t please everyone.

49.) Caffeine is life.

50.) You don’t have to have it all figured out right away.



  • Wisdom to live by. I love all 50!!!!

    • Thank you so, so much! 😀

  • Brilliant post, I think “a lot of people are temporary” is a key point for people, especially newly independent ones to realize. It is okay to be “the new guy.” I just transferred colleges to a state 9.5 hours away from my hometown, and do not know a soul. I have like 2-3 friends, and my roommate is OCD to the Nth degree. I am disappointed making friends is not happening more readily, but I am not sad about it, just a little bummed out when its after 12.30 on Friday night and I am still alone at a bar/club – c’est la vie! Anyway, people need to know that nobody has a bucket full of “best friends.” There are a select, special few heavenly people that are at times closer than family.


    • Thanks for reading Paul! That sounds like a really difficult situation. I’m sure things will fall into place once you feel more comfortable there! I went to college 4 hours a way from my home town (not even half the distance that you went lol) but I still know the feelings of uncertainty and feelings of being outside your comfort zone. I have been SO many temporary people, it’s unreal. I guess it’s all part of the journey..I believe that some people are meant to stay and some people just pass through. Thanks for reading and best of luck! I’m rooting for ya

  • I can’t agree with it all, but I agree with enough. And I can tell you, from the vantage point of my sixties, that you don’t have to have it all figured out ever. In fact, you never will. Figuring out enough is–well, enough.

    • Exactly :) Thanks so much for reading! :)

  • Loved it..!!!

    • Thanks so much for reading!!!

  • As someone still in their 20’s this post is bang on – and while some I don’t agree with I am sure I will in due time :) thanks for sharing. http://Www.thatscoralynn.com

    • Aw yay! I’m so glad you could relate to some of it :) Thanks so much for reading! 😀

  • Yes you are spot on!! These are so true! I love your honesty

    • Aw thank you!! Thanks so much for reading, Jamie! :)

  • omg this list is killin me :’) soo true

    • Glad you like it :) Thanks for reading! I think this is my favorite post I’ve ever written! 😀

  • Haha, these are so dang true.

    • Haha thank you! 😀 I tried to be as honest as possible lol

  • Love this! I’m 21 and I’ve been going through a lot of these things…great tips 😀 They’re so true. haha

    • Haha thanks Taylor!! I’m so glad you checked it out!! xo

  • Anonymous

    My favorite.. Bars were a lot more fun when you were 20 and illegeal…SO TRUE.

    • Ain’t that the truth though!!!! lol. Thanks for reading! :)

  • Loved all of this! I’m going to be 30 this year (gasp) and I wish I knew what I do now when I was in my early 20’s. i’d add to this – trust your gut, it’s usually right!

    • That is an amazing addition to the list! I wish I would have thought of that! Thanks so much for reading, Sam!

  • I love this!! It’s completely true!

    • Thank you so much for reading! I’m glad you could relate! hehe.

  • These are all so true! College was both the best and the worst experience of my twenties so far. And thanks to college loans, it will be one of the worst experiences of my 30’s as well…

    • Right!! I’m starting grad school in June, I am officially depressed about adding on more loans!!! Thanks for reading, Erin!

  • Great thoughts!! Agree with many of these. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading, Kara! :)

  • Brilliant! I love them all! This is my last year in my 30’s and I wish I had learned all of these lessons in my teens!

    • Thanks so much for reading! This post was such a blast to write :)

  • SO GOOD! <3

    • Thanks for reading!! I love this post :)

  • OMG I love this list! Most especially number 13… not cool.

    • UGH tell me about it. I mean I love my friends, but I’m definitely not made of money!!! hehe

  • This list is hilarious so true. I’m turning the big 2-7 next month. Glad to have stumbled across your awesome blog!

    • Chelsea

      Thanks so much, Sam! May I ask how you stumbled across it?

  • I love your lessons! There’s so much truth behind them and even though I’m only 25, I’ve already learned quite a few of them myself (especially that Netflix is always better than going out and being classy is greater than being skanky LOL).

    Great post!

    Allison | http://www.LiveLifeWellBlog.com

    • Aw so glad you enjoyed these!!!

  • This is absolutely hilarious and as I approach my 24th birthday (eeek!) I realize how many of these are so, so true!

    Darrian || http://www.ohshiftyall.com

    • Hahah oh goodness! I’ll be 24 in June!!

  • Philisiwe Zondi

    I just find this on Pinterest and OMG I’m realizing so many of things. I love 43 and 25, oh yes wine loves me too lol.

    Thank you for this

    • Aw so happy you enjoyed! xo